Witch Barry

Witch Barry

#7. 25 February 2009

Actually I cheated..this was taken sometime last week but I just saw it and laughed so much again. Hahahha look at him! Doesn’t he look like an old witch who pretends to be super nice but is actually damn wicked inside?? hahahah

He went on another field trip last week and this time, he’s going to Czech, Poland, and Budapest!!!! I’m so freaking jealous ok! Last week he went to Latvia and Switzerland and next next week he’s going to Paris, Belgium and Luxembourg!!! =(( He was at Prague, Czech Republic and he said it’s the nicest place he has even been to!

This LDR sucks x 384928 cause he’s always going to different places so we hardly talk. And everytime he goes somewhere new, he’ll tell me about it and how much he wanted me there and I’ll get super emo =(

Today I’m so emo ok. Emo until want to rip my eyes out and tear all my split ends away. Speaking of split ends I saw one strand of hair that has FIVE split ends today T__T

I tried plucking the ends out but I tried and tried and couldn’t and when I looked up, I realized that I had spent the entire class time doing this T__T And last I heard from my professor was “remember! this will be in the test!” but I totally missed it FML

So where was I ah wtf? oh being emo. yeahhhh so I’m extremely emo lahhhh

ok that’s all bye i’m the most wtf person ever

p.s: because i’m so emo everyone better try to comfort me or i’ll really rip my eyes out! unless if you wanna see that..

EEEYERRRR! apu nene yerrrr WTF