Europe Day 2-3

#24. 14 March ’09

We ordered banana split but we got an entire fruit farm along with it hahaha super good though!

I made oyakodon for lunch! well I tried..but it doesn’t quite taste like it..oh well

Going to the city again. No way I’m wearing heels again haha I suck


It was a saturday so the city was reallllly packed!

Guess where were we =_______=

20+ pics under the cut

In a bar watching football =__________=

I always support the losing team so I was supporting liverpool at first but then MU lost and he got really sad Ö hahahha german keyboards have these cute symbols!

Ö <– this one is a face with wide opened mouth

Ü <— this one is a face with a wideeee smile hahaha

And then off we went to Basel, Switzerland which was only 1 hour away Ü hahaha damn cute ÜÜÜÜÜÜ

I loveeee my shoessss Ü

We got bored sooo..witch barry!!! Ö

hahahahahh damn ugly T_T Witch Suet who doesn’t look anything like a witch……..cause I don’t have distinct smile lines!! That’s why my smile is not that nice cause I don’t have the lines! haih whine whine whine

I don’t know why I came all the way here to be subjected to such torture T_T


Basel! We weren’t really near the hills/mountains contrary to popular belief that Switzerland is only surrounded by mountains

A little bit of the old town

It was a nice day out so everyone was sitting outside chillaxing. The entire street was FILLED with chairs and tables and coffees and WINE! Look at the bar outside! Ah, just like our good old mamaks..except that we have MPSJ people trying to steal chairs and tables wtf

There were these water fountains everywhere! and the water is drinkable Ü

At a Swiss restaurant for dinner

I’m.. you know..being my usual coy and feminine and shy self wtf

Guess what I ordered!

Snailsssssss! But they were pretty good actually! Taste like lala wtf

Ahhhh damn niceeeeeee! Too bad the shop was closed. inverted Ü

The bridge at night! So pretty!

On the train back to Germany. Barry looks really good here right! We actually just ran like 10km cause we almost missed the train ;_; damn cute this symbol hahah ;_; supposed to be a crying wuwuwu face

Happiness is eating an ice-cream together when it’s colddddd out

But ultimate happiness is having the entire cone to yourself! Ü

That’s all for that day. Fuh!


#25. 15 March ’09

It was a sunday so all the shops were closed so we didn’t go out and just stayed in! For lunch I made egg noodles with chicken soup and shredded chicken! Wanted to make it like wan tan mee but didn’t have all the ingredients

For dinner he made japanese chicken curry! with all kinds of vege. Mmmm it was actually really good Ü

p.s: hmm are you guys getting bored of travel logs already? If so I’ll just go back to blogging about random boring stuff like which day is my favorite day wtf


  1. green tea says:

    I love travel logs! i read every single line and word okay.

    btw i wanted to comment that you’re super brave and romantic in the previous post but too many ppl commented already so i thought u wld get bored of reading them haha. (k why am i commenting it over here then)

  2. sj says:

    Yes! i get to comment on your 3rd pic. nice la you pair the white shoes with black. very classy. and barry, you shouldve worn all black too to teman your gf! embrace your former goth self heeeee. =D

  3. lalala~ says:

    hah! im not late this time! O:— only this only can la malaysia keyboard O:—

    eh u look damn good in the feminine out look la! so preetyyyy and cute!!

  4. lilxcute says:

    hi =) really like reading your blog. Travelogues are good. Tempting me to use some money to travel Europe. haha maybe with my bf if he comes visit me. Barry is so lucky to have you travelling with him.

  5. Banana says:

    noooo don’t stop your travel stories!!! you’re seeing the world on behalf of us poor souls here so don’t stop!!!!!!!!!!! i love the pix of barry pulling your face! your face looks very malleable like play-doh hahahahaha very cute!!! keep them coming! 🙂
    p.s. how do you do the U smiley face ??? aku tak tahu how to do it!

  6. sweatlee says:

    jaysee, haha! thanks i will!

    michy, heh thanks =D nola where got weird!

    greentea, haha thankiu! nvm nvm i dont mind hearing it again wtf

    amy, heh u were here for ur uni? i really like it here!

    sj, hahah why u yes!! like very happy wtf. hehe he’s not much of a goth anymore!

    kreazi, heh thanks =D

    lalala, halo u quite early now! haha im anythin but feminine actually wtf

    bee, haha dont jealous ok T_T and thanks =D

    tamago, i knowww i love eggs!!!! haha yalor free ma

    olivia, ya actually we wanted to make album cover pictures for our hit singles WTF

    lynn, haha ok i will write more!

    louis, thanks! and why u add wtf to a serious statement, wtf.

    hl, but but i wanna remember how i look like wtf hahaha

    elaynne, heh ok!!

    zzn, i know i love my shoes! thanksss!

    yvonne, i will =)))

    pinky, haha ya 3 days late wtf. thanks! =D

    xiao, yummmm

    annant, heh nah here’s more *passes more to annant wtf

    jessie, ya i also really like it! thanks!

    cindy, hahah isit i thought my narration quite cincai one haha

    lilxcute, thanks!! haha yeah he is one lucky guy wtf

    banana, hahaha awww so sweet for u to say tht lor!! the smiley face on german keyboards only!

    fish, haha why ah?? it’s really quite nice but damn expensive lor everything!

    yumii, heh yala dunno why so long one. ok next post sure gone edi wtf

    dwee, haha google lor!! depends on what la some just simply taruk only wtf

  7. Tan Yee Wei says:

    Basel is so pretty!

    Your adventure is amazing. You’ve probably raised the bar for LDR surprises. Surely many are asking their other halves, “Suet Li did this, this and this. Why don’t you ever do something even half as exciting?”

    And that would lead to more air travel, thus pulling the air travel industry out of the pits, reviving the fortunes of Boeing and Airbus, and in general pulling the world out of this nasty recession. Sounds good actually. Then we can all afford to travel even more wtf.

  8. SK says:

    Both of you are one of the sweetest couple I had ever seen. Very very best wishes to both of you, and may you two be by the side of one another always, and may love and happiness be blessed with you two forever 🙂

  9. yosie says:

    one of the best memories of switzerland was being able to look at all the nice swiss watches once the shops close b/c no one would go rob the stores..not like in america where they put everything away and the windows are all empty (at least that def happens on the west coast anyway)

    i hated typing on german keyboards since the positions of Y and Z are switched so everytime i typed my name i wouldn’t get it right at all

    aufwiederseh’n, viel Spass, und gute Reise 🙂

  10. Joie says:

    suet, i was so moved when i saw ur travel story to france to meet barry, omigawd that was so spontaneous! you are such an inspiration~! and notre dame is beautiful. i am thinking would i have the guts to travel alone to foreign country the way u did! did u take a train from germany to france?

  11. Anon reader says:

    Hey, I am been a anon reader for a while. love your blog and your enthusiasm. College life, barry love all that is fine. But i look forward to your blog for your clothes! I LOVE the way you wore white cna black and grey with purple in the previous post! post more pictures pls.

  12. Tomoko says:

    just dropped by cos i have an assignment to do, so i decided to procrastinate and see what you’re up to.
    sounds like an awesome trip! ^_^
    btw which country in EU we dunnit visa har?

  13. whimsicaljottings says:

    oooh! If you go to Italy, I’d SO invite you to my place, except Im in msia now for holiday wtf >__< I like your black coat! Been looking for a non overpriced one (impossible to find in Italy) and Malaysia (lagi la impossible to find). saw one in A/X and another in DKNY. Blardy exp. Tell me where you bought it from pretty please! And how much! Warm ah?


    K I shd stop now.

    P.S. : You are one lucky girl

  14. fish fish says:

    Because it is the city I used to receive the most letters and postcards from. 🙂 Do you have to give 15-20% tips over there too?

    Too bad I don’t know how to speak German at all except Guten Tag, Danke and Ich Liebe Dich. LOL

  15. Lizzie says:

    ;_; i like the wuwuwuwu face

    HAHHAHAAHAHHAA! just now not so funny..but after writing this, the wuwuwuwu face feels more funny..hmm~ i wonder why?

    Ü <——-HAHAHAH this is even more funny!

  16. sweatlee says:

    f, thanksss! i will =D

    michelle, thanks michelle =DD

    michelle, hi another michelle wtf. and nopes i didnt try cheese fondue cause im not a big fan of cheese!

    iwan, hahah witch ok witch! =P

    mg, haha black and white is nice too! heh

    aud, damn cute right!! eh u like escargot?? i didnt know tht! *takes notes wtf

    clem, why got y? wtf. yaaa nice right!

    tanyeewei, hahahaha why u so cute one hahaha!! ya because of me then the economy is revived wtf

    sk, hey thanks =D u’re so sweet ok!

    erlinda, hahaha updated!

    jul, i was using my panasonic lumix! i love that camera’s night scene mode! but have to put on something to steady it la

    jaclyn, hahahha thanks!!

    angie, right!!!! damn cute!

    yosie, yaya!! hahah damn hard to type. yaya even their big clock is made of patek philippe wtf. err..tschuess! wtf

    shana, i actually never liked europe before this but now i do!!!

    ava, heh thanks! =D

    joie, heh thanks!!! yeah i just took a train and it was really easy actually! im sure u will have the guts too if u really wanna surprise ur bf! i was more excited than i was scared actually haha

    jy, thanks!!

    emi, thanks =)

    sohpoh, hahah means my long posts not nice ah =(

    anon, hahah eh nola my clothes are not that nice! sometimes only when i happen to eat the right thing that day wtf

    tamago, hahaha!

    tomoko, i think all EU countries also no need! but for 30 days only i think. tourists.

    melanie, aww thanks =D

    chris, heh thanks!

    whimsical, awww i AM going to italy!!! such a waste tht u wont be there! i got my jacket from forever 21! it’s not that warm la but good enough for fall/spring! i got it for $39 i think. heh

    fish, oooooh! nopes no tips! i love that!

    jammie, hahah! thanks babe!

    sam, thanks! updated!

    aina, ya it is! haha cannot la he’s going to ireland and uk only!

    lizzie, hahaha damn cute right!!

    jade, yaaa damn hard la pain after 2 hours ok T_T

    celina, thanks =D

    alice, hey i got it from forever21! thanks!

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