Hello Hello

Hello Hello

If you want to know, I’m someone who is very very unadventurous. Barry told me he liked me when he first met me cause I was very spontaneous but as I grew up, I guess I just lost whatever little I had of that spontaneous streak. I plan very very far ahead in future, I lay awake at night thinking of what I shall do for the next days/weeks and I hate it if things don’t go my way.

Why did I bother saying all this is cause I just did the most spontaneous and adventurous thing I have done and will ever do in my life *big wet eyes

I’m typing this in a plane right now actually..

And guess where I’m going to!!! I’m flying halfway across the world to see my boyfriend!! AND HE DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT IT!

22. 12 March ’09

Yeap! That’s right! As I’m typing this right now, he’s probably thinking of the excuse I gave him about where I am right now. Playing mahjong. In my college. When in actual fact, I’m going to show up right in front of his face in 10 hours.

You have no idea how excited I was planning this!!!!

Ok along the way, I faced so many obstacles. First of all, I have to make sure that he’ll actually be there when I will be there so I had to ask him if he was free then and I had to conjure a million excuses as to why I was asking. Then I finally told him that my friend Giang is planning to visit and he got very very suspicious..

Anyway to cut a loooong story short, everything was finally planned and I got my ticket. Surprisingly, I managed to snatch a pretty good deal so it wasn’t super expensive at all!! I’m so happy! I still didn’t know if I should go but I found out that I don’t need a visa and I’ve never been to Europe and since he’s there…

Ok so blablabla my heart beat so fast the entire 3 weeks and the closer it got to my departure, the longer I lay awake at night trying to make this surprise really perfect. Then! Suddenly! He told me that his friend will be visiting that very same week and that they might go to Spain!!! Horror of all horrors!

But Suet is smart cause she has that friend on her msn! So jeng jeng jeng, she hijacked their plans and told that friend everything and asked him to change his plans. Ok so all is well again.

It was extremely hard for me to keep this a secret cause we talk everyday and tell each other everything! Sometimes I really feel like just telling him my plans so we can plan further (I want to go to paris and rome!!!) but I really want to surprise him so I kept my mouth shut.

Anyway suddenly I found out that he has to go on a day trip that very day I arrive!!!!!! I chose this day cause it’s also our anniversary! 4 years and 3 months baby 🙂 Yeah so I then contacted his friend there and he thought it’d be nice if I just show up when they are on that trip! (they’re going to france)

12 hours later

Ok I’m typing this now in the train to france. I’m so crazy adventurous I scare the hell out of myself. I’m in Germany now and it’s so hard to communicate with people when all I know how to say is gutten tag and danke T___T

Yeah so I’m going to just show up in France (in Cathédrale Notre Dame to be exact!!!!) and go tadaaaa! It’ll be such a big surprise!!! I can’t wait!!!! Ok will update more when I’m there.


This is when I first arrived in France and was so scared! First of all, I didn’t have a phone and it was hard to contact his friend so we could coordinate where to meet. And my spoken french is very very lousy!!! (thank god we learned about directions in my french class) But I managed it all by myself *big wet eyes

Strasbourg, France

So we were supposed to meet at the cathedral and I only had 2 minutes left cause they were leaving already and I was panicking like crazy! What if they left by bus and I was still running and he saw me while he was on the bus. “hmm say..isn’t that my girlfriend?” wtf

But I made it!!! I stood outside the cathedral cause they were still inside. Some of his friends saw me and helped me out by standing in front of me so he wouldn’t see me yet haha

Isn’t this the perfect place to meet?? omg it was soooo pretty

AND THEN!!!! HE CAME OUT! My heart felt like it was gonna jump out anytime soon.

His friends beckoned him towards our direction and he thought something was wrong. Then tada!!! supplies fa lice!!!

It was amazing. He was really happy, all his friends in the program (about 73 of them wtf!!!) were all standing there and aww-ing and he was terribly shocked but still happy.

And France was the perfect place for us to meet like this!

I don’t think we will ever forget this day. This is definitely our best 12th ever!

When we came back I was dead hungry so he cooked fa lice for me! My boyfriend can cook now!

Good guesses everyone but nah, it’s wayyyy more expensive to go back to Malaysia leh! and I really wanted to go to Prague, Paris and Rome but since this was a surprise, I couldn’t plan this with him and now it’s too expensive to go anywhere so we’re just gonna stay here. Oh well, sad but at least we have each other! heppi =D