Om nom nom

Om nom nom

This entry is pretty boring actually cause I haven’t been doing anything much lately other than staying home and cooking. But I shall stick to my blogger roots so I took pictures of my food! Also cause I reeeeally didn’t do anything else so I couldn’t blog about anything interesting even if I wanted to. Have been watching my drama (fated to love you!) hehe

I attempted to cook a nice homecooked meal but it turned out rather..disastrous. I took such a long time preparing that when Barry came home around 8pm, I was still mincing the meat T__T what a bad housewife wtf

Anyway the food didn’t taste as good sigh. Why do you think I put a smiley face for him nyeheh. I was trying to divert his attention from the bad food hahaha. Maybe he’d go “yay got smiley face!” and everything will be better again which I guess worked..cause he said the food was good *raises eyebrow

#28. 18 March ‘09

But it’s ok!!! I shall not give up. The next day, I tried making pork noodle soup (chu yuk fan?) cause he said he had been craving for noodle soup for some time now.

It was..hmm how do I put was…SUPERBLY AMAZING!!!!!!!1 Serious I’m not lying!! It tasted almost like the real deal! I used chicken stock instead of boiling the soup with babi bones cause I didn’t have time but it was realllllly good still! I added egg into it as well.

Don’t ask me for recipe cause I sort of just put everything I had so it’s not really a real recipe that can be trusted..

At night, I cooked fried mihun with tomyam for him cause he finished his class really late around 10pm and I thought hmm if I were to come back that late I would really like some fried tomyam mihun wtf

#29. 19 March ‘09

Today for lunch, I cooked nasi goreng pattaya! I didn’t make a big enough omelette to fold it in though sigh

Added some thai chilli sauce and it tasted so much better!

After that we went to the riverside to take a walk!

Emo sial!

OH! this is really funny! ok lah not funny hahaha you crack me up kinda funny but funny as in ha..ha.. kinda funny wtf.

Anyway we found this computer at the side of the road where you can actually access the internet for free. They set up computers all over for people to surf the net and they have information on the city so they’re like a guide or something. Anyway they had webcams too and you can take pictures and email them so here we are! we spent 15 minutes taking pictures hahah..ha..ha

Oh and then we found this alley with canal (cheh sound so posh but in actual fact it really is just a longkang wtf but a big one) but it does look really nice!

The street at night. It was already pretty dark so I was amazed that my camera captured such a good photo!

The other side of the street

I absolutely love Europe now cause of all these bakeries! I have a very super weak and soft spot for pastries so I always go all oogly eye when I see bakeries!

p.s: yayssss going to milan tomorrow! then come back…and it’s time to go home already T___T back to college T_T