Counting down the days

Counting down the days

I went shopping last week! It was a rather satisfying trip cause I bought sooo much stuff for pretty good prices 😀

Here are some of the stuff I bought:

(I’m using Picasa!!!! Hip hip hurray picasa long live picasa! picasa man sui man sui, man man sui wtf. I’ve used it before but I totally forgot about it until recently! Stupid me)

#53. 17 April ’09

Look at the collage! So niceeeeeee!

From left:

OMG I’m so happy cause of this pair of gladiators I got. I’ve been looking for a pair but they’re always crazy expensive so I didn’t get them. Then! I saw them! at forever21! for….guess guess!


*clouds parting and angels playing harp in heaven

Ok then, the black and grey top (i wore shorts underneath but cannot see) was $9.50, the grey tshirt was $4.50, the blue tunic was $10.50, and my 2nd favorite purchase of the day, the amazing purple satin dress!

And isn’t it cool how I put everything as black and white but the clothes are in color! Too bad Picasa doesn’t have the tools to make me thinner wtf

Said purple dress. I wanted to get grey but I realized that most of what I was buying were either black or grey so I got purple instead. What do you think! Oh sorry I think the belt doesn’t go too well with it but I’ll buy a black one next time.

And it has pockets too!

ok guess how much guess guess!

……….$13.50! (don’t doubt my accuracy, I remember prices very well one wtf. When I was back home, I would go shopping with my mom and she’d ask me if I remember how much the can of soup was and I’d go yeah 100ml for RM2.80 or 250ml for RM4.80 wtf)

Wah I just realized I got all these from Forever21 this month..*whistles and looks elsewhere

In my defense..I got some of them for my friends…

Here’s another collage of random pictures! Shanshan helped me take these after our..becoming MDG photoshoot wtf

#54. 21 April ’09

Aud was right! Akinator is amazing! It’s like a 20 question game where you think of one character and he’ll guess who that character is. AND HE IS SUPER ACCURATE OK! I know how this computer program works but it still baffles me lor

See! I thought of Tux the Linux penguin and he got it right!

Statue of liberty also correct!


An orange also correct! hahaha

It’s damn fun lah I guessed Mahathir also correct. Mao Zedong also correct, my foot also correct, my blanket also correct! It got a few wrongs also but still pretty cool!

Ok have fun playing, remember to study after this wtf

p.s: 23 more days! 3 weeks!