What’s race? Race car?

What’s race? Race car?

#42. 1 April ’09

I thought 1st of April will be a lousy day for me cause so many bad things happened to me! First of all, I don’t know how but I dropped $5 from my pocket. Then, I lost my debit card (but someone found it back). Can’t remember what else happened but I think it was cause I woke up on the wrong side of the bed (although there’s only one side to my bed).

Anyway what cheered me up was when I received a package! Giang sent me these babies from my favorite bakery in Boston! Chicken floss bun, char siew pau, yam bun, red bean bun omg so many of them! Thank you so much!!

I then found out that I was awarded funding for my internship this summer! I worked for my application for weeks and was very very anxious about the result so I’m glad I got it 😀

#43. 2 April ’09

It was a nice day out so I dressed up a little!

Got my phone back! So here are more mindless camwhoring pictures.

Ah, nothing like a good old camwhore picture with my trusty phone

That is the library! Since I don’t think I’ve taken a picture of it before. I’m not a library person so I’ve only been in there like..4 times in 2 years. Why bother walking all the way there (actually only 3 minutes away wtf) when you can study in the comfort of your own room!

#44. 3 April ’09

I hate you weather god for playing with my feelings like this. One moment it’s 18 celcius out, one moment it’s back to crazy 3 celcius. So here I am wearing my worn out Uggs and thick thick jackets.

#45. 4 April ’09

So I do realize that I didn’t take any picture today not because I forgot to, but because my life is so bland that there’s nothing to take pictures of. Today, I spent the entire day in my room trying to study for my 2 upcoming exams. Why is my life always so bogged down with exams and papers??

But it’s ok, I told myself. I shall be rebellious and watch not one, not two, not three, but FOUR episodes of grey’s anatomy and gossip girl in one go! Not only that, I even took a nap when I already slept 10 hours the night before. I was lying down innocently in my bed telling myself “hmm I really should start studying..” and then I fell asleep =__=

But that’s all an act of rebellion to show people that I’m no nerd..just a loser wtf

Here’s a picture of Barry with the Eiffel tower as compensation. Ah Eiffel, voulez-vous coucher avec moi? Ce soir? WTF

how?? I have no motivation to study at all! Everytime around this time of the year, I’ll slack off and dream of going back home. I love the monotonous life of summer holidays! Endless mamak sessions, chatting about nothing in particular in a friend’s house till 3am and refusing to go home still, eating at hawker’s, driving to Barry’s house, lying down on the sofa and watching CSI on Sundays with my family, shopping at Pyramid, going out on dates..

40 more days! Come to think of it, it’ll be really fast actually. 40 more pictures for project365, 5 weekends, 1 period (15 tampons)..can’t wait for this to be overrrr!

p.s: I went on a crazy youtube hunt just now! Watched EVERY single commercial Yasmin Ahmad has ever made. (I really like the tan hong ming one and this!!

They are so cute and genuine and real!! Race? what’s that? race car? Hahahha so funny and touching at the same time!

(julian tan lip yi, you see that chinese kid? that’s how you looked like last time but a lot fatter wtf)

Rewatched sepet, gubra AND mukhsin. Shit my exams how T_T