#3. 20 Feb ’09

#3. 20 Feb ’09

I know we’re supposed to only take one picture a day but I took too many today so I’m putting them all up!

In class, pretending to take notes but all I had in mind was which angle to take the picture from haha

I totally forgot about the no camwhore pictures rule! (which I gave to myself). Oops..

I was walking to class when I saw these on a table and went WHAAAT? isn’t that malay?? and true enough it was! It was some Universiti Malaya’s brochure in my college of all places!

I’ve always thought my nose is the best part of my face but I don’t know why I think it’s so super ugly now! Look at how fat it is from the front. I can’t decide if I should get a nose job wtf. Speaking of nose jobs, I think I will get a tattoo when I go back! That’s if my parents let lah…

I’ve always wanted a tattoo cause I’m totally not someone who’s that wild (if you know me and how my favorite past time is stay home and study wtf) and I don’t know..it’s just something I want to try! I wanted to get a tattoo of a snowflake, cause my name means snow! But I also want a tattoo of a lock (which barry has a key to) but I don’t know if he wants to get a tattoo too. tattoo too hahaha so funny

Anyway it’ll be a great gift for myself for my 21st birthday 🙂 And it will possibly be the wildest thing I have ever done or will ever do in my life! When I’m old and crinkly and my great grandkids come up to me going “poh poh, poh poh! Tell us the wildest thing you have ever done!” and I’ll go, tadaaa here’s my tattoo!!! Isn’t it kewlzzz?? and they’ll wave their hands and go cheh so sien one my poh poh I got a tattoo when I was 5 wtf

If I get a snowflake tattoo, I’ll get it behind my ear! (oh wait I just remember, xiaxue has a tattoo of a snowflake too…later people say I copy her how! It’s my name leh i’m not copying anyone). Maybe I should get one of a sweat drop hahaha! =.=” the two lines indicating sweat drops hahaha

If I get a lock tattoo, I’ll get it on my back!

Something I found off the net. Nice!

Around my ankle..hmm..it’s too obvious I think.

I actually wanted to get a key instead cause it’s supposed to indicate a key to your freedom when you turn 21, but I’ve always had the freedom to do whatever anyway so I don’t need a key. I want a lock cause I think I’m really vulnerable and I trust people too easily, maybe it’s time I lock my heart up wtf emoooo

Do you want to get a tattoo too? What of and where?