Short post cause I have to sleep early today!

I spent almost 3 hours learning how to photoshop simple stuff like text into my header yesterday =___= Photoshop is soooo hard to use ok! But now I know how already so I don’t have to rely on people to help me anymore! Here’s what I did:

#1 Most of my friends preferred this picture the most. What do you think? I like the colors a lot but don’t really like how I look here

#2 this is my header now before Ginny helped with the colors a little. I like how I look here but it was too dark so I couldn’t get a better picture! Actually barry took the pictures so thanks baby! Yeah s0 no matter how I tried to edit it, the colors aren’t as good as the first picture still

#3 this is when I thought hey, amidst all that whiteness, it’ll look nice to have some color in it so let me photoshop my jacket red wtf. I took soooo much time doing this but it ended up looking like shit T______T

#4 The only difference here is I’m looking down instead like how all emo people do wtf

More random pictures cause I don’t have time to blog now! (cause i’m watching dramas nyeheh hana kimi for now! i tried watching gem of life but i think it’s wayyy too long for me)

Made lunch the other day, teriyaki chicken soba! mmmm

While waiting for the bus. Sigh my college is so pretty..now if only there are guys here wtf

my fortune cookie the other day. WTF?? HOW IS THIS A FORTUNE?! IT IS A NICE DAY? WITH SMILEY FACES??not even it will be a nice day but it is a nice day T_T

so much fun stepping on fresh untouched snow!

Made some more malaysian food the other day cause I was craving for them like crazy.

Making kuih kodok/cucur pisang/that round banana thing wtf

I can’t believe Barry hasn’t tried this before! omg i grew up with kuih kodok ok! They’re basically just mashed bananas+flour and your deep fry them

The batter for goreng pisang. YES we were making goreng pisang mmmm!

If only we could find pisang raja/emas here. We used the normal big bananas and they weren’t very sweet

Barry did all the mashing, mixing and coating! But right he was so stupid hahah kept saying those are HIS goreng pisang but when it was time to fry them he went and watched football =____=  you don’t do something halfway and leave it to the woman and declare it as YOURS! men tsk tsk

Frying the bananas

mmmmmmmmmmmmm soooo gooooood

We used milk, sugar, eggs, butter and flour for the batter so it tasted really good

Le sigh, with barry gone, who am i going to cook for? Cook and eat all myself meh! I’m going to be so fat if I do that. Speaking of fat, I’m going on the biggest mission ever. Will tell you about it next time!