Falling woman

#9. 26 February ’09

The falling woman game! It’s been around for ages but I just found out about it now.

It’s really a very demeaning game to women but I was seriously very intrigued with it. It’s not even a game really, you just throw the woman around and watch her slide down the balls. I really like watching how her limbs and joints move effortlessly..and I like cringing along when she hits the balls hard shit I’m so sadistic

How I did my smokey eye make up!

1. Just put the base color (any light color) all over your lids and below your brows, then apply the second darkest color (I used brown) on your lids

2. Dab on really black eyeshadow on the outer corners of your lids and try to blend it inwards. Use more of the brown one to blend the black in. Add some shimmery/light eyeshadow below your brows

3. That’s all!

I did it for shan shan too! But for her, I used less black shadow cause her eyes are pretty deep-set and if I put too much black shadow, it looks like she just got boxed wtf. I really like it! Just dab less black and blend a lot. I probably added too much of the shimmery one.

I did absolutely nothing the entire night except playing with makeup cause today is….Thursday! Thursday is my favorite day of the week! Cause it means the week is almost over (almost, but not yet! which is why it’s so exciting and full of suspense).

I only have one class on Fridays so I usually just do nothing the entire Thurs night since I still have fri, sat, sun to do my work. I hate sundays a lot cause I will usually feel upset the entire day thinking of the wasted weekend but not as much as I hate mondays. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are fine..they don’t bother me as much.

How did I end up talking about something so boring like this wtf



#8. 25 February 2009

I just found this awesome polaroid software from poladroid.net! You can turn any picture into a polaroid how cool is that? Even cooler is how it works! Let me show you.

See! So cute! You just have to drag a picture and place it right there.

It takes a while for the picture to dry, JUST LIKE THE REAL POLAROIDS!!!! How cool is that seriously!

I’m so good at finding new things on the web right! First FML now this!

It looks so much like a real polaroid /boo

Sorry this is the only picture of me, EVER, with a cleavage so here you go again hahah

seriously. EVER. ever ever ever. you get it wtf

Barry looks so good here <3<3

Shooo naissss!

I miss him =(((( how ah emo until two posts berturut-turut about him. Berturut turut hahahahha such a funny word! You know what’s an even funnier word? Gedik! hahahah eh gediknya pompuan ni! you know what’s even even funnier? berpacaran! hahah anus hahaha awek makwe pakwe rilek ah hahahah nostalgic malay words crack me up

Anyway I’m sooo emooo cause he’s in Budapest now and I’ve always wanted to go there! He doesn’t have free wifi so he had to pay to talk to me for 30 mins and that really sucked =(

Barry Ooi Eu Hock says:
Barry Ooi Eu Hock says:
lemme tell you i love you before i get cut off
*Queen Suet says:
*Queen Suet says:
okkk <3
*Queen Suet says:
i love you too baby =( u know that
Barry Ooi Eu Hock says:
anyway suet li, i think i’m seriously in love with you =(
*Queen Suet says:
hahahha suet li wtf
*Queen Suet says:
hey barry ooi, i think im in love with you too
Barry Ooi Eu Hock says:
being away from you, even with internet but without hearing your voice or seeing your face made me realize how much i need you =(
*Queen Suet says:
u’re going to make me cry =(
Barry Ooi Eu Hock says:
don’t cry lah! crybaby suet li!
*Queen Suet says:
u la crybaby!
*Queen Suet says:
*shows buttocks

Barry Ooi Eu Hock is now offline


The last words he said to me was “crybaby suet li!” wuwuwuuwuuwu emooooo I’m gonna eat my sorrows away now bye!

p.s: think of all the funniest malay words you can think of to make me happy again! Especially those really zaman tamadun words, really old ones that you only use in your karangan etc. I love peribahasa! They add points to your karangan haha

I always used this last time: masyarakat dan individu haruslah mengalami anjakan paradikma agar blabla cannot continue this sentence cause my BM is damn bad now T__T but BM was really fun, I really enjoyed it while it lasted.


Witch Barry

#7. 25 February 2009

Actually I cheated..this was taken sometime last week but I just saw it and laughed so much again. Hahahha look at him! Doesn’t he look like an old witch who pretends to be super nice but is actually damn wicked inside?? hahahah

He went on another field trip last week and this time, he’s going to Czech, Poland, and Budapest!!!! I’m so freaking jealous ok! Last week he went to Latvia and Switzerland and next next week he’s going to Paris, Belgium and Luxembourg!!! =(( He was at Prague, Czech Republic and he said it’s the nicest place he has even been to!

This LDR sucks x 384928 cause he’s always going to different places so we hardly talk. And everytime he goes somewhere new, he’ll tell me about it and how much he wanted me there and I’ll get super emo =(

Today I’m so emo ok. Emo until want to rip my eyes out and tear all my split ends away. Speaking of split ends I saw one strand of hair that has FIVE split ends today T__T

I tried plucking the ends out but I tried and tried and couldn’t and when I looked up, I realized that I had spent the entire class time doing this T__T And last I heard from my professor was “remember! this will be in the test!” but I totally missed it FML

So where was I ah wtf? oh being emo. yeahhhh so I’m extremely emo lahhhh

ok that’s all bye i’m the most wtf person ever

p.s: because i’m so emo everyone better try to comfort me or i’ll really rip my eyes out! unless if you wanna see that..

EEEYERRRR! apu nene yerrrr WTF


More makeup

#5. 22 Feb ’09

Study time T______T I told myself that I’ll study all weekend but I spent the entire Saturday playing basketball for 3 hours and playing mahjong the ENTIRE night! hahah I just learned it and loved it! I’ve heard so much about its awesomeness but was afraid to learn cause I didn’t want to get addicted. Anyway who wants to play with me when I come back?

#6. 23 Feb ’09

My makeup is hereeee! Stila had a huge sale the other day so I got lotsa makeup for myself and my sis!

This is the chocolate set! It came with 3 shades of eyeshadow, blusher, lip gloss and mascara! All for…jeng jeng jeng..$10!

It comes with a necklace too! And the box is made of some velvety material damn niceee

With mirror too!

fake lashes for $3!!

a set of talking smokey eye palette!….$10!

It talks! but my set is from Korea so it’s in korean T_T

I tried it on right after so here it is:

Nice? If only I have color contacts..

I really like the colors!

I tried out some color contacts! Haha no lah they’re fake. I got them from the freshkon website where you can change the color of your eyes!

1st from left is turqouise and then gray, then green, then blue! Which one do you like best? I like all how! I think I’ll go get them when I go back to malaysia. That’s if I can get used to poking something into my eyes..

Alright that’s all for today byeee


Korea Night

Let me tell you the most loserish story you’d have ever heard. Ok maybe not the most..but in my case, it’s MY saddest story ever.

So last night we went to Korea Night, a cultural night with performances and korean food etc. We were happy cause it was all paid for by our Student Advisor of our floor so yays!

#4: 21 Feb ’09

Korean food! Sososososoooo good! Maybe cause it was free? heh

Bonus pic of shanshan!

Jarin and shanshan. Jarin’s short hair is reallllly cool from behind. One day when I’m brave enough, I shall do that too. Watch me!

Me with shanshan during the boring performances

I thought I wanted to camwhore less but…oh well not that I do my makeup very often these days!

Yeap so we were happy and all and then that night, they had the after party and we didn’t know if we should go. Back story: shanshan and I are both two veryyyy superrrr boring people. We almost never go to parties and rather stay in our room and study (her) and read FML (me..what a loser wtf)

Sooo we decided that for once in our lives, we have to be cool wtf. So after deciding for so long, we went back and added makeup etc etc and she even called her friends from another college to come to the party. We brought $2 each (cause that’s how much parties here usually cost) and went.

When we got there, we saw that there were very few people still so we thought we should hang around outside for a bit. So, we started playing foosball wtf omg i’m such a loser. Her friends came and went into the party while we were still playing foosball =_________= eh the game got intense ok cannot just stop halfway

After like forever, we finally decided to just go inside. But right before we went in, we were still thinking if we should go cause it was around 11.30pm and she was sleepy wtf cause we were so used to sleeping early, and I was reluctant to pay the $2 WTF (cause if the party was lousy then waste my $2 only!).

So we spent 10 more mins taking pictures while deciding if we should go in. fuck the more i tell this story the more of a loser i feel but it’s ok my sole purpose in life is to entertain you all wtf

Anywayyyyy after sooo soooo long, we said WE SHOULD JUST GO CAUSE WE ALREADY CAME ALL THE WAY and so we went to the counter to get the tickets…

lo and behold…

the ticket….

was $3 each…………..

We only brought $2 each so we were short of $1. 1…stupid..dollar….

And then we went back………..shanshan thinks this is all part of god’s plan. I just think we were stupid enough to not bring more money wtf

The end of this story about our super kewlzz friday night adventure. Now I really feel like shooting myself. We felt sooo sad when we walked out of the place cause 1. it was a VERY BIG decision for us to come to this party 2. she even called her friends (who dumped us wtf) and 3. we thought for so long whether to go in or not ok!!!

So anyway we went back and I just took a few sad pictures of myself.

sad picture 1

sad picture 2

I then ate an orange and managed to peel the skin in one go! Woohoo who cares about going to parties when you can peel oranges in one go

We slept around 12.30 am. on a friday night.

And I went to bed that night still proud of my orange-peeling skill.

p.s: ok fine so I lied. I went to bed at 2am cause I just wanted to feel cool wtf. Like you know, I’m sleeping so late y’know I’m so cool ya aw aw. peace out.

p.p.s: nah for realz, we camwhored all night that’s why we slept late. will post the pics next time. your beloved shanshan was in it and she looked reallll pretty. stay tuned peace out ya aw aw i’m so annoying wtf


#2 19 February 2009

We decorated our bare board on our door the other day. Before shanshan came back, my door was totally bare (except for the ribbon in the middle which was from a chocolate box that wasn’t even mine..i saw it on the floor and thought it looked cool WTF) cause I was too lazy to do anything with it.

Anyway we just gathered random stuff and pinned them up and now it looks like someone is celebrating chinese new year wtf. I guess now everyone will know we’re chinese =.=

You have no idea how elaborate some boards are! These americans really make a lot of effort decorating their doors. Ours clearly look like we didn’t give a damn. The flowers keep dropping and once I got so frustrated that I punched the wall wtf. You can’t see it here but there’s a hole in the wall next to the door. My hand hurt for days and the flowers are still dropping.


Project 365 and beyond

Project 365- take one picture that summarizes your day everyday. 3, 2, 1, go!

#1 : 18th of February 2009

When the snow finally melted, the first patch of green grass emerged and the squirrels came out to play, but someone thought it was funny to let it snow again today. When I thought spring has cometh finally, I came to the realization that nothing will ever go my way when I want it most. So I’m more than ready to alter and reshape and accommodate my expectations now. If spring doesn’t want to come now, then let it be.

Yesterday was a day choked with all kinds of emotions possible. I was excited yet scared at the same time, happy yet worried, anxious yet calm, and super stressed. I think I’m really bad at dealing with stress cause instead of stopping it, I let in engulf me completely and tell me what to do instead. But the best thing about stress is it comes and goes. It doesn’t stay in your head forever, like a toxin that gets washed away in your blood stream after some time.

So today I woke up with a solution to all that stress and instead of spending so much time worrying and thinking about it, I just let my heart tell me what to do and I think it’s the right thing after all.


On a completely unrelated and un-emo post, I really have to tell you this. Of all the things I’ve learned from living in a dorm community, the knowledge I cherish most is my ability to put an invisible cloak on myself and just pretend I don’t exist- especially when I’m in the communal bathroom. You have no idea how awkward it is to go into the bathroom when you need to take the biggest dump of your life and see people in there too.

So, I have mastered several very high-skilled techniques that I have perfected over the years. Unfortunately, some daft people never seem to master these skills and have left me very very disappointed.

Case in question is this:

So I was taking my shower leisurely, squeezing some shampoo on my hand, singing to myself lalala when suddenly, I heard this hugeeee splash followed by the smelliest stench I’ve ever smelt in my life. Oh noesss it’s the case of the girl who’s shitting but is too dumb to master these techniques!! AND I was trapped cause I was still showering!!!

Technique number 1:

When you know you’re going to take a dump, you must come prepared. First of all, take some toilet paper and throw it into the toilet bowl. I KNOW I’M WASTING TREES but what the heck it’s just two pieces of toilet paper anyway I KNOW THAT IS 1/8418410 of a tree but listen I’m saving you from further embarrassment.

The purpose of the paper is to cushion your erm..excrement/feces/shit wtf when it falls, so as to prevent the huge splash/ugly “doooop” sound wtf hahahah don’t know how to explain lah!

Technique number 2:

You have to be good at physics for this. You must know yourself how big your feces will be exactly, so you know when exactly to push the flush button. When the feces unattaches itself from your erm..lubang anus WTF, you must be quick and agile so you can push the flush immediately (you can practice this by dropping something on your floor and try to hit the floor before it touches, if you hit the floor after the thing falls, you fail. try again next time)

BUT! becareful! If you push it too early, the flush will only serve to disguise the “dooop” sound but your feces won’t be flushed down (unless if it’s a big flush..thingy). Therefore, you must push it right at the moment BEFORE it touches the water so the flush will not only help to disguise the sound, but will also suck your shit in so it won’t stay there in the toilet bowl and stink up the entire bathroom!!!!

I think flushing really works to prevent the smell of the shit to travel around the air and cause further harm to other unsuspecting victims in the bathroom.

Actually that’s all no other techniques. however, if you’re a tree-hugger/environmentalist, you probably won’t want to do this cause it wastes paper and water but pleaseeee, do it when you know someone else is in the bathroom too!

You have no idea how unpleasant my entire showering experience was thanks to the girl who was shitting but was too unskilled in covering the smell/sound of her feces. What made it worse was the fact that today is Suet’s Dirty Hair day so I had to wash my hair = taking more time in the shower = pure uncalled for suffering T_______T

I tried to drown my miseries my using more shampoo to mask the stench but the it was too strong and even defeated the smell of my shampoo T_T

I then tried stuffing my face in the water the entire time but I almost drowned wtf hahahaha FML

Anyway it’s great that you’re taking the biggest shit of your life, really, I’m truly happy for you and you really deserve this big dump after days of constipation but please oh pleaseee spare my life!! Have mercy! Flush your shit down! You can sit there for an entire hour for all I care but please flush everytime you have shit sitting there in the toilet bowl or else it’ll smell really bad!

Maybe I should print this out and paste it on the toilet stalls. Community service, please read this first wtf.


I woke up feeling very happy, although I swear my head almost exploded from all that thinking and worrying. But it’s a happy day and where ever you are right now, I hope that you are happy too!