Beezy me

Beezy me

I’m sooo busy right now omg no time to breathe!!!! (but got time to watch malaysian dreamgirl’s audition wtf, my sis’ best friend is in it woot!)

#13. 3 March ’09

Omg baby you look so good here! I missssssssss youuuuuuuuuuuuu

I have so much work how ah how ah 2 more exams and 4 papers T______T FOUR PAPERS why are my professors so mean T___T I have this professor who is super hard but he’s old and I have this strange affinity for old professors I don’t know why! They always look so kind and nice and endearing I just couldn’t hate him although he kills us with his exams.

Neurobiology sucks I don’t know why I took this class 🙁

Sigh wish me luck! Hopefully I’ll survive these two weeks and then….spring break!!!! 1 whole week of frolicking in the snow with chipmunks and squirrels! 1 whole week of sleeping in and watching drama and playing the sims! Ah, college life, sometimes it just fills me up with joy wtf