Making of Spring banner

Making of Spring banner

#57. 28 April 2009

My view at dinner. Sometimes I really wonder how is it possible for me to hate a place as beautiful as this.

#58. 29 April ’09

I love spring!

Curled my hair cause I had nothing to do in the afternoon

I like big loose curls like this. Made them with a bigger curler!

The making of my Spring banner 😀

#1. I look like I just appeared out of the grass wtf. Like those arcade game where little monsters will appear from random holes and you’ll beat them down. Yeah that’s me.

For the sake of my blog, I got red dots all over my body from the pollen T_T

But they’re just too pretty sigh

With my lovely photographer/roommate/best friend/the person I’m with all the time that I think people suspect we’re lesbian partners but it’s only because we don’t really have other friends wtf

I love this picture

#2. I look like I’m walking somewhat..and I’m too central in this picture. I really wanted something like this for my banner at first but it was too hard to get a straight angle from up unless shanshan can fly wtf

Went to the gym after taking pictures cause we’re so addicted to squash

Locker room

#3. I do want this as my banner but it’s too plain I think

#4. Maybe I’ll use it for Summer

#5. I couldn’t decide between this picture (actually this is not the exact pic, the one I wanted is nicer) or my current banner..But I think I’ll alternate them every week or so. (header rotator didn’t work well with my theme)

It was really fun going around lying on grass and getting red dots but it was well worth it! Hope you guys like my new header 🙂

p.s: oh yeah i edited my current banner with photoshop myself  *proud! Made the sky bluer and added sun rays which kinda look fake but it’s okay! I really like it! Spent two hours trying to figure out how to make the sky bluer but it didn’t turn out that nice T_T want to make my legs longer also but dunno how T_T