Chipster your way to ultimate coolness!

Chipster your way to ultimate coolness!

Chipster always comes up with the most creative competitions ever. Their website also has the coolest animation!

This year, Chipster came up with another amazing competition: Chipster Superstar Contest. Now I know this is an advertorial but I also just joined the competition myself cause of the great prizes!

Consolation prize: x16 Ipod Nano (I WANT!!! I gave my Ipod Nano to my brother cause I’m nice like that so I need a new one!)

1st prize: x3 Ipod Touch

(OMG WANT WANT WANT! You have no idea how many times I stare at Giang’s Ipod Touch in envy ok. I really with all my heart and soul want this)
Not only that, you will also get featured in the finale movie on TV3!

Grand Prize: x1 Macbook Air

(!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly with my heart and soul and intestines and kidneys want this. I want to camwhore with Mac’s super nice webcam *big wet eyes)

Grand prize winner will also be featured in the finale movie! Get a Macbook and appear on TV, what more can you ask for?

Anyway here’s how to join the contest!

Step 1: Join by entering your email add and nickname.

Step 2: Now this is the fun part!

Manage your cast!!! Upload pictures of people whom you want to be in your movie. Here I have myself, Barry, Aud, Tze, Tim and Jiameei.

Unfortunately, you only get to choose three main characters so it’ll be Barry and I. I can only choose one bad guy so I chose Tim cause he makes the funniest bad guy hahaha! (you’ll see later)

And then you as a director get to insert your own script as well. My script is damn cool.

Step 3: That’s all, you’re all set! Just submit your movie from 13th April to 8th June and get your friends to vote from 9th to 19th June. Oh, you also have to get a Chipster pack with the unique code before you submit your video. Audrey got mine for me so that’s why I didn’t cast her as the bad guy *kind smile

OK now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…jeng jeng movie!

Hahahhaa did you see how Tim’s head bobbed up and down and it’s so funny cause he’s smiling! I’m such a good director *pats self

If you wanna join the competition too, click here! It’s quite fun cause you get to choose your own cast and crop their faces and watch them do stupid things in your movie. And who knows maybe you can win the Macbook Air and get featured on TV too!