How I lost my phone

How I lost my phone

Yesterday I lost my phone and thus began the most terrifying 12 hours of my life. Losing my phone has never been a big deal to me cause I used to have this lousy butterfly 8250 phone which no one wants to steal anyway. (classic joke I like to retell over and over again: everytime we go to a mamak or something, I’d leave my phone on the table without worrying whether people would steal it or not since it’s so old. My friend said if someone wants to steal my phone, instead of stealing it, he’d slip in some money for me so I can get a better phone wtf hahahaha how come I still find this funny)

The first time I lost my phone was in form 4. I just got this brand new Nokia 3310 (you know the big super bulky one with Snake 2 wtf) and I just had the cover changed into some pink transparent cover. Not only that, I bought this huge sticker of a dragon (omg…) with glitters (omg….) and stuck it at the back of the phone. IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, I got those beads thingy that’s supposed to spell your name or something.

Tell you something funny. The minimum number of beads you have to get is 4 so I was trying hard to think of what word I should put. 4 letters: SUET duh!! But guess what I put. In a pathetic attempt to sound cool..I chose DUDE.


T_________T Why??? WHY?? why on earth I want to see the word dude everytime I reach for my phone??

And there’s more! I also bought this thing that would light up whenever someone calls wtf. Damn cool man me! Got 3310 with pink transparent cover with dragon sticker with glitter AND this DUDE thing hanging from it AND NOT ONLY THAT IT ALSO LIGHTS UP WHEN PEOPLE CALL OK! I should have won the award for the coolest person at school.

Anyway that’s beside my point. I don’t even remember what was I talking about before this wtf. Oh yeah my cool phone that was stolen. So it was sports day and I stupidly brought my cool phone along. You know back then I was quite athletic one wtf so I had 3 events that day and I was trying to think of ways to run the 200m, 400m and 800m with my cool phone. Maybe insert it in my sports bra or something WTF

Alas I didn’t and had to leave my phone in my school bag near the tent…..and lo and behold….when I came back… phone was gone T___________T

Why would anyone steal my cool phone? HUH! Did that person know how much money and time I spent on decorating it!

So yeah anywayyyyyy, that was my first time having my phone stolen which was also why I never believe in having a nice phone anymore lest it gets stolen again.

OK back to my story of how I lost my phone again. Damn I’m such a good storyteller wtf

Yesterday I went to watch the acapella groups sing and I think I probably left my phone on the seat. I only realized around midnight when I was about to sleep and panicked like crazy CAUSE MY PHONE DAMN NICE OK

My super nice phone. Super nice lah compared to my nokia 8250 which had blue screen, monophonic ringtone, no camera, no walkman etc and only had snake 2

So I couldn’t sleep the entire night and when I did finally fall asleep, I kept dreaming about my phone and how I actually found my phone. When that happened, I kept waking up thinking that I really did find my phone and got disappointed cause it was only a dream. I guess what you were thinking the night before does formulate your dreams. Oh but I also dreamed that I became a lesbian and my gf is this super hot and quirky girl teehee

I woke up today, got dressed and ran to the hall where I left my phone. What if someone took it already T__T I have some scandalous pictures in my phone okkkk (actually just one picture of my tummy wtf one day I was sitting down and was amazed that my tummy is so big from my POV so I took a pic wtf)

Good news is my phone was still there! yays a happy ending to my long tale! I wasn’t really super worried too cause the phone was free and people here are pretty nice. I’m sure if someone finds my phone, she’ll definitely return it to me. Such is the honesty of women worldwide wtf

Ah my good ol’ phone, what will I do without thee?

p.s: i’m trying very hard to decrease the amount of wtfs I use but it’s so hard when everything I said is so wtf-ish! how how how!

p.p.s: *serious mode on

I’m applying for funding from my college for me to do a research in malaysia this summer but I have no idea what research to do! I’m majoring in Economics and Psychology so my research has to have something to do with both. If anyone has any idea/knows people who have done this sort of research before, please please let me know. Thanksss!