Falling woman

Falling woman

#9. 26 February ’09

The falling woman game! It’s been around for ages but I just found out about it now.

It’s really a very demeaning game to women but I was seriously very intrigued with it. It’s not even a game really, you just throw the woman around and watch her slide down the balls. I really like watching how her limbs and joints move effortlessly..and I like cringing along when she hits the balls hard shit I’m so sadistic

How I did my smokey eye make up!

1. Just put the base color (any light color) all over your lids and below your brows, then apply the second darkest color (I used brown) on your lids

2. Dab on really black eyeshadow on the outer corners of your lids and try to blend it inwards. Use more of the brown one to blend the black in. Add some shimmery/light eyeshadow below your brows

3. That’s all!

I did it for shan shan too! But for her, I used less black shadow cause her eyes are pretty deep-set and if I put too much black shadow, it looks like she just got boxed wtf. I really like it! Just dab less black and blend a lot. I probably added too much of the shimmery one.

I did absolutely nothing the entire night except playing with makeup cause today is….Thursday! Thursday is my favorite day of the week! Cause it means the week is almost over (almost, but not yet! which is why it’s so exciting and full of suspense).

I only have one class on Fridays so I usually just do nothing the entire Thurs night since I still have fri, sat, sun to do my work. I hate sundays a lot cause I will usually feel upset the entire day thinking of the wasted weekend but not as much as I hate mondays. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are fine..they don’t bother me as much.

How did I end up talking about something so boring like this wtf