Milano here we come!

Milano here we come!

#26. 16 March ’09

We went to the city again cause he had to go for his classes. After this picture, the rest are pretty much just pictures of me and him cause we didn’t go anywhere new so nothing much to add! Not because I saja want to camwhore ok…………..ok…..ok…….

Went to a thrift store and we were really happy cause we both found pretty good deals!

Hmm I think that’s all for today cause then I went home cause he had to go to his class and I had to cook like a good housewife wtf.

I got this bag from the thirft store for 5 euros! I really like it cause it’s round and not just plain square.

And the skirt for 10 euros! It has very pretty pleats but it’s not obvious here and I realllllllly like it. Barry got two ties for 1 euro each!!!

This is the next day but I don’t want such an ugly picture to be for my project 365 so I’m not going to label this. I woke up way early so I can do my makeup and hair slowly! This is without anything on and with one ugly single eyelid eye while the other has 3 eyelids wtf

With my favorite bare minerals powder and blush on. Can’t really see much from this picture I think but the coverage is pretty good

With eye makeup! I put on some fake individual lashes which is absolutely the worst thing in the world cause it’s soooo hard to put on and it’s so fragile you can destroy it easily. Not only that, it’s not obvious at all and you look the same without it. Don’t ever get it unless you are really good at using your tweezers.

Hair done! At this point I realized that I actually used 1.5 hours to do hair and makeup Ö !!!! So we have to take the later train thanks to me T_T

Chocolate croissant!!!!!!!!!! mmmm

With my new bag and skirt!

Outside the main gate. I thought I should be used to cold weather by now but I guess not 🙁 I almost froze to death yesterday wuwu

Barry! I love his outfit yesterday!

Guess what we had for lunch again?!?! hahahha god i love those bratwursts! cheap and super yummy Ü

A boy chasing the pigeons away!

Playing with the longkang wtf

University students lepaking at the fountain with the guy who supposedly invented gun powder (i thought a chinese guy did it? hmm)

#27. 17 March ’09

Ah I loveee their tiny quaint alleys!

Barry and erm dunno what sign of someone who supposedly lived there. I can’t read it now but I think it was someone very famous.

Saw a hugeee mirror so..

Got milk? We hung out at a chocolatier/cafe while waiting for his next class to start

After his class, we went and GOT OUR TICKETS!!! TO!!!


We wanted to go to Rome or Paris at first, but they were way out of our budget, and besides, we only have a day, and everyone knows that’s not enough to see Paris or Rome. Rome wasn’t built in a day, how to see the whole of Rome in a day wtf.

So, Milan it is! Which is a good option, I guess. Get to see the Last Supper painting! And Michelangelo’s unfinished last sculpture! And the third largest cathedral in the world! And can eat Milanese Risotto!

No more pictures cause was too happy to take more after that haha.

It’s Wednesday now and I’m going to stay home and cook all day. I’m going to make pork noodle soup (chu yuk fan) just like the hawker’s!!! and at night I’ll make something simple like nasi goreng pattaya. Wish me luck!