The camper in me

The camper in me

I don’t know what to blog about. I think this could be one of the few rare times that I’ve started a post without knowing what I want to talk about.I think that’s cause I’m trying to avoid talking about the one and only thing I have in mind all day long.


The only other thing I can talk about is my cooking but I don’t think anyone wants to see pictures of more food..


Let me just browse through my camera pictures, post them up and call it a day then.

It snowed again the other day and it was sooo soft

Snow is so pretty before it gets hard and icy and mushy

time to bring out the thick down coat!

The other day a juggler came to our college to perform to us poor students who were here for j-term!

Didn’t have to wear thick coats cause it was like 2 or 3 celcius outside!

Sigh looking at this picture makes me want to be all emo again but I have to refrain!

I think everyone is sick of emo posts anyway! After he left this morning, I kept getting sad whenever I think of us being together all the time T___T My heart aches so much T___T Why do people have to leave their loved ones all the time T__T Who am I going to sing stupid songs with now? Or play territory war with! Or cook and bake with? Or do practically EVERYthing with?

Ok not going to be emo! I’m going to suck it all up like I always did the past few years and live with it. I’m just so tired of being reunited and being separated again and again and again. It’s like you think everything will be fine and dandy now and then poof you wake up alone the next day.

But I guess what matters is at the end of the day, I know despite all that differences in time zones and us being thousands of miles apart, we still think of each other every single second of the day. We might not be together physically but we sure are mentally…. Awww so cheesy but sweet hor wtf


Ok in a pathetic attempt to un-emo myself, let me tell you this story I told Barry last night before we fell asleep.

Back in the days when I was fat (hahaha this is like a legend already), I once told my mom that I was going to go camping. I was about 10 and my mom was pretty reluctant to let me go but she finally did anyway. We went to some jungle and it rained a lot all of the 3 days we were there.

All my clothes were wet and I had no choice but to wear them anyway. So I guess all that dampness caused a lot of friction when I walk, especially when I was kind of fat and my thighs were always rubbing against each other wtf

So it became so bad that I had really bad rashes all over my thighs WTF and I had to walk with my legs apart hahahaha and have to constantly pull my pants away from my skin cause of all that rashes hahahah

Ok so one time, I had to walk from one end of the camping site to the other and had to walk past the main tent where all the teachers were. One teacher saw me walking funnily and out of concern (i guess when you see someone walking like that it’s only normal to be concerned wtf), she asked if I was okay.

I was pretty embarrassed so I had to :

1. try walking faster but the faster I walked, the more it hurt cause more friction WTF

2. pretend everything was ok, smile, and give a friendly wave. “ok cikgu, no problem!”

3. continue pulling my pants away from my skin while walking with legs slightly apart

Yeah I guess it was a pretty big ordeal for a 10 year old to handle that’s why I still remember it now hahaha

Then when I went back, my mom prepared a tub of water with dettol for me to soak in and I found out that I got bitten by a leech…near my..pepet WTF


but thank god the leech was nowhere to be found, i think it died from too much blood and just fell down wtf the end

Strange enough, despite all this, I signed up for the next camping eagerly. and the next..and the next. I think from I was 10 to 12 alone, I went to around 8 campings in 8 different jungles all over Malaysia! I guess all that fat thighs and rashes and ok cikgu no problem and leeches only made me of a stronger person wtf

Sigh I miss camping..but I don’t think I’ll ever want to do it again. It was fun as a kid to grow up in an environment where I was constantly pushed beyond my means and tested beyond my limits but as an adult, I wouldn’t want to be pushed like that again. But I don’t know..I might. Maybe someday I’ll get my adventurous mojo back and this blog will be all about hiking and all that jazz wtf. who knows!