I’ve gone mad!!! I seriously think it’s all that stress from my impending exams! *makes excuses

I went shopping again T___T and spent a bomb T___T which all of you know is very very unlike me T____T

I have sinned T__T

But it’s okay..I need to spend all that money I’ve worked so hard for right..

My first buy is this yellow watch for my sister! I secretly really like it too (my fav color was yellow cause my fav was the yellow power ranger cause she was asian wtf) but shanshan didn’t like it though. I thought it was unique and quirky!

Next is this cute puffed up white dress ($23)! It was love at first sight and I bought it although it was way out of my budget T_T Don’t even think I’ll get to wear it a lot.

Floral dress for spring/summer ($23)! I first saw this and totally fell in love with it cause of the vibrant colors and the bubble hem line! But some of my friends didn’t like it so I’m not sure if I should return it..gahhh. how leh I don’t even know if it suits me..oh Barry, where art thou when I need you most! (he’s sleeping should I wake him up wtf)

wuwuwu clothes I liked but didn’t get cause siao ah already bought so much. Top left is floral high waisted skirt for $13.80, the pink dress is amazing and cheap but a size too big! the bottom dress is cute too but too expensive 🙁

this is the same as the pink dress but in my size so just grabbed it cause it was only $13.80 and the last one left!

Why I didn’t like it in black as much is cause you can’t really see the details. And I have so many black dresses already T_T sounds like I have a lot but actually only two wtf

HOW?? Should I return any of these? Not only that, there is absolutely NO space in my luggage at all! Can only bring 20kg home cause I’m flying with airasia. 20kg is like nothing ok.

Actually I didn’t spend thaaat much lah cause I also returned some of the stuff I bought last time. The return policy here rocks!!

Shanshan is forcing me to go shopping again next week although it’s going to be exam week! It’s either a sign for me to return the stuff I bought, or to buy more wtf