Brewing up a storm

Brewing up a storm

#12. 1 March ’09

Ladies and gents, you’re now staring at my favorite food here. This sinful delight of toasted bread with ham, fried egg and cheese is what I eat four times a week. Best food ever ever ever everzzzz haih i’m so easy to please

#13. 2 March ’09

CRAZY SNOW STORM IN MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!1 It’s supposed to be spring already wtf is going on! al gore i believe you i do i do i do ooh

On the bright side, my first class is canceled….on the not so bright side, I still have a second class to attend T___T
On the bright but not so bright but is kinda bright but come to think of it it’s not so bright but I’ll still say it’s pretty bright but in the back of your mind try to think of it being dimmer than my previous bright side, I err..seriously forgot what I wanna say.

Stay warm! To myself..since most of you are in Malaysia T_T