Europe Day 2-3

Europe Day 2-3

#24. 14 March ’09

We ordered banana split but we got an entire fruit farm along with it hahaha super good though!

I made oyakodon for lunch! well I tried..but it doesn’t quite taste like it..oh well

Going to the city again. No way I’m wearing heels again haha I suck


It was a saturday so the city was reallllly packed!

Guess where were we =_______=

20+ pics under the cut

In a bar watching football =__________=

I always support the losing team so I was supporting liverpool at first but then MU lost and he got really sad Ö hahahha german keyboards have these cute symbols!

Ö <– this one is a face with wide opened mouth

Ü <— this one is a face with a wideeee smile hahaha

And then off we went to Basel, Switzerland which was only 1 hour away Ü hahaha damn cute ÜÜÜÜÜÜ

I loveeee my shoessss Ü

We got bored sooo..witch barry!!! Ö

hahahahahh damn ugly T_T Witch Suet who doesn’t look anything like a witch……..cause I don’t have distinct smile lines!! That’s why my smile is not that nice cause I don’t have the lines! haih whine whine whine

I don’t know why I came all the way here to be subjected to such torture T_T


Basel! We weren’t really near the hills/mountains contrary to popular belief that Switzerland is only surrounded by mountains

A little bit of the old town

It was a nice day out so everyone was sitting outside chillaxing. The entire street was FILLED with chairs and tables and coffees and WINE! Look at the bar outside! Ah, just like our good old mamaks..except that we have MPSJ people trying to steal chairs and tables wtf

There were these water fountains everywhere! and the water is drinkable Ü

At a Swiss restaurant for dinner

I’m.. you know..being my usual coy and feminine and shy self wtf

Guess what I ordered!

Snailsssssss! But they were pretty good actually! Taste like lala wtf

Ahhhh damn niceeeeeee! Too bad the shop was closed. inverted Ü

The bridge at night! So pretty!

On the train back to Germany. Barry looks really good here right! We actually just ran like 10km cause we almost missed the train ;_; damn cute this symbol hahah ;_; supposed to be a crying wuwuwu face

Happiness is eating an ice-cream together when it’s colddddd out

But ultimate happiness is having the entire cone to yourself! Ü

That’s all for that day. Fuh!


#25. 15 March ’09

It was a sunday so all the shops were closed so we didn’t go out and just stayed in! For lunch I made egg noodles with chicken soup and shredded chicken! Wanted to make it like wan tan mee but didn’t have all the ingredients

For dinner he made japanese chicken curry! with all kinds of vege. Mmmm it was actually really good Ü

p.s: hmm are you guys getting bored of travel logs already? If so I’ll just go back to blogging about random boring stuff like which day is my favorite day wtf