April blues

April blues

It’s the time of the year again T___T Stress like shit la how how how!!! I have 2 papers due next week (both are like 4 pages each so no problemo), one due week after that but it’s a 15 page paper leh!!!!!!!! HOW?!!?!?, and FOUR final exams!!! Going to die die die die

Following my last year’s strategy of writing a good paper, I shall use the same method again! You see, the key to writing a good paper is to start with a good title (or so I try to delude myself into believing..). Last year I wrote on influence of religions on women’s role in premodern China. This year, for my Chinese Fiction class, I’m writing on..Cultural Revolution and its portrayal in contemporary chinese fiction! but that’s all I’ve thought of so far. I have NO clue on what the pendahuluan, isi or penutup should be T_T But must have faith! I’m sure it’ll come to me later!

#55. 22 April ’09

Saw this cool thingymajig in the library!

#56. 23 April ’09

Today is gym day so off I go.

Squash is my new obsession! It gets crazy addictive

#57. 24 April ’09

This is sooooo funny!!! We went to the kitchen to cook and I saw this on the table and went OMG OMG CONDOM WRAPPER OMG OMG OMG~!!!!!!!! and shanshan freaked out cause I freaked out and we both stood there with our jaws on the ground. We kept saying EWW who would have sex on the table?? EWW EWW! Then we wanted to cook but we couldn’t possibly do so when this was still there so I bravely volunteered to throw it out.

I held it between my thumb and index finger and used my other hand to pinch my nose (i was just being stupid). Then I was quite curious to see what brand that was wtf so I held it up and tried to read what it said.


I was gasping cause I thought it was lubricant or something (???) so I went OMG OMG OMG IT’S LUBRICANT OMG again and then shanshan freaked out cause I freaked out.

Then upon closer inspection, I saw tiny words that said:


errr..wtf? And then I found out that it was some stupid seasoning for someone’s stupid instant noodle.


let’s continue our daily lives now and pretend this didn’t happen wtf

p.s: I’m bingeing on a huge pack of Toblerone that Fish Fish gave to me cause I’m feeling so stressed out from my work (which I haven’t officially started yet whoops). Why does everyone seem to lose weight during exams but me?? I usually eat more when I feel stressed one.