Short post cause I have to sleep early today!

I spent almost 3 hours learning how to photoshop simple stuff like text into my header yesterday =___= Photoshop is soooo hard to use ok! But now I know how already so I don’t have to rely on people to help me anymore! Here’s what I did:

#1 Most of my friends preferred this picture the most. What do you think? I like the colors a lot but don’t really like how I look here

#2 this is my header now before Ginny helped with the colors a little. I like how I look here but it was too dark so I couldn’t get a better picture! Actually barry took the pictures so thanks baby! Yeah s0 no matter how I tried to edit it, the colors aren’t as good as the first picture still

#3 this is when I thought hey, amidst all that whiteness, it’ll look nice to have some color in it so let me photoshop my jacket red wtf. I took soooo much time doing this but it ended up looking like shit T______T

#4 The only difference here is I’m looking down instead like how all emo people do wtf

More random pictures cause I don’t have time to blog now! (cause i’m watching dramas nyeheh hana kimi for now! i tried watching gem of life but i think it’s wayyy too long for me)

Made lunch the other day, teriyaki chicken soba! mmmm

While waiting for the bus. Sigh my college is so pretty..now if only there are guys here wtf

my fortune cookie the other day. WTF?? HOW IS THIS A FORTUNE?! IT IS A NICE DAY? WITH SMILEY FACES??not even it will be a nice day but it is a nice day T_T

so much fun stepping on fresh untouched snow!

Made some more malaysian food the other day cause I was craving for them like crazy.

Making kuih kodok/cucur pisang/that round banana thing wtf

I can’t believe Barry hasn’t tried this before! omg i grew up with kuih kodok ok! They’re basically just mashed bananas+flour and your deep fry them

The batter for goreng pisang. YES we were making goreng pisang mmmm!

If only we could find pisang raja/emas here. We used the normal big bananas and they weren’t very sweet

Barry did all the mashing, mixing and coating! But right he was so stupid hahah kept saying those are HIS goreng pisang but when it was time to fry them he went and watched football =____=  you don’t do something halfway and leave it to the woman and declare it as YOURS! men tsk tsk

Frying the bananas

mmmmmmmmmmmmm soooo gooooood

We used milk, sugar, eggs, butter and flour for the batter so it tasted really good

Le sigh, with barry gone, who am i going to cook for? Cook and eat all myself meh! I’m going to be so fat if I do that. Speaking of fat, I’m going on the biggest mission ever. Will tell you about it next time!

208 Responses to “Header”

  1. annant says:

    nice header u have!
    biggest mission? *eyes go high*

  2. Hayley says:

    i like this header!!
    eh u r so talented in cooking, can teach me arr? :p

  3. Michelle says:

    Sweat leeee the first picture also emo ma! Hahaha, I prefer the first picture because the rest of the pictures seem to have blue snow.

    Your big mission is to go on diet again? But you look skinny already.

  4. s0hp0h says:

    have to say u r quite gifted in cooking lol. i can’t even stir up a half decent batter to save my life >.<

  5. Winnie says:

    hello suet li!
    kuih kodok? kodok…as in “toad”?
    or izzit cekodok -> cekodok pisang?

  6. amy says:

    how come ur terriyaki chicken soba look like duck ? i mean the chicken. the chicken look like duck. if you see clearly there is eyes and the long duck mouth…ewwww…haha…
    the goreng pisang look very sedapppp..finger licking good…hmmmmm…

  7. aud says:

    it is a nice day hahahahahahaha well at least you didn’t get a fortune that says “what is the difference between a sheep and a cloud? a cloud has no legs” WTF

  8. Elaynne says:

    How I wish singapore has 4 season too…Btw No.1 has got a nicer background but you look better in no.2!!

  9. yuhhui says:

    Heyya.. i like the 1st one! =D Looks kinda like u’re in deep thoughts and your blog is all about your thoughts… thought that it’s quite suitable. =D

  10. I like #1 the best but then again all of em are nice too 🙂

    omg the goreng pisang looks good i’m gonna try that during the weekend. btw i am so craving malaysian food too, like nasi lemak and good asam laksa. man, LA is lacking Malaysian restaurants wtf… *cry*

  11. Lis says:

    I like present header even though the colours not as clear, cus u look nicer in this one.

    Post up the goreng pisang recipie can? hehehe. Omg it looked so good.

  12. Jiayi says:

    the first one is the best =)

  13. Jen says:

    I like the 1st header the most. =)

  14. sherlyn says:

    hi sweat~ yes i oso agree tat the 1st header is the best among all~ between i really love fried pisang n others fried fried stuff~ however~ i really too scared to be fat! as last time i was 60kg =.= n i slim down to 50 in 1 year.but now i m 52 =.= pls share some slimming method hahah i need to slim down too! haha

  15. Baz says:

    eh why isn’t anyone asking me to teach them how to cook? after all, i made those pisang gorengs wat wtf

    eh come to think of it, the first header also has you looking up at the floating words wat

    amiesh you! wtf

  16. sweatlee says:

    annant, thanks! big mission is to lose weight!

    hayley, thanks! haha nola looks good only doesnt taste that good one wtf

    michelle, yeah i tried to make it white but so hard la! hahaha how u know my mission! so smart! nola i LOOK skinny but im not!

    shaolin, how ah i think i’ll put the image rotator thingy..rotate upon refresh

    sohpoh, haha nola the food looks good only doesnt taste tht good one wtf

    winnie, ya its called kuih kodok as well! cause the shape looks like toads or something. but yeah cekodok works too!

    amy, where got! still very nice ok *defensive wtf.

    aud,. yeah hahaha but this is is my worst fortune so far T_T

    elaynne, nah i hate 4 seasons! i hate winter T_T i want hot summer back

    yuhhui, yeah except that my blog is nothing about my deep thoughts but stupid wtf stuff only hahah

    aussie, thanks! LA has more msian food than where i am ok! and chinese food. authentic ones! not chicken lo mein and all that shit wtf

    jessie, WHY U SO EXCITED?!?!

    lis, i dont remember how much i put exactly already! maybe u can google goreng pisang recipe ah?

    jiayi, yeah i like it too!

    jen, i like it too maybe i’ll put tht as header too

    sherlyn, i ownself also need to go on diet again T_T no slimming methods if i know i’ll share!

    baz, amiesh ur head la amish ppl la u wtf u make those pisang ur head la i pisang awak u wtf hahahha

  17. Chris says:

    Great cooking! looks delicious.. though i assume the pisang goreng stall outside my house will be better. hehe
    btw i prefer the first header too.. man i wish Malaysia has snow.

  18. abby says:

    all the headers look good! and so do the kueh pisang!

  19. vvens says:

    the new header is nice! its like you’re looking at your own link above! keke.

  20. Gin says:

    i dont think ppl actually notice that ure current header and the 2nd pic u posted is diff.. LOL

  21. vivien says:

    hey i like the 1st header too. the transparent chocolate line blends well with the picture 🙂 hana kimi is a very nice drama!!! i love it 🙂

  22. Michelle says:

    Gin, I notice eh. haha. The snow is blue.

  23. Michelle says:

    Sweat, you must add me to your mailing list also. i’m also liberal. lol. ftw.

  24. Jay See says:

    i like header #2, very nice!! and big bowl of teriyaki soba you had there hehe =D and you made me crave for soba now =.=

  25. miss.cc says:

    nice header! ur pose reminds me of “Under The Canopy of Love” or “The Seventh Day”; especially with the snow background =D btw what font did u use?

    the kuih kodok looks yummehhh btw! *mouth waters*

  26. Fuzzy! says:

    You should change your header to the Soba picture! That’s the best picture EVER ZOMGWTFFSQIDSJK!

  27. Fuzzy! says:

    Oh and I read that Snow is actually colorless but it reflects the sky. That’s why it looks blue. White because it reflects back all the spectrum of the sun’s light wtf. Useless information 101.

  28. Fuzzy! says:

    And omg how you make the Soba soup look like restaurant wan! [Three posts to compensate me not reading and commenting for a long time but nobody realized also]

  29. Yes the theme headline is nice. It is cool too if you put yourself in there. And the fortune cookies is nice..have a nice day is good wish. 🙂

  30. julian says:

    your current header is the nicest.:)

  31. anonymous says:

    Pretty cool cooking u’ve got there. I tried to goreng pisang for my ang mor host family once, and they found it to be the most unhealthy food they’ve ever eaten. Super oily.

    I would like to enquire about the price of food in the states? How much does it cost for a meal ? Is it expensive to eat out everyday ?


  32. Carynn says:

    nice header… you got what you want at last.. haha..
    pisang goreng looks so crunchy and yummy, makes me wanna have some. hmmmpf…

  33. sweatlee says:

    chris, thanks! haha of course la i was lacking a lot of ingredients!

    abby, thanks!

    vvens, thanks!

    gin, hahah yeah;a! so diff wht thanks!

    vivien, thanks! ya i liked it too

    michelle, i cant remember la arent u in the list edi? email me?

    jaysee, thanks!

    misscc, hahaha got anottt so nice meh! the font is CDC something i think..

    fuzzy, hellooo where have u beeeeen! hah the soba pic looks that good meh?? i thought it was just ok..but i’ll take the compliment anyway nyeheh!

    party, thanks!

    julian, ok i;’ll keep it then!

    sheryl, thanks!

    anon, hahah ya it is kinda oily i guess but after being soaked in the paper towel i think it’s better! ermmm it depends but u can get a meal from as low as $5 too. the average price would be $10-$15 i’d say but it can go much higher too of course. yeah it is expensive to eat out all the time!

    carynn, thanks! heh the stalls ones are better!

  34. clem says:

    i think next time you can shawn can cook for us edi for parties/events/whatever wtf.

  35. saktia says:

    i prefer the picture babe! you look awesome in it. 🙂

  36. saktia says:

    i mean the first picture. sorry >.<

  37. e2wen~* says:

    For our fellow Malaysians, it’s pisang goreng, not goreng pisang. Lol.

    And I prefer the 2nd picture!

  38. Baz says:

    where are you, Miss Haps? i want you

  39. Fuzzy! says:

    Goreng pisang is also acceptable. But mainly, Singaporean use that term.

    We don’t have oriental food here. Well, actually we do. But the Chinese food they sell at the Chinese market where nobody speaks in anything but Mandarin, not even Russian! And inside the living room of a house summore, so awkward.

    Jappo food is only at fancy sushi restaurants where Russians being Russians eat only like 3, 4 biji sushi only – they generally don’t eat a lot wtf. 3 of us went one time and finished like rm 200 for the same amount that would cost us rm40 at Sushi King. Tak kenyang pula tu. wtf.

  40. Gin says:

    fuzzy: no leh.. its pisang goreng.. as goreng pisang means to fry the banana not an actually noun *o*.. sorry haha.. bm teacher always yelled at us. wtf

  41. Kerstin says:

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