Brewing up a storm

#12. 1 March ’09

Ladies and gents, you’re now staring at my favorite food here. This sinful delight of toasted bread with ham, fried egg and cheese is what I eat four times a week. Best food ever ever ever everzzzz haih i’m so easy to please

#13. 2 March ’09

CRAZY SNOW STORM IN MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!1 It’s supposed to be spring already wtf is going on! al gore i believe you i do i do i do ooh

On the bright side, my first class is canceled….on the not so bright side, I still have a second class to attend T___T
On the bright but not so bright but is kinda bright but come to think of it it’s not so bright but I’ll still say it’s pretty bright but in the back of your mind try to think of it being dimmer than my previous bright side, I err..seriously forgot what I wanna say.

Stay warm! To myself..since most of you are in Malaysia T_T


  1. didi says:

    mmm… that sounds nice but smelly too because of the eggy smell lol! I usually have a similar sandwich to you every morning for breakfast (difference is minus the cheese and add salad cream lol!!!!).

    Woh, that’s crazy that it’s snowing there. But I bet you are thinking … Snow Angel!

  2. carol says:

    stay warm! to me also wtf.

    stupid wind blowing like crazy outside! go out can die wan. haih stupid snowstorm (and this is coming from the girl who loves snow)

  3. lalala~! says:

    omgg ur food looks good! hungry d! T_T

    yup yup! malaysia is warmmmmm… wayyyy too warm oso sometimes… but at my place its getting crazy… thunder storm at nite and damn hot during the day! but still its nice la… nice to sleep when its rainy… hmmmm….

  4. hanna says:


    haha stupid one that is the first thing that popped up in my mind after i read this.

    chicago is cold tooo but no blizzard woohoo.

  5. Shanshan says:

    i miss the blanch food!! next time i’ll definately try mount holyoke with fried egg~~~~~~~ so hungry now and still havent had dinner…btw, i havent been out all day today.. so haha kept myself really warm=D

  6. sweatlee says:

    baz, T______T sial!

    didi, haha nooo not smelly at all! damn nice! ive never tried snow angel actually! haha

    carol, T_T ya to us!

    lalala, haih global warming! haha

    hanna, aww u know that too!!! i thought nobody will understand hahah! why would u want blizzard T_T

    cindy, super cold wuwuwu

    andy, omg i dont want snow T_T it’s been snowing for 4 months T_T

    tamago, yeah weiii!!!! your name means egg right in jap!

    michelle, heh this is my lunch laa! need to eat ok T_T

    shanshan, yeahh its soooosososo good.

    hayley, haha actually no wor! only 400 calories mm compared to the rest it’s quite little!

    ky, at least u have a car T_T wtf

    sohpoh, yaaa very nice! i actually dont really like the cheese heh.

    xiao, yays! haha lucky we dont have to make it up!

  7. ShaolinTiger says:

    I make a sandwich like that too, but try a variation make it french toast style.

    So put the ham and cheese in the middle (preferably with some mustard) then dip it in beaten egg then fry it until golden brown on both sides.


  8. yosie says:

    OMG.. i love that sandwich too! my dad used to make for me all the time – best thing EVER.

    heard all of east coast snowed this weekend but west coast is rainy anyway, and i’d much prefer snow over rain…

  9. Jaclyn says:

    siao ah i sweat almost the whole day and have oily face but good also lar compare to a dry one all i have to do is just make sure my face is clean somemore i can save up beauty products for winter season muahahahahah and somemore again i get to wear less since its summer 24/7 through out 365 days but but but i love boots and furry big comfy coats haih so miserable nvm take a break have a kit kat eh no it should be haagen dazs muahahahahahaha

  10. sarah says:

    wow they serve that kinda food in ur college? so damn nice made me soo hungry..hehee..anyway, I tried some stomach excercises from the links that you posted in a post some time ago..and guess wat? I tried it for 1 day only then never continued til now T__T how to lose weight like that leh..hahha so lazy to exercise but i dun wanna give up my food too! lol

  11. clem says:

    @baz: trenchcoat mmm was just discussing with my collmates earlier over trenchcoats and its usability in Melbourne during winter. Neo look, here I come wtf.

    @suet: did you make that toasted bread thingy yourself or buy wan?

  12. Baz says:

    clem: not sure how cold melbourne is, but seeing as you’re averse to anywhere 15C and below, you’d best invest in a good winter parka or a wool overcoat. trenchcoats are best for spring/fall/wet days. anyway mine is a cropped-type, so cannot beraksi like neo

  13. tamago says:

    yup tamago means egg!! not bad hehe i’ve commented many many times before but all with different food names hahahah i put what i am currently craving for at the moment 😀

  14. AP says:

    hahaha i had a wave of vertigo reading the last line @@

    sometimes i wish the cold weather would never end even though i cannot take it all that well(my knuckles even dry up and split eewwwsh i just had to say that) there’s sth about the cold that is sharp and fresh and erm clean and i love seeing my breath travel a great distance in the air ahahah

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