Milan and more

Milan and more

Ah sorry for the lousy uncreative title cause I really suck at writing titles sigh. Anyway since this post is about my trip to Milan and some other stuff so I think Milan and more sounds apt wtf.

Milan was a complete letdown for us actually. We didn’t enjoy it much at all not because it wasn’t beautiful but because the people there were just..pricks. That was the main reason why I didn’t like Europe in the first place, cause the people here have been very very mean to me but then again..maybe it’s just me 🙁

Anyway here are pictures of Milan. It was no doubt one of the prettiest places I’ve seen but what’s the point when people are so mean hmmp!

#30. 20 March ’09

We had so many troubles with our trains (again! but not our fault this time) so we had to stop at this place called Lugano which is south of Switzerland. It was absolutely the prettiest place I have ever seen in my life. If there was heaven, this is what I imagine it’ll look like (so corny haha).

I didn’t take this picture (googled it) but this is exactly how it looks like, trust me.

When we saw it, there were yachts in the lake actually which made it so much prettier. I really hope I’ll get to come here again next time!

Finally got to see switzerland’s snow mountains!

We reached Milan 5 hours later! This is the train station.

After settling down in our hotel (with very rude staff), we headed to the most famous landmark in Milan.

This was what greeted me when I walked out of the train station.

Both our jaws dropped to the ground and we stood there for a few minutes with our mouths open. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in the whole wide world T______T

Barry and the cathedral. This cathedral (the Duomo) is the third largest in the world! When I first saw it I thought it was fake cause it was just too pretty *wipes tears

Us with the duomo which shall now be called my beloved. I really can’t get enough of it!

Duomo love <3

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the shopping mall next to the Duomo

Very pretty! That’s LV and Prada!

Apparently the architect who did this died the day before its opening cause he fell from the roof 🙁

A street in Milan at night

That was also the night we got conned! We were super hungry and there didn’t seem to be a single restaurant anywhere!! All these Milanese so concerned with fashion that they don’t need to eat anymore is it! So we finally saw this cafe and was looking at the menu when the waiter literally sat us down. He kept talking so fast and kept going “prego prego!” wtf. Before we could say anything, he ordered for us!!! wtf?? we were dead hungry so we just nodded like two stupid fools T_T

The food was..mediocre at best and the bill came up to be much more than we thought T_T. We weren’t even full after the meal sigh. Prego your head lah prego!t

OH THEN!!!!! Some pickpocket tried to steal my stuff!!!! I hate Milan!!! There were pickpockets and conmen everywhere seriously. This girl tried to open my bag while we were on the escalator! I felt some tugging movement and I thought Barry was hugging me or something. Then I turned to see her trying to open my bag!!!!

And the stupid thing was I didn’t even scold her wtf. My first reaction was turning to Barry and I said “eh stupid girl trying to steal my bag!” =_____=

……..why was I so stupid!!! Then she quickly said nono! and ran away! And I didn’t even pull her to see if she stole anything!

Thankfully, she didn’t open my bag big enough to steal anything so phew..we really hated Milan after that cause I don’t know if our luck were bad or it was just us but all our experiences with Milan were just getting from bad to worse. Anyway we went back early that night to try to sleep off our bad luck =(

#31. 21 March ’09

The Sforzesco Castle!

The castle was pretty amazing actually, so our moods were lifted slightly.

This is Michelangelo’s last unfinished sculpture in the museum (which was in the castle)!

Us outside the castle

It was pretty sunny that day so we got some gelato ice cream and sat down on the grass!

The entire area was filled with people chillaxing on the grass, walking their dogs and playing football wtf in the castle.

This is where Da Vinci’s Last Supper is! The Santa Maria delle Grazie.Too bad we didn’t get to see it cause the tickets were all sold out =(

Went back to see my beloved for one last time. These are the stupid Africans who tried to con us! GRR they are everywhere! They’ll try to tie this string on you and tell you that it’s free blabla but when it’s tied they’ll ask for money! and you can’t take the string out cause they tie it really tight or something. Stupid one tried pulling my arm to tie that string on me!

There were also these people who will give you some corn to feed the pigeons even if you didn’t want it. And then they’ll make you pay or something. Stupid conmen.

It was a saturday so there were so many people here. I think the whole of Milan was here!

Inside the cathedral, which was even more amazing than the outside. I couldn’t get a good picture of it though.

The front of the cathedral

One of the many many altars. Some saints were even buried here as well.

Haih see this picture also angry!!!! We already had our lunch but we wanted to eat some more before our train ride back so we went to a nearby restaurant. We knew the pizzas were gonna be too big for one person so we ordered one to share. AND!!! the stupid waiter said cannot! he said we must each order one and it’s not possible to share!!

How can!??! It’s up to us lah if we want to share right? So I told him that I won’t be eating and he kept looking at us the entire time to see if he gave me some pizza or not. stupid!  How can you force us to order so much when we already had our lunch! And the whole place was pretty empty so it wasn’t like we were taking up much space. grr stupid rude and unfriendly italians who spoilt this trip for us

#32. 22 March ’09

Since I won’t have time to blog until a few days later, I shall blog about today too. Today we went hiking up the black forest! This area is called the black forest cause of all the dark pine trees. This is also where the black forest cake is from!

It was a crazy crazy 4 hour hike (to and fro) and we walked for almost 20km T_T But the view was so pretty! We could see the entire city from up there.

The forest

I usually really like hiking but this time was bad cause I was wearing these:

T____T I didn’t bring sports shoes with me so I had to climb up the hill in these boots that didn’t have grip at all. Thank god I didn’t slip and fall! luckily i brought flats otherwise i’d have to climb in heels wtf


I love this place! A small cafe halfway up the hill where you can see the entire city too.

I guess here ends my adventure in Europe cause I have to leave tomorrow morning =(((((( I really like Freiburg cause it’s a small city so people are very nice (unlike milan and other big cities in europe! hmmp). I don’t know if it really was just me being a small asian who looks like anyone can bully her, or the fact that people in Europe are just like that. Such a pity when everything else is so nice and the people totally just spoil everything. Maybe they really hate tourists or something.

Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed these posts as much as I enjoyed being here!