Mission in progress

Mission in progress

#10. 27 February 2009

I can’t believe I have never succumbed to the temptation that is green tea ice cream before because it is absolutely the most delicious ice cream on earth! (after strawberry cheesecake ice cream heh)

Tim, now I know why you had to buy an entire tub of this!

OK I wasn’t sure if I should post this but what the heck, people post bikini pictures all the time anyway so I hope you don’t find these too..err revealing.

Remember my ultimate mission last month? Anyway I haven’t forgotten about it and here’s my progress so far!

#11. 28 Feb ’09

The left picture was taken last month, on the 25th of Jan and the right one was taken..3 minutes ago

The left one was taken around 26th of Jan and the right one..2.7 minutes ago wtf

It could be the angle of the camera, or because I’m using my handphone now hence it looks different but I think I really feel a lot leaner than I was before!

Unfortunately, I started this mission because I wanted to have a smaller waistline and that I haven’t achieved yet =(

How leh! about 3 inches more to cut off, it seems almost impossible T__T Barry thinks it’s impossible cause those are my hips..sigh maybe it’s just not meant to be. I’d rather have a 24 inch waistline than abs anytime 🙁 but it’s so hard to get rid of those fats!! (and bones from hips)

(p.s: you see the faint horizontal lines? those are NOT my abs wtf, those are lines formed from sitting down too much. I still have 3 layers of fats, hence 2 lines across T_T)

If you know me, I ALWAYS complain about my protruding tummy. Here’s a pictorial evidence (finally) after years of whining about it. It was WAYYYY bigger before and it really looks awkward cause it’s just one big lump, and you know some people can suck their tummies in? I can’t! I don’t know why, I think the fats hardened after years of being accumulated T_T

I have about 2 inches more to go before I finally have a flat tummy. It sounds easy but it’s not cause after 4 years of trying to lose my tummy, I finally lost 1 inch. 4 years= 1 inch. Loooong way to go.

So, after weighing myself, I realized that I haven’t lost a single gram at all but surprisingly, I feel a lot better about myself. I haven’t been sticking to my mission of doing stomach exercises and going to the gym at least 3/4 times a week (only once a week so far..heehee) but I shall go more often once it gets warmer outside!

I hope you take this post in a more positive light and not see that I’m trying to brag or anything. I probably didn’t even change that much from before and maybe it really is the camera angle etc but I do feel more confident about my body and I think it’s all because of my healthy lifestyle now. walau I sound damn like some self-help author who’s trying to get people to buy her “how to feel positive about yourself” book wtf

I sleep before 12.30/1 am every night, I wake up before 9am, I ALWAYS eat something for breakfast and I almost never snack in between meals now.

Despite that, I still indulge in desserts all the time cause that’s my weak spot wuwuwu. This is a piece of heaven right here- fried dough with ice cream, chocolate fudge and bananas

The hot fried dough and the cold icecream melting in your mouth with every bite mmm how blissful *salivates all over laptop

ok time to study bye T_T