Freiburg Day 1

Freiburg Day 1

#23. 13 March ’09

Happy Barry! We woke up early and went to get breakfast. I love Europe cause they have bakeries everywhereeee

This is me with the biggest pimple in the world. How unfortunate T__T got pimple when I see him haihhhh. That’s why I’m never gonna camwhore on this trip

Then we went grocery shopping! I’m so proud of him cause he knows what to buy now that he cooks for himself. I thought I’d never see this day *weeps a little wtf

Oops I forgot the part about me being embarrassed of my huge pimple. Ah whateverlah pretend you didn’t see it!

Waiting for the tram to go to the city! Happy cause it was warm enough to just wear like this =D

How quaint and nice!

I saw this and went “EH got longkang!!” and barry thup-ed me on the head wtf. He said this drain thingy has a history of serving fresh water from the river which provides fresh air blabla and if you accidentally fall into it you’ll marry a man from freiburg. Then he tried pushing me into it so he doesn’t have to marry me anymore hahahah

SUPER SUPER YUMMY bratwursts!!!! So yummy seriously! Juicy hot german sausages on a cold day mmm

Eating at one of the many many fountains there

The cathedral in Freiburg. Every single town/city has a cathedral which is usually the tallest building in that place. Look at how intricate the designs are!

I think the cafes in Europe are the equivalents of our mamaks haha. They are always really really packed! It’s nice to just sit outside sipping hot chocolate and people-watch.

Hot choc and waffle with baileys and ice cream

My feet hurt on the way back so he carried me for a while hehe

ok the end of day 1! Thanks again for all your comments everyone 😀