Pangy Day!

Pangy Day!

Yesterday was Pangy Day! Pangy Day is a Mt Holyoke tradition to celebrate Spring and just being in a women’s college in general.

The picture where everyone was pulling a string? That’s a May Pole! Everyone pulls a ribbon and weaves around to create some sort of braided pole!

It was…..26 celcius outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I’m obviously wearing a skirt!

They had a hugeeee picnic outside. I love this time of the year *big wet eyes

With Daphne in her cute dress!

Shanshan and Nellie in their summer dresses!

Yijin and I. They also passed these cute flowers around to everyone!

With the flowers and free ice cream!

drinking bubble tea 😀 (look at my ugly regrowth!)

changed into shorts so I could frolick around the grass freely. We played volleyball and soccer too!

There was a band performing so people were jumping and dancing around in the sun 🙂

There was a booth that had cute buttons and beads for people to play around with! Such you can only find in a women’s college.

So I made button earrings and rings!

OK I have a favor to ask! It’s obviously time to change my banner since winter is long gone and spring has cometh.

I realllllly want my banner to be in this exact position and I only had time to take it yesterday. I don’t think this picture is good enough since 1.) there were too many people around and 2.) my legs were chopped off

You can see more of my legs here BUT WHY SO SHORT ONE???

So do you guys think I should retake the picture or just use one of these?