Barry was complaining how our conversations are getting so dull these days cause I always say the same stuff over and over again. This is unfortunately very true and calls for a great concern because my vocabulary is getting much smaller too ;_;

These are the common phrases I reuse over and over again in ALL our daily conversations:

1. dumbo

Seriously it’s getting a little too much lately. I greet him with “dumbooo” EVERYTIME we talk!! on msn, on skype, on everything! Pick up his call and I’ll go “hello dumbo!” How?? this is a critical problem.

For example:


It’s really that bad ok! T_T

Worst thing is it’s in my subconscious already! I just typed dumbo without knowing that I did it..like using wtf. Arghhh! dumbo isn’t exactly the sweetest pet name for someone wtf

2. your head lah

This is such a useful phrase!!! I use it very very often..a little too often actually that it’s getting annoying. For example:

Barry: I want to buy new shoes!

Me: new shoes your head lah!

Barry: ;_;

3. something something je tau

Like your head lah, this one has almost the same usage.

Barry: I want to shower!

Me: shower shower je tau!!

Barry: ;_;

4. ca~nnot like tha~t

this ~ means i drag that part longer. like caaaannot like thaaaat. The way I say it is very very annoying one!!! I want to show you but I can’t obviously so if you see me on the street, stop me and ask me how I say this and I’ll tell you! Damn annoying but funny also wtf

Barry: sigh I’m too lazy to go out with my friends

me: ca~nnot like tha~t!

Barry: but you stay in your room all the time too!

me: tsk tsk tsk..ca~nnot like tha~t!!!

Barry: ;_;

5. you lah

THIS is sooooo useful! I love this phrase! You can retort ANYTHING with it and the other person will not know what to reply to it at all.

Barry: Let’s go to the mall!

Suet: You lah go to the mall

Barry: ……*gives up on lifeĀ  ;_;

As you can see, the phrase has NO meaning at all hahahah

But anyway why I said you can use it to retort anything is cause whenever he scolds me for something, I’ll use this to defend myself and it’ll leave him dumbfounded.

Barry: eh don’t talk so loud!

Me: you lah don’t talk so loud!

Barry: stop copying me!

Me: you lah stop copying me!

Barry: ;_;

hahahahhah damn useful right!!! I think I should join the debate team!

Opponent: Abortion should not be made legal because it’s akin to murdering one’s child blablabla

Me: you lah shouldn’t be made legal!

…………I question my intelligence sometimes hahhaha but seriously, there’s NOTHING the other person can say after I said that because it’s so dumb!

6. Nooo

I actually feel stupider as I write this cause this list is getting lamer and lamer.

Barry: Bee you should go to the gym more ok. You don’t drink enough water also no wonder you can’t shit lah! Must eat more vege also if not later you complain you haven’t shat in 4 days again. How like that? Complain your lips very dry lah this lah that lah but ownself never drink water.

*long pause*

Me: Nooo

Barry: ……….;_;

What does “nooo” even mean in that context?? But it’s quite a good retort right. When your mom is nagging at you to clean up and asking you why you’re so messy etc etc you just go “nooo” then she got nothing to say in return already hahaha

Yeah so it’s really very interesting to talk to me right wtf. It’s amazing that Barry hasn’t given up on me…yet. But these are all very addictive! After some time, HE started using all MY phrases too. When I was in Germany, we had a rule that if any of us used these phrases, the other person would be given all the rights to flick the other person in the forehead as hard as he/she could flick hahah.