Say you’ll stay forever

Say you’ll stay forever

Best fortune cookie messages ever:

“If you don’t have time to live your life now, when will you?”

“Help! I am trapped in a Chinese food kitchen!”

“For you there is no prince charming”

“the fortune you seek is in another cookie.”

Fortune cookies are the shiznits!


This post is pretty pointless. I found some old pictures of shanshan and I and I know how much you guys love her so here they are! Some of the captions/words in this post are lyrics to my favorite songs, see how many you can recognize!

Look around the world pretty baby, is it everything you hope it’d be?

I really fail at doing this! Most people can easily do it without the finger and I can’t even do it with the finger T_T

I left my suicide note on the door

Goodbye my hopeless dream

Everybody’s talking about how I, can’t, can’t be in love. But I want, want, want to be in love

I can’t believe we almost got famous for nothing baby


27 days to the end of this semester and saying goodbye to my second year of college..

If you’ve read my post on packing in a flurry and the end of my first year, CONGRATS, you’ve been reading my blog for 1 year now. If you’ve read my post on how scared I was to start this new life, you’ve been reading my blog for 2 years now. If you’ve read the post on how sad I was that Barry was going to leave for college, you’ve been reading my blog for 3 years now. If you’ve read the post where I tore my SPM moral notes from my wall, you’ve read me for 4 years! If you’ve read me wayyy before that during my xfresh and blogdrive days, wow 5 years!!

To all my loyal readers, thanks for reading! To all my new readers, welcome to my life. To all my haters, err. I’m sorry you hate me. To all shanshan’s fans, after this you guys probably won’t see her face on my blog for a year 🙁