Today I am here to tell you that I’m going on a mission.

If you’d noticed, I said the exact same thing around the same time last year too. Spring semester is usually the time when I realize that oh shit I’m going back in a few months and I’d die if someone back home tells me that I’d gained weight. Fall is usually when I can eat without a care in the world cause when winter comes, I’m going to pile on the clothes and no one is going to notice.

But spring is a-coming.

And thus I shall lay out my missions for all to read.


Objective: To lose weight/ slim down/ be healthier


1. Exercise at least 3 times a week in my room (cause it’s snowing and it’s too cold to go out T_T)

2. Go to the gym once a week now but when it gets warmer, go to the gym 3 times a week!!! HAIK  gbr

3. Eat less. I’m a small eater so at this rate I shall just stop eating altogether wtf  T_T sungguh kesian

My lunch the other day. I made the chicken myself! It’s baked chicken with cornflakes and although it does look fattening BUT IT IS NOT OK IT IS BAKED AND CORNFLAKES ARE HEALTHY *damn defensive wtf

I loveeee carbs but I have to cut down on my carbs now sigh. ok where was i?

Ultimate mission at the end of the day: to be 45 kg please omg I beg you let me be 45kg and I’ll be happy and not blog about being fat anymore. I am now 50 kg I have no idea how I gained so much weight lately. Ok fine so weight is just a number but even when I look in the mirror I do look quite fat. (“but no suet you don’t look fat at all!” shut up all you see are just pictures of my face, wait till you see my 4 layers. i’m serious. 4 fucking layers.)

I’ve already taken some before pictures and I’ll take one every month to see my progress. IF I do look different, I’ll post up all the pictures and what I did to lose all that. If you don’t see that post it means I failed lah wtf (if you don’t see it please don’t ask me about it if not I’ll get emo wtf)


Objective: save enough to buy my ticket back home!


1. work more T___T

2. spend less. At this rate, I have to spend negative amount of money. How ah? Buy something and force that person to pay me instead hahaha

3. layer on more powder on my face and beg for advertorials wtf

4. make more pretty/hot/sexy friends so I can post their pictures up and get more hits wtf

5. last option: find a sugar daddy WTF wtf wtf wtfwtftftf i’m kidding baby (or not) (eh you want me to go home or not please focus on the main objective now wtf)

But don’t worry I’m sure one of these plans would work and I’ll be home in no time!


Objective: to be less lazy


1. err..everytime I succumb to the evil that is laziness, I shall fine myself $1

I have to shower now but I’m kind of lazy.. *inserts $1 into the fine box wtf

But i’m serious ok I skipped sooo many classes last semester cause I was too lazy to get out of my comfort zone (you know sometimes you’ve achieved the most comfortable position ever and you just don’t feel like moving?). Thank god my grades are not based on attendance or else I’d flunk all my classes T_T

p.s: if you think you’re fat too and you feel like I’m not fat but here I am whining about being fat, put all your negativity aside and let’s go on this mission together! These are some of the workouts I’m doing in my room, they are easy to follow: here, here, and here. If you want more, google or find them on youtube! I shall report on their effectiveness after 4 months ok.