Baking attempt no. 1

I have never tried my hands at baking before although practically everyone in my extended family knows how to bake. My grandma, aunt, mom, cousin and sis can bake almost anything and then you have me..someone who usually just sits there and helps eat all the food. Hey don’t give me that look ok! you have the baker…and you have the eater wtf. Without me, the baker will feel no satisfaction from baking a bunch of uneaten goodies anyway!

Sooo anyway today I had no choice but to try baking because I don’t have my grandma, aunt, mom cousin and sis here with me 🙁 But that is not going to deter me from sinking my teeth on some CNY cookies, would it?? NO I SHALL BAKE THEM MYSELF!

My favorite CNY cookies are pineapple tarts, cornflake cookies and this realllyyyyy good cookies made of honey stars! Sadly, it’s really hard to make pineapple tarts and it’s hard to find the ingredients here as well. Honey stars don’t exist here boohoo so that leaves me with cornflake cookies! Which coincidentally are really easy to make..or so it seemed.

So here they are..jeng jeng jeng!

The ingredients. I’m going to make two different types of cornflake cookies here. The butter is missing in this pic.

I got the recipe from my aunt:

300g flour

250g butter

150g sugar (i used brown sugar cause it’s healthier wtf)

1 teaspoon baking powder (i didn’t get this cause it’s so expensive and i only need one teaspoon?? no way i’m spending $4 for one teaspoon of it only wtf)

2 eggs

1 box of cornflakes

First of all, mix the sugar and butter and get the man in your house to beat them hahaha

I didn’t have the electric mixer thingy so we had to do it manually..which was really hard!! Barry officially hates baking now.

Add the eggs in after the sugar and butter have been mixed properly, beat for a bit and then sieve the flour in.

Put the cornflakes in a ziploc bag and crush them! woohoo easy job for weak girls like me wtf

Then, add the cornflakes into the mix!

We didn’t have baking trays so we had to use this muffin thingy..

Don’t know why but the oil/butter leaked out of the cups!

but otherwise, they taste perfectly fine!! which was really really surprising cause I didn’t have measuring cups/scale so I just dumped the ingredients in however much I thought was enough.

I only used half the box for the first recipe and the other half on this chocolate cornflake thingy…which kinda looks like shit…

My biggest mistake was buying the unsweetened baking chocolate cause it was the cheapest wtf sighhh I should have just spent a dollar more for the semi sweet one!! grr.

But after that the genius in me just melted some butter and honey and sugar and added it into the mix! They taste better now but still slightly the after taste of dark choc

Macro shot of my cornflake cookie wtf eh very proud ok this is my first time baking and I didn’t even do it properly but it turned out fine!

The outside is crunchy and the inside is sorta soft, just how I like it!

The chocolate one tasted a lot better after being refrigerated for a couple of hours. It doesn’t look too good but it does taste pretty ok =D

Still very proud wtf

I guess baking is sort of fun..but not really something I would do again next time without proper machines and equipments cause it’s reallllly hard. I still prefer cooking, which is what I did!

Cooking chicken rice again

I swear I’m so good at cooking chicken rice I can open a stall in Asia Cafe or some kopitiam already wtf

It’s so nice having Barry in the kitchen cause he is very eager when it comes to doing stuff like scooping the rice or frying or cutting the chicken wtf I don’t know why! Everytime I want to stir fry something he’d jump in and beg me to let him do it hahaha

But anyway the main reason why I’m cooking/baking now is cause he’s here. If I have to do it alone there’s no way I would want to spend so much time doing this

Now if only I could find chillies to go with this sigh


I just used my new mineral make up! They are so easy to use and look pretty good too!

Ok bye! Won’t be blogging for some time until Barry leaves..which is in 2 days……………………………………………..

Sigh I’m so sad right now T____T oh lookie what do I have here? Cornflake cookies!!! nom nom nom


  1. Baz says:

    remember our poor baker story ah:
    what if i can’t find a job after graduation because of the recession, and we have to start baking cookies for money but no business cos we suck wtf and we have to force our relatives (like my sis and ah tiah wtf who live in a castle next to our hut) to buy our cookies and they end up feeding their dogs with our cookies T_T and the dogs don’t even want them T_T they’d just take a sniff and walk away T_T

  2. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    Hahahaha nice cookies! damn smart! i’m absolutely horrible in cooking! Never did besides in school for KH…and i only learnt to cook maggi this year…*slinks down under the table*

  3. sweatlee says:

    baz, hahahah yeah we laughed so much at that wtf

    she, haha try it i didn’t think i was good also simply do only!

    jaysee, yeah haha i must write my name so noone would steal my stuff!

    annant, so lucky for u to be back in msia!

    natalie, hahaha how u know!! tht’s right!

  4. Patricia says:

    good for you. i burnt mine after my poor attempt this morning. the house still smells chao ta. 🙁 so i went to the provision shop next door and bought myself some cookies. haih, i must pray to the baking god!

  5. vincent2903 says:

    maybe u can try milo and the cornflakes too… good combination…

    btw, kennysia ask us to boycott u coz u’re contributing to america’s economy… hahaha!!! look at his latest post… =p

    happy chinese new year in advance, girl… ^^

  6. AP says:

    eh i’m very gd at baking lol thx to the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever by david lebovitz actually im rather talentless at cooking cos i cannot get the seasoning right but for baking if follow recipes precisely cannot fail wan…. i’m itching to try making chicken rice too but chicken is so expensive how T T

  7. Joanne says:

    Hey Suet. Dont worry, You and Barry will be fine.
    Cos you guys are really destined to be together =)
    And your chicken rice is always making me hungry and that is not good. lol.

  8. doublechochip says:

    Hi, you can try this simple recipe for the chicken rice chilli you get back home. just blend about 5 – 10 red chillis, (remove the seeds)in a blender or food processor with 1-2 cloves of garlic (chopped), and about 2cm of ginger (thinly sliced) until quite fine. gradually add 2-3 tbs of water to help ingredients blend.

    scoop into airtight bottle or jar and add white vinegar and lime juice to taste. you can also add 1 teaspoon of sugar if you dont want it too sour. keep in a bottle and it will last for a few months refrigerated.

    this recipe kept me sane while i was a student in melbourne. hope you will enjoy it too!

  9. *YenN says:

    Hey! I’ve been looking at the Everyday mineral products for a while too. I just don’t know which color should I get because they have ang moh colors and I dont wanna look too pale.

  10. sweatlee says:

    patricia, haha i burnt mine a lil but luckily i took them out! i dunnola wanna try anot again, so tiring! punch cake like butter cake?

    stephanie, yeah sigh back to using skype T__T

    clem, hahaha really ah?? it’s ok u’re a guy!

    aud, haha yala i think cause of the shadow!! i had these jeans since last time already one it’s the one with the suspenders wtf, from zara one. ya i miss knowing ur clothes also =(

    jessie, yeah damn nice seriously i love it!

    vincent, isit?? haih milo is so expensive here! haha i just saw his post wtf!

    abby, no mine’s not sweet! nice!

    lynn, haha ya la dunno if can get good business anot!

    ap, hahha really ah i dont really like choc chip cookies though. chicken here not thaaat expensive la still ok!

    joanne, aww thanksss =) heh good to hear tht!

    apple, i posted the recipe before! wait here’s the link where i got it from :
    good luck!

    lyne, it’s actually pretty easy! haha

    breadpitt, eh i just saw your blog! omg you can bake soooo well!!!!!!!1 so nice ok all your creations!

    devina, haha yeah sick of middle parting edi haha!

    doublechoc, yeah i got the recipe but i couldnt find fresh chillies here! that’s why i couldnt make it =( but thanks though!

    jade, haha tastes good though!

    tracy, okie good luck!

    yenn, hmm i got the ones for yellow skin tone one, works pretty well!

    michelle, hahah! sorry!

    jaysee, heh!

  11. theguynextdoor says:

    heyss sweatlee,
    im one of your blog its nice that you actually took the effort to try baking despite not having experience in it..the cookies looks delicious…would love to try that if i have chance..haha.maybe you can try making chilled cheesecakes or even baked cheesecakes..they’re not that hard to make but you definitely need a guy around to help mix the stuffs if you dont have any equipments or you’ll end up muscular by the time u finish making them:P hope to see you in baking action again soon! hehe..

  12. fel says:

    your mineral make up look is quite nice. but seemed a little pasty compared to your non-mineral makeup.. but very smooth looking indeed.

    chicken rice.. BazSuet Chicken Rice & Cookies. haha.. Doing business is good. xD

  13. Tasha says:

    i started using the mineral makeup a week ago and surprisingly the blemishes on my face are gone wtf must worship whoever found the ingredient in the mineral makeup lol

    ohh and ur definitely a trophy wife! lucky barry! 🙂

    spring term officially starts today poooo 🙁

  14. theaussiezombie says:

    Wow your conflakes cookies looks like a different version of mine, though mine doesn’t involve flour, just a lot of sugar. LOL the recipe’s here if you’re interested. 🙂 oh and apparently there’s a chocolate version of honey joys using coccoa pops instead of cornflakes. i should try making that some time.

    you should do a post on how to make chicken rice, you’re so good at it, looks so yummy! i’ve been dying to try to cook my own hainanese chicken rice!

  15. aw says:

    wtf how come I’m always the last one to comment after like 30+ comments. how come no more “*big wet eyes*” for months already wtf. wah no one notice your artistic still-life composition of the corn flakes, brown sugar etc wtf. Hahaha I just imagined Barry stuck on the Battle Royale island and getting the whisk as his weapon. Like the guy who got the wok (or was it a saucepan).

  16. sweatlee says:

    guynextdoor, hey! cheesecake sounds so hard laa! i’m baking those cause i cant find them here, but i can find cheesecake here so i’ll get lazy heh.

    angie, haha! nola dunno so expensive T_T

    sohpoh, haha thanks though!

    juann, hey! thanks haha i didn’t even follow the recipe very closely!

    fel, pasty? really ah..usually i dont put foundation so i guess that’s why? but i like it though! my skin is kinda dry so it gets flaky sigh. hahah ya i wanna open in asia cafe wtf

    kylie, T________T damn sad la

    tasha, hey! yeah and they’re cheap too! heh i still have 2 weeks!

    david, err thanks is this spam

    aussie, haha yeah i know that version too but i prefer this one! i actually blogged about how i cooked the chicken rice before! check my archive in nov 08! that recipe is sooo good

    sj, haha good for me!

    aw, yeahla why u dont read everyday! later i post giang or 33’s pics then u miss out how! ya hor didnt really find the occasion to use it wtf. hahahah still l,ife wtf that one simply take only la! but now that u mention it hmm it does look pretty artistic..

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