The bridge of love

The bridge of love

#19. 9 March ’09

Got a package today which I eagerly went and collected before my classes start! Don’t think i can live with the anticipation of wondering what it could be in my classes..

I knew it was going to be from barry cause he promised to write every month! So here’s his second letter.

Because his program requires them to travel quite a bit, he tries getting something from every country he visits. The leaves were plucked from a bush in Geneva, Switzerland while the picture was from Prague, Czech. And he also wrote a crazy sweet letter *swoons

Hahhahaaahaha this is so funny! He got this framed picture of the famous Prague bridge, printed a picture of us, and pasted on it hahhahah! And his caption for it is damn stupid also! He said something like how there’s this young couple in a loving embrace on the bridge in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and how their happiness made the scenery pale into black and white.

I was quite confused cause I was still in class so I haven’t looked at the picture yet. So I sat there wondering huh what is he talking about..maybe he took a picture of a couple there or something..and I was dying to look at the picture but I can’t cause the professor was looking straight at me T_T but I finally saw it and went awwwwwww.

He is seriously getting more and more romantic every day. All thanks to??? ME! Without the existence of such a powerful female figure in his life, his dormant ability to be sweet will never be awakened. This proves that his assertion of masculinity is only made possible by me blabla quote unquote directly from my paper on an analysis of this book I was reading wtf @_@ gone crazy already.

p.s: i dont know why i’m so emotional lately! i spent the entire night watching american idol and cried so much T_T some of the auditions were so touching ok T_T