How I lost my phone

Yesterday I lost my phone and thus began the most terrifying 12 hours of my life. Losing my phone has never been a big deal to me cause I used to have this lousy butterfly 8250 phone which no one wants to steal anyway. (classic joke I like to retell over and over again: everytime we go to a mamak or something, I’d leave my phone on the table without worrying whether people would steal it or not since it’s so old. My friend said if someone wants to steal my phone, instead of stealing it, he’d slip in some money for me so I can get a better phone wtf hahahaha how come I still find this funny)

The first time I lost my phone was in form 4. I just got this brand new Nokia 3310 (you know the big super bulky one with Snake 2 wtf) and I just had the cover changed into some pink transparent cover. Not only that, I bought this huge sticker of a dragon (omg…) with glitters (omg….) and stuck it at the back of the phone. IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, I got those beads thingy that’s supposed to spell your name or something.

Tell you something funny. The minimum number of beads you have to get is 4 so I was trying hard to think of what word I should put. 4 letters: SUET duh!! But guess what I put. In a pathetic attempt to sound cool..I chose DUDE.


T_________T Why??? WHY?? why on earth I want to see the word dude everytime I reach for my phone??

And there’s more! I also bought this thing that would light up whenever someone calls wtf. Damn cool man me! Got 3310 with pink transparent cover with dragon sticker with glitter AND this DUDE thing hanging from it AND NOT ONLY THAT IT ALSO LIGHTS UP WHEN PEOPLE CALL OK! I should have won the award for the coolest person at school.

Anyway that’s beside my point. I don’t even remember what was I talking about before this wtf. Oh yeah my cool phone that was stolen. So it was sports day and I stupidly brought my cool phone along. You know back then I was quite athletic one wtf so I had 3 events that day and I was trying to think of ways to run the 200m, 400m and 800m with my cool phone. Maybe insert it in my sports bra or something WTF

Alas I didn’t and had to leave my phone in my school bag near the tent…..and lo and behold….when I came back… phone was gone T___________T

Why would anyone steal my cool phone? HUH! Did that person know how much money and time I spent on decorating it!

So yeah anywayyyyyy, that was my first time having my phone stolen which was also why I never believe in having a nice phone anymore lest it gets stolen again.

OK back to my story of how I lost my phone again. Damn I’m such a good storyteller wtf

Yesterday I went to watch the acapella groups sing and I think I probably left my phone on the seat. I only realized around midnight when I was about to sleep and panicked like crazy CAUSE MY PHONE DAMN NICE OK

My super nice phone. Super nice lah compared to my nokia 8250 which had blue screen, monophonic ringtone, no camera, no walkman etc and only had snake 2

So I couldn’t sleep the entire night and when I did finally fall asleep, I kept dreaming about my phone and how I actually found my phone. When that happened, I kept waking up thinking that I really did find my phone and got disappointed cause it was only a dream. I guess what you were thinking the night before does formulate your dreams. Oh but I also dreamed that I became a lesbian and my gf is this super hot and quirky girl teehee

I woke up today, got dressed and ran to the hall where I left my phone. What if someone took it already T__T I have some scandalous pictures in my phone okkkk (actually just one picture of my tummy wtf one day I was sitting down and was amazed that my tummy is so big from my POV so I took a pic wtf)

Good news is my phone was still there! yays a happy ending to my long tale! I wasn’t really super worried too cause the phone was free and people here are pretty nice. I’m sure if someone finds my phone, she’ll definitely return it to me. Such is the honesty of women worldwide wtf

Ah my good ol’ phone, what will I do without thee?

p.s: i’m trying very hard to decrease the amount of wtfs I use but it’s so hard when everything I said is so wtf-ish! how how how!

p.p.s: *serious mode on

I’m applying for funding from my college for me to do a research in malaysia this summer but I have no idea what research to do! I’m majoring in Economics and Psychology so my research has to have something to do with both. If anyone has any idea/knows people who have done this sort of research before, please please let me know. Thanksss!


  1. Chumi says:

    at least u got it back…
    being the phone maniac that i am, i bought the Nokia 6230i when it was still very new. i was so proud of my phone, that was also d 1st megapixel camera phone…i had it only for 3 months, after which it was stolen from me!!! 🙁
    it has been many years now, and i’ve had any other phones.. but i still miss that phone 🙁

  2. sweatlee says:

    joyce, yeahhh i think i will! i’ll panic like crazy!

    steph, yeahhh it’s true T__T haha nolah that was said by my friend!

    olivia, yeah i dont know why i chose dude T_T trying too hard to be cool wtf. hahha sometimes i’ll have to reread my post and delete some wtfs sigh

    chumi, ya thank god! sigh maybe go buy that phone again?

    y, hahah thanks! i try my best wtf

    tanyh, ya i think it’s snake 1 T_T haih why cant u let me sound cooler abit wtf. hahahha oh ya that too!

    carol, hahah nola just a figure of speech wtf

    ano, boohoo not funny meh wtf

    baz, yalor i thought i was that cool sigh

    izza, taken two days ago! haha nolah optical illusion i think, i’m definitely not as slim as i look in that pic

    julian, haha thanks! yeah and i always deviate alot one

    michelle, dont have T_T just consciously make an effort to not use it too much i guess

    dwee, haha thanksss! i try my best wtf

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here is the list of potential thesis, and do add “in Malaysia” if it’s relevant:
    1. The economy of psychology (like commericial)
    2. The psychology of economy (like right now)
    3. Can economy exist without the influence of mass psychology
    4. Can mass psychology influence the market economy as a whole
    5. How much of the economy is resulted from psychology
    6. WTF is with the economy today

  4. T says:

    the consumer psychology in times of economic downturn. i studied economics and now work in investment banking and in my work now find it interesting to see how people shift their preferences when times are good and when times are bad.

  5. iwancmn says:

    I’m still amazed on how long you kept the 8250. Mine was broken several years before you stopped using that one.

    I think by the time you no longer use this sony ericsson one, ppl can already use phone as a complete notebook.

  6. esil3 says:

    there’s a lot of new books out on depression economics (esp paul krugman). also some research on how being successful at certain times leads you to make more risky decisions (possibly one of the factors that led to people investing in an overly risky manner). something to do with increased endorphines (if you make more money, u get happy, then when you are too happy you start feeling overconfident about some decisions) maybe you could look into those but from a malaysian perspective?

  7. theguynextdoor says:

    you shouldnt decrease the volume of WTFs or else its not suet li already:P thats so like you already..people will be remember you when they say wtf…lol.
    anyways,psychology + economics = current economic situation in malaysia and how has malaysians n others have reacted to it. i hope i make at least a little sense:S love your blog! keep em coming!

  8. Fuzzy! says:

    Shanshan’s back and there’s an entry without her pic?

    Good, good, you only got handphone in Form 4. I went to my old primary school during summer, not being creepy or anything, and kids in standard 4 were walking around with handphones. Not only that, got couple couple already. The hell, you’re not supposed to like girls at that age… or rather, you’re supposed to bully and tease the girls you like at that age wtf. Their generation will die off from cancer and some newly mutated uncurable strain of syphilis

    Gimme a lansung-tak-ada-kena-mengena-with-the-post wtf!

  9. jess says:

    didnt the title say HOW I LOST MY PHONE?!?!?!

    I laughed so hard at DUDE! hahahahahahahahaha
    thanks for the laughs, yes you are an awesome storyteller.
    btw you’r thinner d la. eat more.

  10. sweatlee says:

    hello, ya lucky wei!

    missy, yeahh huhu was so scared for a while

    erlinda, haha thanks! =D

    anon, T, elise, guynextdoor, thanks guys i love allll your suggestions! i will talk to my professor about this and see what happens. the things is, i want a research that needs a lot of money wtf. not a lot la but some amount of money, so i can apply for the funding. but i’ll see. thanks!

    iwan, haha mine lasted so long! in fact it’s still alive. i use it whenever i go back for summer. hahha ya i think so too T_T

    winnie, haha thanks! ur comment made my day too!

    afynn, haha thanks! i don’t usually do tags but i’ll check it out =)

    fuzzy, oi the previous entry has her pic la!! apalahh. why you sound so bitter hahha somemore want to curse them so bad lah! the next generation will be your kids ok!

    jade, hahah why! i dont get it wtf

    jess, ya i lost my phone!! for one day wtf. nola that pic is deceiving, im not that thin one!

  11. sheela says:

    hi suet. you sure have a nice phone! 🙂 be careful not to leave your handphone next time ya.
    anyway, i read your florida trip entries and i was wondering if there are factory outlets selling cheap branded stuff there? a friend is going to florida next month, and i was hoping to ask her to buy me some items. would you mind telling me the places that offer good deals in florida? thanks in advance ya. 🙂

  12. aud says:

    ur blog is up again!

    ya seriously my phone pales like shit next to yours now. cos i kept it in a pouch with my nail glue and the glue leaked and went all over my phone and the paint came off *amazed

    ok la nothing much to comment. but you look very slim in the pic what! waist very small /shy

  13. abby says:

    awwwwhh poor suet tell us the truth were you bullied and beaten up in the playground back at school! hahaha 😛

    good luck with the phone! i lost mine last yr and was so frustrated 🙁

  14. Fuzzy! says:

    Ya la one pic only… :~~( [So sad that leeches are making their way to my eyes wtf]

    Good la. Next generation won’t get influenced by the said generation because they all die young already. Nampak sangat Fuzzy!’s not getting any wtf!

    Psycho and econ? Easy: Psychological effect on psych-econ student after finding out about the paper on both psycho and econ. Too long, no?

  15. sweatlee says:

    jaysee, haha cannot la my luck not thaat good!

    sheela, yeah now i really take care cause very scared edi T_T yeah there are 3 factory outlets! but u really have to drive/take a cab there though cause they’re not that near. the prime outlet/premium outlet is kinda good! i dont really remember where it is..but she can ask around i’m sure people know.

    aud, haha all the paint came off ah?? so now it’s white color? wtf thanks! i think it’s deceiving la my waist still as broad sigh

    abby, hahah nolah i was never bullied!! why u think i was! maybe too fat so guys scared to bully later i sit on them WTF

    simon, hahah dont want la!!

    fuzzy, ok more pics soon! haha. yes too long!

    hello, hahah ya! actually my 3310 and 8250 got snake 1 only not snake 2 heh heh pai seh only simply say to sound cooler wtf

  16. Porcupine says:

    So long didn comment edi la…
    Feel a bit foreign also…

    So happy to see that you’re doing so well…
    So lucky can find back your phone some more…

    Just saw Boss Stewie’s blog…
    Seems that you both will be relatives soon in the future…

  17. vicvic says:

    i love ur post! u r such a good storyteller..! hahaha
    btw, i m majoring in Economics and Psychology too! its such a delight to know that we r on de same path.. haha.. but i dun have to do any research yet thou..
    ps: i love ur long skinny legs! u look tall even though u r 156?

  18. sweatlee says:

    jj, ermmm it’s sony ericsson w850i i think..not sure!

    pattir, haha weird also right

    porcupine, hahahha ya he’ll be my bro in law wtf. yala u so long never comment edi!

    joanne, i think so..haha

    olivia, i love psych! i’m not sure if i’m really gonna major in it yet but so far i really like it. i really like the basics though! quite fun.

    vicvic, thanks! haha im not sure if i’ll major in both la but most probably either one..thanks! yeah im only 156..sometimes 155 =((

  19. Ah Wong says:

    Economy & Psychology major ah! Interesting combo.
    May suggest your thesis to include some of these elements
    1) Consumer Behaviour pre/during/post Financial Crisis (now or refer back to 1997 cases, but 2007-2009 will be more meaningful)
    2) Investors psychology and movement of stock markets. (news flows vs market reactions)
    3) Industries that thrives with current economic conditions and why they are so. *hint Why people psycologically support this type of business and how. (this will pave you an outlook on some business that can survive over time)

    Ouch! headache again, fever lagi. Cannot think already. Good luck on getting fundings from Uni ya. Although i think is hard right now because they rather save the money for other things. But you never know, maybe they willing to give you some.

  20. SKC says:

    i had the EXACT same handphone as the one you have now just that it was a different color…went to d laundromat one day with my phone and keys and place them on d table. kept telling myself don4get my keys don4get my keys and in d end i remembered my keys and left my phone on d table…by the time i realized that i forgot my phone it was gone dd..hah..loved that phone!`

  21. Jacq says:

    haha.. when i lose things. i panic non stop and dream bout it all nite too. but yea.. alas.. it’s just a dream. i have the exact phone as you do. i bought a new LG the other day but i decided i still like my Pinky best. lol.

  22. LGDare Fans says:

    i believe it was a bit rushed, and ignored some features that not many people discuss about. Everybody is aware of that almost all new smartphones have internet, so why present that fundamental function at its bear minimum. Scroll up scroll down zoom in zoom out. Really? which new phone doesnt try this? How bout talk about how the textual content rearranges itsself. Also the texting, very poor review. Why didnt you mention you should use the mic and textual content with your voice? Omitted ALOT of other extra necessary options

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