#49. 13 April ’09

#50. 14 April ’09

#51. 15 April ’09

#52. 16 April ’09

I took a 5-minute shower and have never been prouder of myself. We have this new Take 5 initiative where they installed shower timer in shower stalls to encourage students to take only 5 minutes everytime they shower. Do you know, if everyone in this college reduces their shower time from 7.5 minutes to 5 minutes, we can save up to 10,000 gallons of water? That’s the entire South China Sea! (kidding)


I think when I wrote the entry about the hiatus, i could have exaggerated a tiny wee bit..I don’t have THAT much work, at least not yet. Even if I do, I always find time for so many things! Do you know that:

-I have 8-9 hours of sleep daily

-I watch at least an hour of drama EVERY day

-I eat my meals slowly, about 1 hour each meal time

-I read at least 10 blogs a day and visit fmylife 3 times a day wtf

-I’m online 8 hours a day (after deducting meal times and class times) (study time=about 1 hour each day..*feels guilty)

+2 more hours for ‘socializing’, although I hardly have a social life here wtf

I told my friends that I sleep at least 8-9 hours everyday and they were so shocked cause they don’t have time to sleep. Shit now I’m panicking! If I sleep that much, it means I didn’t study enough = I’m not a good student = I’ll fail my courses?? Let me tell you a secret, sometimes I force myself to sleep really late and wake up early so that I will feel like I don’t have enough sleep.. and perhaps then I’ll feel more like a student o.O

Anywayyy, my summer plans are confirmed! I’m going to London after my semester ends (May 14th) and I’ll be there for about 6 days before going back to Malaysia. Then, I have about 3 weeks free before I start my internship with WAO for 2 months! I’m really looking forward to this internship 🙂 And then I have about 1 week before I fly off to Hong Kong for my semester abroad!

And then in Dec, I’ll be back in Malaysia again for 3 weeks!! Wow I can’t believe I’m spending Christmas and New Year in Malaysia this year! Too bad Barry won’t be with me 🙁


I wanna get short blond hair this summer. Do you think I can pull it off?? Or do I need more angular face/bigger eyes?