How to be cheap

How to be cheap

Phew I just spent the entire night cleaning my room! Shanshan is busy studying in the library and I told her I’ll study in the room but I ended up pulling hair out of my rug/sweep and mop/tidy things up T_T

Why god why have I turned into this domesticated monster who’s studying in a world class WOMEN’S college no less. I look around and see so many ambitious power-hungry women and I see myself pulling hair out of my rug and cringe in shame sigh. But! I did take some pictures ^_^ will put that in my next post haha

Anyway Suzie who’s working with NST wants to write this article on how to dress in a recession and since I always talk about how I save money, she got me to contribute some stuff also. Shy lah I’m no fashionista obviously so I didn’t want to pretend I know how to dress and give tips. Most of my clothes are hand-me-downs so I don’t really have my own style at all. However, I’m pretty good at giving tips on how to save money and since I already told her some, let me write an entire post on it!

So who doesn’t know my biggest passion in the world is to save more money than I can ever count right. Here’s how I do it!

1. The best way to save money is to..not spend at all. This takes years and years of practice but I’ve learned to not look at anything above what I will spend. (about USD10 or RM30 for a top/RM45 for a dress) I’ll go into a shop, look around for things that catch my eyes, look at price tag and if it’s above my budget, I won’t even linger around anymore. Contemplating longer leads to you wanting it more so no matter how nice that top/dress is, LEAVE RIGHT NOW.

I think my willpower is damn good one. More than $10, put it down. I don’t need this, put it down.

2. I think over the years, I got myself into believing that this motto of mine is true: when you buy something you want real bad, you end up not wanting it that much anymore. I’ve seen countless things I really want with all my heart and soul (like the denim skirt which was EVERYwhere in 2001 wtf) but I won’t buy them. Cause I think by finally owning those stuff, they’re no longer my dream dress/shoes/bag resulting in me not liking them as much anymore.

If you’re my boyfriend/friend/family members, you’d know that if I want something real bad, I’ll just go into the store a million times, stare at it with dreamy eyes, moan about how much I want it, then leave.

3. I know how some people hate second-hand stuff because they’re worn therefore dirty and all that bodily fluids yadda yadda but I LOVE second-hand stuff. You have this notebook that you don’t want although you only wrote in 2 pages? Give it to me! You have this pair of shorts that’s too big for you? Give it to me although it’s too big for me too but whatever I’ll find a way!

OMG I make myself sound like a recycling bin. But indeed..I am. I admit I am the trash can of the society wtf. You can look at me disapprovingly, judge me all you want with your high and mighty societal standards, I don’t really care. As long as I get to save more money then I’m all for it.

4. Textbooks are the bane of my soul (and bank account) so I almost never buy my own books. Even in high school, I never bought my books. Malaysian high school text books need to be reformed seriously cause they don’t serve a purpose at all. Most of my books are given to me by seniors (at gunpoint wtf nolah I just beg them until they get sick of me OMG i sound like a beggar now) or I just do without them.

I always look at people who buy ALL their textbooks in envy..and disdain..which is probably spurred by envy.The first few weeks of classes were always the most excruciating parts of my life cause I hadn’t gotten my books yet and here come all these people with their brand new shiny books. Even now in college, ESPECIALLY now in college where textbooks cost all your limbs, I’m always the person without her books. I have successfully gone without textbooks for some of my classes before *flashes victory sign wtf

That’s how I save up to $1000 a year. Just on not buying textbooks. I do have to work harder than other people but if I can save $1000!!! I don’t mind!! I hope this won’t cost me my grades T_T

5. I think I’m sort of a workaholic but it’s not a good thing especially when all my jobs are low-skilled jobs wtf..stuff like washing dishes, run after the ball, clean the kitchen etc. Anyway once I get my pay, I put EVERYthing inside my bank account. If I get paid in cash, I only take out RM50 to spend and put the rest inside. This really works cause once the money is in the bank, I almost never take it out again. I have this obsession that whenever I see my bank statement/bank book, the amount MUST always be increasing.

Actually writing this makes me realize that I’m a little borderline obsessive about this whole trying to save money parents will probably kill me if they see this. “oi you make us sound like we don’t give you money!” Of course they do! They are the best parents in the world! hello dad wtf

Sometimes I do realize that I take too much effort in making sure that I don’t spend as much and people have told me that time=money=I’m stupid. I don’t know..I always feel like my time is quite worthless wtf. But I have to change this mindset soon.

Yeah I guess those are ways on how I save money but a lot of them are highly not recommended cause I don’t think this is a very good trait. Knowing how to value your money is a good thing but if you’re too obsessed with saving money, it gets in the way of a lot of things.

Sooo many of my friends have told me that they really hate that I’m so money-minded but I wish I can explain to them how I feel about money cause I can’t! It’s not like I’m super poor, or that I’m really in need of money that’s why I’m saving’s just that I keep thinking I better save up just in case..just in case of what? I don’t know. Sometimes I wonder if the need arises or if there’s an emergency, will I even use my hard-earned money? What’s the point of saving so much money when I will never use it?

I just kept feeling like if I use it now, what if I need it next time! I guess the one time I’ll stop telling myself this is when I’m 80 and about to die so there’s no next time anymore wtf. Then I’ll buy a super nice diamond-studded coffin with all my money wtf. Sigh sorry for this long entry that’s all bye.

p.s: I just got accepted into my study abroad program! Hong Kong here I comeeee!