Becoming MDG

Becoming MDG

Hello I’m going to talk about Malaysian Dreamgirl again cause I’ve been watching so much of it lately! I thought I said I had a lot of work.. T_T But it’s okay, winning a laptop>studies wtf

Let’s talk about the Top 5! Actually, the more I watch, the more I like all of them! I honestly can’t tell you who I like best.


I actually like her more now cause of her bravery. I think she must be sad that they cut her hair THIS short but she didn’t even whine about it all! Although she doesn’t shine as much as some of the girls, I think she has the best personality.

Dawn has an amazing body but too bad her face is just ok ok for me. She rocked this photo but I don’t know if she should win..


I don’t like this photo at all T_T Why are the pipes so dusty! And although she’s super thin but I don’t like that you could see some flabs. Why didn’t they photoshop it a little like what magazines do?

This picture aside, I think Juanita is one of the best in this competition! Definitely should win.


To be honest, Ming is my favorite. Her outfit is AMAZING HERE I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The tights, the black tube, the belt..perfect! And she’s sooo pretty seriously.

When I found out that she’s only 161cm, I could feel the heavens opening and rays of hope shining down onto every pore of my body. Too bad I’m not pretty nor slim enough 🙁 Do you think if I put tissues into my shoes, will that add 6cm wtf. Argh why didn’t I drink more milk when I was young!!


Natasha is also so pretty!!! I absolutely love this picture. Actually I kinda like her too. She speaks well and brings herself well (especially when it comes to confronting people, this girl has soooo much courage! Is this what you get from going to an international school? Mummy why didn’t you send me to one T_T I was totally rooting for her when she confronted the girls). Can’t believe she’s only 18.

I want Natasha to win too but I don’t think she’s as good as Tandas Wanita and Ah Ming though when it comes to modeling. Oh yeah, didn’t she smuggle a handphone in? Shouldn’t she get punished for that?


Actually I like Pinky too. Yeah yeah big surprise that I like everyone. I don’t know why but I think everyone is so pretty..Anyway I think this is the only picture of Pinky that I don’t like. Bleh, nothing great, like something out of a college ad or something. Kolej Aman, hanya untuk generasi moden wtf. Register now! Promosi hebat hingga esok.

Pinky has always been doing well so I guess it’s ok for her to slip once in a while? Bad mistake for such a crucial stage in this competition though.

My top 3:




Oh! this part of the entry is quite wtf but anyway I was playing around yesterday and came up with these stupid pictures of me trying to imitate all the girls (and failed miserably T_T)

This is Ming with her super hard to copy hairstyle and panda eyes

This is me

1. why is her face so long and slim?

2. I took forever to do this hair but still failed

3. Why am I so fat…

Anyway the rest of the pictures are much uglier but I shall post them up for the sake of entertaining you all. I’m not always this ugly ok wtf

This is Juanita

I didn’t even want to try the hair so I used paint to crop it out instead hahaha.

1. why are her eyes so big?

2. Why is her face so slim?

3. Why am I so fat? Where are my collar bones?? T_T

Now is my face slim enough? wtf

This is natasha with her slick hair and thick lashes and big boobs

This is me with pasted hair, 4 fake lashes and no boobs FML

This is Dawn with her err.. cute hair

I’m getting uglier and uglier…Me and my cute hair wtf

So cool I look like a boy!

Lastly, this is pinky whom I think has the best picture that week. I love her nose!

Phew finally one that I don’t look super ugly in.

Doing this made me realize a few things:

1. It’s sooo hard to imitate pictures

2. These girls are truly very very pretty. You know how sometimes you look at a picture and go cheh not pretty also I think I can do better! Truth is, you CAN’T. I’m a living testament to that fact ok

3. Why am I so fat wtf

4. Let me win the laptop please I took 2 days to take these pictures hence sacrificing my studies hence wasting my education hence wasting my parents’ hard-earned money (which could have bought me a laptop too…but that’s not the point..) hence I should win! Perfect logic right!

Anyway you guys should watch Malaysian Dreamgirl cause I think this season is better than the last! Also, you can fast forward when it gets boring! Not like watching on TV. And you can read the blog too which is actually really interesting.

Ok after this I promise I’ll blog less! (don’t believe me)