MDG: Ming

After watching this week’s videos (which are amazing! I love how they visited their homes) (shit, you can really tell what a big MDG fan I am T_T Sorry I really need a break from all my work sometimes), I’ve made up my mind.

Ming is so definitely getting my vote this week! She was already my favorite before this but after watching her video, now she’s my ultimate ultimate favorite!

Why should you vote for Ming? (btw I’m not her friend and I don’t know her at all)

Her boyfriend is kinda cute..(not in this pic)

Her mom is SUPER GORGEOUS!!!! She can even join MDG herself wtf.

Her dad is damn funny and cool! You have to watch the video to find out.

She can sing amazingly well! (at least for someone like me who is unfortunately not blessed with the ability to sing)

Watch it watch it! HERE (episode 20 part 4 & 5)

I hope if I keep writing about MDG then the judges will feel damn annoyed at me and give me the laptop to shut me up wtf whee win win situation!

Oh and let me tell you something stupid. I was reading the MDG blog and the comments (cause I’m a stalker like that) and I saw a very dumb comment! This person claimed to know someone who was in the house with Ming and said that she’s really dirty cause she never washes the toilet =___= and that as a girl, she should know that WTF

*chokes on blood

I mean..SERIOUSLY? Doesn’t like to wash toilet=not fulfilling her responsibility as a girl=shouldn’t win the competition? And what’s this bull about maintaining cleanliness is a girl’s responsibility???? Want me to come smack you or not!

To be honest, I don’t do housework at home. like..almost NEVER. That’s cause my mom really sincerely enjoys doing it. Whenever she nags me to clean the house and I do it, she is never satisfied and will re-clean again! So me cleaning it is kinda pointless la..

anyway my point is me not doing housework doesn’t mean I’m not a good daughter, good student, good model good whatever! Cause studies have shown that a person’s ability to clean the house doesn’t have any significance and correlation whatsoever with her IQ or how good a daughter/person she is (I made that up). In fact, it has also been proven that this ability will only lead to one extra career prospect for said person: cleaner WTF

Why if she’s a girl means she must know how to clean ah?? Then guys should pay for ALL our meals, carry ALL our bags, open ALL our doors, and eat ALL our shit wtf (totally out of topic already hahaha)