#20. 10 March ’09

This ladies and gents, is my favorite chocolate bar! Twix is the shiznit I tell you. I used to really like crunchie before this (still do) but now I like twix better. Still too sweet for me to handle all at once but it cheers me up everytime 🙂

#21. 11 March ’09

I wanted to take a picture of the hole in my shirt (not hole in shirt like oops shit i tore my shirt or my shirt is old that’s why there’s a hole kinda hole..) but couldn’t get the right angle!

Put it under the cut cause these are all just random irrelevant vain pictures of myself.

I seriously am obsessed with turning my tops/dresses into skirts.

Finally! there you go, the hole in my shirt! which was the reason why i bought this actually haha. Aside from the fact that it’s also only $10

i don’t know why but I realllllly like this outfit! cause it’s so simple (only 2 colors!) and nice. Barry didn’t think it’s nice though and said it’s not my style but I beg to differ cause I don’t have a style!!!

Cheap people like me are not allowed to have a certain style cause we buy whatever that’s cheap and just play around with them. Sometimes I try to give myself a style but I go to the store and try picking out stuff that I deem my ‘style’ and couldn’t cause they’re above my budget!

Anyway if only it’s warm enough for me to go out in skirts. Sigh I think I have developed a profound liking for skirts. Girls should all wear skirts and only skirts cause they’re so pretty! Even someone very very unfeminine like me actually look feminine in skirts. Until I start talking that’s it wtf. If you’ve seen me you’d know my voice is kinda rough and coarse…like a man! and the way I talk…sighhhhhhhhh very very unladylike T___T

I have always admired soft-spoken and sweet girls but why can’t I be like them! Those kind that when they talk you just stare at them dreamily cause they’re just too sweet. For me when I talk people feel like asking me to shut up wtf. “oi when will you ever stop talking” or “eh shut up you’re disrupting the peace in this country” wtf

oh oh something funny! you know tvb dramas always got this line. “lei mou kong wa mou yan tong lei nga” if you don’t talk no one’s going to think you’re mute or something. damn funny hahahah