Have a nice day

Have a nice day

I just realized how far behind I am in Project 365! I have been taking pictures, just that I don’t have the time to blog as much now. So here they are!

#38. 28 March ’09

Mmm we made hotpot again for dinner! It doesn’t look too good but omg it was amazing! Except that it was really way too spicy for me. Look at how red the broth is T_T

We both had diarrhea for 3 days after consuming this. I’m not sure if it was because of its spicyness..or because it’s already 2 months after the expiry date WTF

#39. 29 March ’09

How can two rather small girls eat so much seriously????? But they are oh soooo goooood and sinful. Our food here is always so good!

OK everyone, your favorite shanshan! still as pretty as ever 🙂

It was a great day outside! I think it was almost 17 celcius  =D

I had to take off my coat cause it was too warm! Ah spring has cometh, finallyyy

Random picture of me but Aud said I look tired =( It’s just the flash! I’m anything but tired lately. I always sleep before 12 and wake up at 8am wtf super healthy ok!

Argh I don’t know why I feel ugly again ;_; self esteem problem kao kao. slap me please! maybe cause shanshan is so pretty and i’m always with her so when i see myself in the mirror i feel like punching the mirror WTF kidding i’m not that aggresive…

#40. 30 March ’09

I had to work the ENTIRE day from 8am till 7pm to earn more $$$. Didn’t have to do much but it was tiring to just sit there and watch them play and keep score and be alert for 11 hours.


#41. 31 March ’09

Such a nice day!!!!!!1 And it’s getting warmer and warmer too..which means! it’s getting closer and closer to going home again =D

p.s: I can’t believe it! I watch the Here in My Home video more than 5 times a day and I haven’t got bored @_@

p.p.s: I won the lottery! $10,000!!!! can you believe it?? wooohoooo!!!




hahahhaha april’s fool! damn unbelievable and quite fake wtf. since when i buy the lottery. and if i really did win $10,000, you think this will be in the p.p.s ah haha

p.p.p.s: your shoelace is untied! got lizard behind you! you aren’t your mother’s child! your name is actually suet li! i’m gonna stop blogging! i’m actually 27 yrs old my whole blog is a lie! barry isn’t actually my bf he’s my imaginary bf! i found his pictures on the internet and cropped his face and pasted it next to all my pictures with him! my real name is gonzala mazilandoewms and i’m actually your mother wtf