Wearing the face that she keeps in the jar by the door, who is it for?

I really don’t want to keep whining and going on about how sad and gloomy I feel but I can’t cause that is really ALL I feel the past two days. I wake up each day hoping that the day will end soon so I can go back to sleep again. I told myself yesterday that ok today is an exception so it’ll be my rest day and that I shall stop being a zombie again the next day but today I woke up feeling the same 🙁

Sorry I hate it that this is all I talk about these days but I’m really not in the mood to entertain and babble on about something random or funny when I feel like I’m in the dumps right now. And don’t worry, of course I’ll recover soon. I always do..just that I like to wallow in self pity for a few days after all the painful separations.

#33. 23 March ’09

I forgot to take a picture today cause I wasn’t really in the mood. The entirety of today was spent in the airport and in the planes. I’ve been flying for 10 hours now and I’m more sad than tired really. If you saw an Asian girl with a huge laptop bag on her back dragging her feet around aimlessly in the airport, that was probably me.

#34. 24 March ’09

Back to my normal life now. Half-heartedly reading my textbook, watching my drama and chatting at the same time.

All the lonely people, where do they all come from?

All the lonely people, where do they all belong?