Malaysian Dreamgirl

Malaysian Dreamgirl

This is NOT an advertorial

I can’t believe it’s been one whole year since the last Malaysian Dreamgirl! I’m really excited for this year’s MDG cause I know my sister’s best friend is going to audition for it. She’s really pretty and is possibly the funniest girl I have ever met! She got in but she had to study so she dropped out but I really wish she didn’t though!

My sister’s friend, Raessa (eh raessa, i hope you don’t mind me stealing your pics!)

Look at her!!!

She’s mixed chinese and malay and has very good features. She is super artistic, has great fashion sense and I really like her personality. If she had joined, I would have promoted her like crazy here! Raessa, if you join you sure win ok I will force all my readers to vote for you!

Seriously her personality is damn good. She is quite selamba one and is always always laughing at everything. She cracks lamer jokes than I do and even laughs at her own jokes hahaha. GRR if only she was in!

Anyway she’s not so I shall talk about all the other contestants. I’m hoping that I can win the HP mini laptop *big wet eyes. How to make this post more interesting?? The thing is..I actually like ALL the contestants! How to be critical like this! I’m guessing they’ll choose a funny post and a funny post usually means I have to criticize like crazy..

I don’t know where I get all the time but I’ve been watching MDG very religiously. I really like reality shows, especially those from Malaysia cause I can relate more somehow. Here is what I think of the Top 8!


Ermmm…is that it? From all the hype about her on the MDG blog, I thought she’ll be something more you know. She has a cute face, I love girls with dimples, but there’s really nothing about her that shouts WOW.

Eh actually I feel very bad saying this cause it’s not like I’m super pretty but since I’m trying to be critical so I can win the laptop, I guess it’s okay for me to judge them this way.

ok i found this picture of her!! THIS IS CRAZY! THIS IS MADNESS! (this is sparta *small voice)

how can her waist be so small and how can her legs be sooooo incredibly long?? maybe it’s the angle but her body looks like some anime drawing ok! those girls with crazy small waist and long legs.

she’s also articulate in her blog posts and seems to be a really nice girl. She’s 170 cm and 49 kg..15 cm taller than me but same weight T__T how can wei! I’m obese wtf

ok this is WOW! She definitely has the best picture this week! She also has a very supporting and nice boyfriend so I kind of like her hahaha. Makes me feel like I can relate or something. Like this is how it’ll be like if I joined (if I’m 170cm and 49kg lah wtf now like hippo and teacup how to join).

I like that she tries to avoid whatever drama there is in the house and that she’s also an economics major like me. Aiya you know what they say about birds of the same feather wtf although there are probably millions of people doing econs too.

Anyway I don’t know..since I can relate so much to her, I wish she could be some sort of a peacemaker in the house though. I don’t like it that there are cliques =(

What the..I’m judging this like it’s some personality competition and not a modeling competition! Then again, who ask the producers to name it MALAYSIAN DREAMGIRL when it really is just Malaysian dream model or something. Please rename your show if you don’t want poor unsuspecting girl like me to analyze the contestants on a different level! Geram only!

Ok what was I talking about? Oh, MDG. Ok next!


Ok in all honesty, I do like this girl. She has a nice name, her body is quite good and she’s such a drama queen. She reminds me a lot of my best friend cause they’re both so funny and talk non stop! But I guess she’s the type that you either like her or hate her.

As for me, I do like her but she really shouldn’t join a modeling competition. Her this picture is sort do I put this in a nicer tone..sort of atrocious wtf. I’m sorry Denezia I really like you! I like your name and I think I’d enjoy being in your company but then again, this is not a personality contest despite the misleading title!


I have to say this, Farah was my favorite contestant. She is extremely extremely pretty ok!!! I can’t stop staring at her face cause she has perfect bone structure.

omg look at her super sharp nose!!! If I were to get surgery done on my nose, I’ll bring her picture as a template wtf

And can you believe that she is only 17?? and so is denezia. I feel so old T_T (actually not very la I’m only 18 what)

(hahah tipah tertipu tertipu la tipah =___=)

not a very good picture but she still wows me with her face alone. I know she’s an emo antisocial girl but I totally can relate ok!! I’m sometimes very emo and antisocial too. I wish I was there in the house to be her friend =(

Everytime I watch MDG, I can’t help but feel so sad for her cause everyone is just sooo cliquey. Stop it with the cliques please!! Where is the love ya’ll? gandhi wtf mother theresa wtf buddha wtf black eyed peas wtf beatles wtf ok enough already

I think she has great potential to be a commercial model. I can totally see her in TV and magazine ads! There, like those clean and clear ads with those crazily pretty models *jealous


ok first of all, they should have photoshopped her skin a little to make it more smooth! But anyway Juanita is amazing. I love her! She has a GREAT face (better than jay and alison from the previous MDG), her new hair suits her so well, and she already looks like a model!


I like her collar bones leh so prominent and nice. I think Juanita should definitely be in the top 3 cause she has great potential and she seems to have a really good personality as well. She can be a good spokeperson since she’s eloquent so that’s a two thumbs up too!

Eh how leh I’m supposed to be critical but I’m not criticizing much. Ok let me scrutinize the pictures a little bit more.

IYER WHY got one fly at the top right corner of this picture! iyer actually I’m lying. I’m just trying to be critical ok what do you know! This is how critics talk ok! They pick random irrelevant things to talk about. Haha I’m so lame.

Anyway I still like Juanita, I can’t seem to pick a flaw to talk about! Ok lah maybe I don’t really like her name. Maybe because it sounds like wanita wtf tandas wanita. But it’s nice to have a name like Juanita cause if you’re a tomboy you can shorten it to Juan! Juan sounds cool ok like mexican or my Paraguayan friend. Juan Cricco are you reading this?? hahaha

Shit I’m never going to win the laptop already la like this! Simply deviate to other things at my own will only!


wow, look at her! Ming is SUPER GORGEOUS! Although her eyes are really small, they seem to go very well with her entire face. She has flawless skin and a nice nose too!

I have a question that I have been pondering for 20 years of my existence now: How can anyone be so thin and tall and yet have such big boobs????? How is that fair to short and chubby girls like me who is also super flat? ok sorry heh heh let’s go back to MDG

I like Ming actually (oh how surprising right. why do I like everyone??) . I think she is really pretty, she photographs well and seems to be confident with her body as well. I’ve been doing a tiny bit of research though ( like a stalker sial T_T) and I read her blog and some of her posts in the MDG blog. She seems kind of stuck up. I don’t know don’t hold me accountable but this is just what I feel from reading all that!

omg i love her lace stockings!


so that was the first and only thing I noticed and liked about this picture. Other than that, bleh. But there’s no denying that Ming is one of the prettiest girls in this competition and for this, I think she should be in the Top 3 too.

OH! I got something to criticize!! *very happy cause can be critical now wtf

I’m so disappointed with her with her argument with Natasha!!! Ming, why didn’t you defend yourself properly! I don’t know who was right or wrong but you completely let Natasha bully you ok =( Even I didn’t really understand what you were trying to explain actually.

Ok let’s analyze the fight wtf

To all who haven’t watched this episode, it’s in episode 8-3. Apparently, Ming wrote something about the girls and Natasha heard it from her dad and assumed that Ming talked about her?

So Nat asked Ming about it and Ming denied and Nat got pretty pissed so…catfight!!

Woohoo Natasha is kinda funny despite being a little bitchy. And ming was so not armed at all! She didn’t say anything worthy of mentioning to defend herself and whatever she said just made Natasha wanna scold her more.

ok seriously natasha, you’re getting way out of hand. First of all, your dad told you that. He obviously didn’t lie but he could have also misinterpreted the post Ming wrote. I like you cause you speak very well but attacking someone without finding out the real story first doesn’t seem very wise.

Also, just because Ming is older than you doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the right to defend herself. AND STOP ROLLING YOUR EYES. Maybe you’re a really nice person but when you start rolling your eyes and start looking all bitchy and mean like that..


Despite her being so mean to Ming, I actually really like Natasha. She’s also my favorite contestant after Farah. I don’t know, I always like contestants whom nobody likes cause I feel like they might have been misunderstood 🙁 This is Natasha before the makeover. Her hair used to be really ugly but after the makeover she has awesome chic hair!

Not very versatile but pretty nonetheless! I like Natasha cause she’s very very pretty in my opinion (she looks better in the video than in the pictures). She speaks very well which bumps her up from 7/10 to 8/10 for me.

However, I think I’m starting to not like her as much. At first I was wondering why such a nice girl like her couldn’t get along with the rest. Were the rest being too cliquey? And then I think maybe cause Natasha is kind of snobbish. I think she goes to an international school since her english is so good and maybe she could be pretty sheltered. I don’t know I could be wrong. I still like her the most since **SPOILER EPISODE 11** Farah is now gone, so I hope she proves me wrong.

BUT then again, who cares if she’s snobbish lah this is not a personality competition. Which brings me to a very important point later.


Pinky is…pretty too!  why is everyone so pretty sigh. She also has an amazing body.

ok so fine it’s not exactly super amazing since she probably is just born thin *grumbles further on why thin people exist naturally when I have to work so hard for it

I think Pinky is pretty but not super wow material for me. However, I think she should win this because she walks really well, her body is very model-ly and she seems nice too. Forgettable..but nice. Oh, just like Adeline from MDG 1! Definitely has a lot of potential!


Argh so hard for me to find a good picture of her!! I don’t think she photographs really well..

Not bad! Shasya is ok only for me. I like her cause she does look pretty but not in pictures. She stays out of trouble and appears to be really friendly and nice too. But..very very forgettable =(


PHEWWWWW! what a long post! And I’m not even quite done hahah

So I have a few things to say about this show in general.

First of all, I think it IS slightly better than last year’s so yays kudos to that. BUT there is one big fundamental problem. If this truly is and wants to be a modelling competition, listen to me, you should stop the whole sms voting shit right now. I know you want to increase your profit and all that jazz but it’s really not working. Sms voting will automatically make this a popularity contest. The girl who appears to have the best personality and is the most likable and has very large influence will most definitely win.

Best personality, likable, rich and famous ≠ model material

(damn cool leh my unequal sign ≠≠≠≠≠≠)

Seriously, which part of the equation do you not get, fellow producers? Maybe you’re thinking “oh nevermind just being in this show is enough for modelling companies to find the right girl” but how is that fair?

1. how is that fair to the other girls in the competition who’re there to be models but do not necessary have the charm to get more people to vote for them? You think people will really vote based on who can be a model ah? People vote based on who they like most, who has the biggest boobs, who they personally know etc.

2. how is that fair to the voters at the end of the day? They spend so much money to vote for the girl of their choice and that girl is not even model material and does not end up as a model after the competition. Then what does this mean? I’ll tell you what does this mean. This means your show is utterly pointless and it doesn’t serve its purpose to supposedly find the malaysian dreamgirl (which i presume is malaysia’s best model? I dunno I’m so confused already as it is)

3. Lastly, how is this fair to ME??? Walau I wake up everyday thinking maybe I have a chance to be in MDG and then to be told that this is a modelling competition and obviously I can’t be a model but then I see how it’s really more of a popularity contest and make me feel like I have hope again and then I see all the catwalks and bullshit and get discouraged again and cycle repeats. POOR ME!

Anyway here’s my ranking for them NOT based on their personalities but based on how good a model they are:

8. Denezia
7. Shasya
6. Natasha
5. Farah
4. Dawn
3. Pinky
2. Ming
1. Juanita

I might change my mind again though.. we’ll see.

ok i’m done! go watch and tell me what you think too. No senseless and baseless bashing here ok!