MDG: Ming

After watching this week’s videos (which are amazing! I love how they visited their homes) (shit, you can really tell what a big MDG fan I am T_T Sorry I really need a break from all my work sometimes), I’ve made up my mind.

Ming is so definitely getting my vote this week! She was already my favorite before this but after watching her video, now she’s my ultimate ultimate favorite!

Why should you vote for Ming? (btw I’m not her friend and I don’t know her at all)

Her boyfriend is kinda cute..(not in this pic)

Her mom is SUPER GORGEOUS!!!! She can even join MDG herself wtf.

Her dad is damn funny and cool! You have to watch the video to find out.

She can sing amazingly well! (at least for someone like me who is unfortunately not blessed with the ability to sing)

Watch it watch it! HERE (episode 20 part 4 & 5)

I hope if I keep writing about MDG then the judges will feel damn annoyed at me and give me the laptop to shut me up wtf whee win win situation!

Oh and let me tell you something stupid. I was reading the MDG blog and the comments (cause I’m a stalker like that) and I saw a very dumb comment! This person claimed to know someone who was in the house with Ming and said that she’s really dirty cause she never washes the toilet =___= and that as a girl, she should know that WTF

*chokes on blood

I mean..SERIOUSLY? Doesn’t like to wash toilet=not fulfilling her responsibility as a girl=shouldn’t win the competition? And what’s this bull about maintaining cleanliness is a girl’s responsibility???? Want me to come smack you or not!

To be honest, I don’t do housework at home. like..almost NEVER. That’s cause my mom really sincerely enjoys doing it. Whenever she nags me to clean the house and I do it, she is never satisfied and will re-clean again! So me cleaning it is kinda pointless la..

anyway my point is me not doing housework doesn’t mean I’m not a good daughter, good student, good model good whatever! Cause studies have shown that a person’s ability to clean the house doesn’t have any significance and correlation whatsoever with her IQ or how good a daughter/person she is (I made that up). In fact, it has also been proven that this ability will only lead to one extra career prospect for said person: cleaner WTF

Why if she’s a girl means she must know how to clean ah?? Then guys should pay for ALL our meals, carry ALL our bags, open ALL our doors, and eat ALL our shit wtf (totally out of topic already hahaha)


  1. jammie says:

    i guess to be a model you’ll have to have the basic knowledge of washing toilets wtf

    my parents don’t really like me doing housework too.. not cos they spoil me but because i accidentally used dishwashing liquid to mop the floor once fml

  2. didi says:

    I don’t think anyone in their right mind would want to clean toliets unless they had to, ugh!

    Actually, men needs to learn how to put the toliet seat down grrr. Only person I know that does put the seat down that is a male is my brother, wtf!

  3. CraSH says:

    both guys and girls should learn how to clean after themselves.. let it be toilets or floor.. even if you have a maid. what happens if your maid left and you wouldnt have a maid for 3 months.
    what you going to do? not clean your home/toilets for 3 months?
    its a previlage not to do housework.. but you should learn how to do it correctly. like all things, practice makes perfect. doing housework routinely makes it real easy after awhile.
    if you dont live with your parents and have no maid, you dont want the special guy that came over see what a mess you are right?
    i am a guy, i cook, clean and wash.. it only takes a couple hours a week and its pretty quick if you know what you are doing.

  4. yvo says:

    i think didi is right. guy or girl, most of the modern days ppl are just really too caught up our own jobs outside the house, come back dead tired. still wanna wash toilet??? of coz everyone knows how to wash toilet, but well, imo i think it’s fine leaving the toi unclean for 2 weeks, well, also depends on whether it’s a heavy duty toilet. lol.. what’s this all about toilets.. as if so interesting, let’s thank the one who started it all!

  5. malaysian says:

    “Then guys should pay for ALL our meals, carry ALL our bags, open ALL our doors, and eat ALL our shit wtf”-quote sweatlee

    HAHAHA DAMN RIGHT! SPOT ON. I’ve encountered idiots who said stuff like “women belong in the kitchen” and it seriously pisses me off. Yeah fine we can stay in the kitchen for life but then guys should also pamper us for life eh? 😉 *hint: UNLIMITED MONEY TO SPEND.*

  6. JiaEe says:

    i like Ming too, especially after the house visit thingy came out! it was so sweet. a close-knit family with cool daddy and pretty mommy, and a cute bf~ 🙂

  7. Hayley says:

    woohoo Ming is definetely my favourite too!
    If ‘Doesn’t like to wash toilet=not fulfilling her responsibility as a girl’, then i guess there’re alot of girls who doesnt fulfill their responsibility liao..
    haiz what kinda theory is that?

  8. Lucy says:

    I totally agree with you 100% !

    Being clean (whatever that means) does not equals a good girl! sheeeessshhh!!! Let’s just say that the person who commented on this are being very shallow.

    And why can’t I see your password protected post? I remember I was in your mailing list and you gave me the password to one of your password-protected post. Different post, different password?

    haha, I just realized I sounded like a stalker -___-“

  9. Grace says:

    I live in the dorms like you do and am spared the hassle (and the horror) of cleaning the communal toilet. Our communal kitchen, however, is a complete nightmare because my fellow dormies don’t even know how to WASH THEIR OWN DISHES ZOMG they destroyed one entire sink due to a month of piling unwashed stuff inside. I think entire civilizations could have evolved from that mess!

    Girls and guys alike should learn how to clean up after themselves, at least do the minimal stuff lah. Otherwise it’s just gross and your future husband/wife will nag at you forevermore. Unless they are equally untidy. Then, crap.

  10. CraSH says:

    i am sure if you get paid usd$100 an hour to wash toilets, there will be plenty of people who would love to wash them!! hahaha… there is a price to most things, but not everything. when the situations are right, the offer might sound good or bad….

  11. Kitsie-chan says:

    My grandma TOTALLY has that mindset. She says even if I can study/is stylish blabla its all useless if I don’t know how to cook and clean. =.=
    Lucky for me, I know how to cook, but seriously lor, I still think guys should learn how to pick up after themselves, and not rely everything on the ladies. Just cause they so-call are the breadwinner of the family doesn’t mean they don’t have to clean and do some housework, and nowadays, ladies work too! :p

  12. Ping Ping says:

    I like MING too!!!!! Did you see the shoot where they all wear bridal gown??? So pretty!!!! And I love Ming’s the most cause she got the style…

    Don’t worry, I read their comments too(I’m a stalker like you). HAHAHAHA I think some of them just hentam membuta tuli cause they want to bring Ming down. Some of the comments are really silly like what she say to about the bf being the right one or not. Walao, they comment until people dowan break up oso cannot like that..Nonsense..

    I hope Ming get top 3 cause she so kesian..All the judges keep saying she will not be in top3. How can like that? So mean…She takes nice pictures also ma..

    ps: I don’t wash toilet too.

  13. Michelle says:

    Sigh. I voted for her so many times..and today is the elimination but we can only view the video on thursday..
    i really hope she’ll be in the top 3… *pray pray pray*

  14. mg says:

    haha i support her too since she was from my high school and her house looks like nearby my housing area. lol. and i heard of her bf’s name in real life before this (friend’s friend). lol what a small world! and i did stalk all those stupid comments in mdg blog as well. =( sigh, hope she’s in top 3 as well!!

  15. lalala~ says:

    hahahaha ya ya ya i read that comment oso! so tak sabit at all poor her… n her dad is really cool so semangat reply all the mean mean comments especially frm yurneo! (i join ur mdg big FAN club wtf) oh ya btw, wat u think about wat she said about FD (her bf) about he is not the the right guy etc etc on air…

  16. noc noc says:

    i like ming too! very talented. go read her blog. like her fashion sense. judges dun choose her to be in top three is becoz she is petite. she should have joined those singing competition instead. i hope she is not eliminated la.

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