Letter from down below

Letter from down below

#14. 4 March ’09

Ok so I stole this picture off the web..I really want to show you what I did today but I wasn’t allowed to take pictures so steal I must! Today is kind of cool cause I had to go to the childcare center for observation! All I had to do was sit behind a two way mirror and..observe the kids! I had to write down EVERY single thing these kids did and compile a report later. Today convinced me that I really want a job that has to do with kids cause I love them so much *big wet eyes

And then I had the hardest exam ever ever ever in the history of time. Ok fine it wasn’t that hard but I like to exaggerate so please let me do so T__T I’m so sooo sick of retinal ganglion cells and lateral geniculate nucleus now grr.


Dear girl who lives upstairs, I have 3 questions for you.

1. First of all, why do you always sleep so late?

2. So you’re a night owl, but why do you have to walk around so much in the middle of the night?

3. GODDAMMIT ARE YOU LIKE 300 POUNDS OR SOMETHING?!!? Why do you stomp around so much at 2 o’clock in the morning??????????

These are the questions that bug me every night as I lay there wondering what I did to deserve an elephant of a people-who-live-above-each-other mate.

I’ve tried all possible methods to avoid having to write this letter, oh trust me, I’ve tried. Earplugs clearly didn’t work because my entire room actually vibrates along with your footsteps. Sometimes I wake up to find that I have groggily dragged the entire content of my room along with me outside, thinking that there is an earthquake or something.

Ok fine I’m too much of a chicken to actually write her this letter but if it happens again tonight, I shall! Ok fine..i’ll give her another..1 week! No wait, out of the kindness of my gentle and loving heart, I shall give her 1 month! (actually scared wtf 300 pounds ok she can easily squash me to a pulp T_T)

p.s: A short poll!