This year is another year of a sad CNY away from home again. Sigh why can’t my college be in Malaysia!!! This is the time of the year when I get super frustrated and emo about being away. All I want to do now is crawl into my bed and wish I’ll wake up on my bed back home, not here in this strange dorm room.

The semester is starting in 3 days. whoop dee doo.

My roommate is coming back in 2 days but I feel like I’m so used to living in a single already.

I was supposed to look for internships during Jterm but Jterm is now officially over. Sigh how can a girl possibly be burdened by so many responsibilities? Get a part time job to buy my ticket home. Get an internship. Apply for funding for my internship. Decide my major. Decide what I should eat tomorrow. Watch another drama. Sigh.

OK Go is coming to Northampton next month and I think I’ll go see them.

I’m stringing all these irrelevant sentences together in hopes that I’ll sound more elusive. Because I’m an emo girl. Emo people are mysterious like that.

Me being serious with Mission #1

Me talking to my family on the first day of CNY (which is today I think..)

First pic was of my mom and bro, second was of my sis who was showing me the honey star cookies she baked. I was super emo ok cause honey star cookies are my ultimate favorite and my sis is a super good baker and I’m missing all this T_T

Can you see how emo and jealous I looked when she showed me the cookies T_T

I miss my family so much. Me missing them could lead to very hazardous outcome like how I gave all my angpow to my siblings last year T_T. I’ve never been so generous before especially when it comes to money (ESPECIALLY ANGPOW MONEY! I’m very very particular with angpow money one. You know how some kids sometimes forget their angpows cause they are busy playing? This would never happen to me. Even when I was young, I guarded my angpow with my life. I check them 5 times before I throw the envelopes away just in case if they still have money inside. better be safe than sorry).

I guess I just wanted them to know that I feel very sorry that I’m here and not back home with them. They better appreciate my thoughtfulness!! cause when Suet gives her money away it must be a big deal hahah. I’m buying a new oven for my sis with my this year’s angpow money! If my relatives remember to give me my share lah. And if the oven is not too expensive wtf. Must be less than RM166 cause that’s the amount I get every year hahah it never changes one! Despite the inflation my relatives have never increased the angpow money before cis

Anyway to all you people back home, HAPPY CHINESE NIU YEAR (niu, geddit geddit!?!?) and you better appreciate all the visiting and angpow collecting ok??? And the CNY eve dinner omg my fav event. And the cookies!!! and the fireworks!! and all the balik kampung madness! and seeing your grandparents and cute cousins you secretly have crushes on!!

What I’m doing on CNY: nothing.



ok i think you get it wuwuwu

Barry’s CNY gift to me hahahha! He went to this town in Germany and visited this church or something. Then he went back and spent the entire night figuring how to crop me into the picture using paint. And then when I couldn’t go online he got emo and said “but i have something really special to show youuu” and when I came online this was that something special hahahahah stupid baby i love you

Haih Happy CNY again.. *sombre mood returns

Someone as emo as me right now should do nothing the entire night but listen to good charlotte. good ol’ good charlotte shall take my miseries away.


  1. Michelle C says:

    Suet Li, here I give you virtual angpow. Maybe you should just close your eyes and pretend you’re eating yee sang. While I may get to enjoy my CNY, the worst part is leaving home after CNY and then not being to enjoy mooncakes during Mooncake Festival.

    Sigh. I know how you feel. It’s like spending your birthday alone in a foreign country. 🙁

  2. wlin says:

    Happy Chinese New Year!! I understand how you feel because I’m also apart from my family in UK and today is my 1st class of uni reopen. ARGH!! not to forget i have to submit my assign today as well how sad!!

  3. sohpoh says:

    awww, happy chinese new year! It sure sucks to celebrate it overseas whr it’s not even acknowledged as a proper holiday, sighhhhh. At least we now know Malaysia is do daarn good with holidays LOL..

  4. clem says:

    =( well on the bright side.. you’d probably get sick of cny to bits when you’re finally back here and married (’cause have to give out angpow wtf). sorry i suck in saying comforting words..

  5. Baz says:

    eh puki what happened to my comment?? i said it wasn’t a church, i told you how many times edi! it’s the university lecture hall lahhh

    i miss you and i miss home too =(

    yah Jam, i messed that up cos she was standing in front of a brown door in the original pic, hard to crop ok why you make fun of me like that, it’s only my first time ;_;

  6. Ren says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite sometime. =D

    This is my very first year not celebrating CNY with family and being so so far away! Darn! Lol! It really make me think why I need to come study so far away?
    Opps. Probably, I’m making you more emo.
    Anyway, let cheers ourselves up.

    Happy Niu Year!

  7. amy says:

    im spending my 1st CNY away from home.

    for CNY eve, i ate leftover curry that i cooked on the 23rd then had to also eat it on the 24th and 25th because it contained santan so had to faster eat before it went bad -_-”

    summore i had work for 6 hours that day. today was much better though, i went to london 🙂

  8. Ping Ping says:

    HAHHAHAA…does everyone secretly has crush on their cute relatives? =P

    Anyway, Happy CNY. I cannot give you ang pow cause I not married yet. *serious face* And yes, I checked mine many many times also before I throw away the red packets. I even helped my sisters to check. Just in case. They are very careless people who just dump their red packets after they take out the money. Tsk tsk.

  9. AP says:

    lol ok go i love their signature dance

    haihhh i was so emo abt CNY all i ate was BOILED PEA SHOOTS— in an effort to be festive i bought a pomelo and broke a chopstick trying to cut it open is that a bad sign nooooooo. all the while my family eating banquet feast they kindly read out the menu for me so i can err dream abt it or sth T T

  10. sweatlee says:

    shaolin, heh i ran out of maggi edi T_T

    michelle, wuwu i miss yee sang!! yeah sigh what to do. nvmla appreciate ur cny back home before u leave!!

    carynn, thanks u too!

    jac, haha why u wasted ur first day of cny on sleeping! u should go eat cny cookiesss

    shana, hey same to u! haha i have noone to cook them to and i’m sooo lazy to cook for myself =(

    wlin, hello thanks! haihh sucks la i wanna go home T_T

    winnie, thanks and same to u =)

    sohpoh, yeah but luckily my class hasnt started so i got to sleep in!

    clem, wuwu should we berwebcam again together wtf. hahah u do wtf

    pattir, thanks same to u! yeah omg i bet they are!

    jammie, heyy!!! i miss uuu! hahaha ya he cropped the door also now my hair like so kembang wtf.

    baz, aiya same la wtf. i miss uuuuuuuu

    cassie, thanks!

    ren, hello! ya so emo laa

    amy, wuwu it sucks right! at least u had curry T_T i had err..sandwich wuwu. london so fun!!

    jade, yeahhh but he’s in germany wuwu!

    pinkpau, wuwuuw i wanna talk to u!

    izza, thanks! ok i will! try..

    ina, thanks!

    ping, hahha i did =P but not anymore la haha.can la can give angpow one. u dunno meh the new rule that says ppl can give angpows eventhough they’re not married wtf.

  11. jade says:

    suetli!! don’t be sad, i’m in california doing nothing too and i have done absolutely nothing for CNY.. except i went to my dining commons and ate a few waffles but what are waffles compared to chinese food :(( maybe at least we’re not gaining too much weight :S :S

  12. funkshop55 says:

    ello sweets, been reading your blog for a while now and truly do enjoy the cute person you are 🙂
    Happy CNY and enjoy ur time there cos when you grad and come back, then you will in return miss your days there.
    Trust me, thats how i do feel.
    Happy NIU year and wishing you ‘hock yip man jun’ (do well in ur studies)

  13. CraSH says:

    hmm.. late start for your school huh? should have been home for CNY this year. at least for the 1st and 2nd day.
    anyway, looks like you are working hard on your resolution.. great!! keep it up. you go girl.

  14. Jsen says:

    Halo, Happy CNY to you ~ I’m reading your blog for the very first time and I think I’ll be visiting this blog for many more times in the future 😀 !

    p.s. your boyfriend Barry is a lucky guy to have found a beautiful gf like you <:D

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