Beezy me

I’m sooo busy right now omg no time to breathe!!!! (but got time to watch malaysian dreamgirl’s audition wtf, my sis’ best friend is in it woot!)

#13. 3 March ’09

Omg baby you look so good here! I missssssssss youuuuuuuuuuuuu

I have so much work how ah how ah 2 more exams and 4 papers T______T FOUR PAPERS why are my professors so mean T___T I have this professor who is super hard but he’s old and I have this strange affinity for old professors I don’t know why! They always look so kind and nice and endearing I just couldn’t hate him although he kills us with his exams.

Neurobiology sucks I don’t know why I took this class 🙁

Sigh wish me luck! Hopefully I’ll survive these two weeks and then….spring break!!!! 1 whole week of frolicking in the snow with chipmunks and squirrels! 1 whole week of sleeping in and watching drama and playing the sims! Ah, college life, sometimes it just fills me up with joy wtf


  1. pinkpau says:

    ughhhh college lifeeee you can have mine, thank u very much!!

    btw i finally learned the art of writing papers. i dunno how i survived a whole semester without understanding what a paper truly wants. -_-

  2. andy says:

    you must only meet the nice ones…every old professor i ever got look like they wanna die, hated to answer questions and were cynical about life in general, like they got something up their butt o_O

    good luck on your two week countdown!

  3. Michelle C says:

    Whos your sis’ best friends?

    Uni is beginning here and I’m starting to feel it but of course blogging is NOW A REQUIREMENT FOR ME because my creative writing tutor said this:


  4. Juan says:

    Suet why stay in the snow when you could go to Freiburg.
    I will be heading as far away from the cold as possible.
    The Paris Hiltons of LA await the arrival of Juanz.
    Btw barry ( checking if you are doing your hw here) I will be
    The one who watches the watchmen on Friday hehe.

  5. cindy says:

    i kinda miss college and uni life though.. i don’t mind studying for exams or doing papers rather then suffering with jobless status and stressing about finding jobs asap… (its vice versa when i’m studying..haha…)…

    take care and study smart… love ya blog as always

  6. Baz says:


    I think I’m going to have to pop over in London to catch it in English =(

  7. Baz says:

    and say, i do look rather good in that pic wtf. i miss you too baby, but it’s 11C and sunny here in Freiburg, so I’m not going to bother going back to cook! I’m just going to enjoy a nice leisurely meal in a cafe (alone) and stroll through the city! lieb dich!

  8. sweatlee says:

    pinkpau, i like college life when got holidays wtf. eh teach me!!

    zeek, yeah i keep telling myself it’ll be over soon too T_T for now..

    calvin, ehhhhhh! i got three months for sumer!! threeeeee monthsssss!

    andy, haha all the old profs here are very nice! most that i’ve met at least..

    aud, WTF no wtf

    abe, hahha! dont be naughty!

    hayley, thanks!! =D

    clem, haha im not studying all neurobio la. doing the visual system now so havent to study the neurons in eyes etc T_T damn hard. yalor lib arts like this one

    michelle, she’s in the 2nd episode! cant remember which part. skinny bubbly girl. hahah so fun one!

    iwan, haha it’s not really an intense neuro class! sort of intro but damn hard seriously.

    juan, T___T i wish i could too sigh. watchmen whatever *yawns

    shana, yeah T___T wwuuw

    lalala, thanks! =D

    kylie, haha no it’s actually a psychology+bio class!

    winnie, ya damn hard seriously T__T

    cindy, haih yeah true la i also dont wanna look for jobs T_T

    sam, hahah why in msia cannot watch! thanks!

    baz, blabla watchmen blabla 11c blabbla ich lieb dich! aussi wtf

  9. Amanda says:

    Hey, you play The Sims too!! I love that game.. But I can’t play it cos I don have the CD. T_______T I miss playing The Sims..

    College life is tough. I understand how u feel..

  10. elaine says:

    omg im doing biopsychology too this semester and it’s killing me… sigh its also psych+bio stuff .. studying about the brain, sensory motor, synapse, nerves, reflexes, etc etc in a way it’s quite enjoyable but when it comes to learning those jargons… kill me T_T

  11. Fuzzy! says:

    Even I’m not interested in neurobiology, why the hell did you take it? I just finished my 2-weeks neurology cycle and can proudly tell you that I know absolutely nothing about neurology. Bangga bangga.

    GB: WHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH Now you know what I’ve been suffering for 5 years! I’m gonna catch the movie on friday! Khraniteli! Ani khranyat nas a kto nas khranit at nikh? Jengjengjeng!

  12. Kim Ong says:

    Since you’re in love babe…. hehehe….check out my latest blog entry. I tagged you.

    Instruction: Copy and paste this excerpt in “italics”, post this on your blog and answer to the question below (unlimited word count). Tag 5 fellow bloggers for this meme.


    The journey of love, each carries a story which brings you to a certain destiny.Do we find ourselves in the tale of Snow White and her prince charming? A story that shows that as you wait patiently, one day your prince shall rescue you from the poisonous red apple so you shall live happily ever after. How about Jack and Rose? They came from two diverse backgrounds, met at the most celebrated vessel believed to have been described as “unsinkable”, fell so deeply in love yet the joy was only short-lived. Or do we want a piece of the romantic comedy “Made of Honour”, where the sweetest thing is when you fall in love with your best friend. (Source:

    Should we look for love, wait for love or let destiny take its own course?

  13. sweatlee says:

    amanda, haha i got the cd from summit wtf rm20 for 2 cds! and got like 8 the sims inside hoho!

    elaine, i hear u i hear u! yeah i actually like it but it can be such a pain!!

    fuzzy, cause it’s a requirement for my psychology major! what language is tht wtf

    kim, hahah wah why so hard one the tag! i thought it’s stuff like 1. how old are u 2. what color do u like wtf. i’ll think about it ok but thanks for tagging!

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