Gloomy days ahead

#59. 2 May ’09

I cannot believe it’s May already. The sakura flowers are all wilting cause the weather has been wonky lately sigh

#60. 3 May ’09

Room choosing night in my new dorm 😀

#61. 4 May ’09

May and I’m still wearing tights. What is this injustice I see?

It’s goddamn May and I’m still wearing a coat!!!!!!!1 STOP toying with my fragile heart like this. One moment it’s 31 celcius, one moment it’s back to 15 celcius.

#62. 5 May ’09

I’m going crazy with the amount of reading and research I have to do for this paper. I can’t wait for everything to be over and done with in exactly..9 days!

Good luck to everyone who has exams as well! I’m going to blog very minimally for the next 9 days (do not tempt me please T_T) so please don’t expect long entertaining posts! You should be entertaining me right now in fact T__T I reallyyyy need all the entertainment in the world.

Please tell me any happy/funny stories! Like Dear Suet Li, today I dreamt of myself swimming in a pool filled with urine. I woke up to find myself soaked in my own pee WTF

or! or!

Dear Suet Li, you are so funny har har har (this will totally make my day wtf)

or you can write me a poem!

pen merah pen biru, you marah i love you! teehee

you think I should stop right here? yeah i think so too wtf


  1. Ping Ping says:

    HAHAHAHHA…that poem..I still cant believe we would write such poem in friend’s auto book in primary school lor..thinking back, so funny woiiiii…

    like the whole poem no kaitan also…pen, marah, love? Penpal ar???

  2. lalala~ says:

    hahaha yey yey im the firsttttt! xD

    ok la suet.. u know i love u rite… like i mean i love reading ur blog n everything *covercover*….

    so becoz of that! let me give u a teka-teki… to make u love me happy happy… 😀

    dalam banyak2 kopi kopi mane yg x leh minum….?

  3. Hayley says:

    hmm, not sure u’ve heard of this joke..
    Tan Kok Beng talk to a long-distance telephone operator.
    Operator: “JUST A MINUTE…”

    or this:
    After completing a jigsaw puzzle he’d been working on for quite sometime, Kok Beng proudly shows off the finished puzzle to a friend.
    “It took me ONLY 5 MONTHS TO DO IT”, Kok Beng brags.
    “FIVE MONTHS? THAT’S TOO LONG”, the friend exclaims.
    “YOU ARE A FOOL.” Kok Beng replies, “SEE THIS BOX, IT IS WRITTEN FOR 4-7 YRS.”

    haha, not sure it entertains u.. but, all the best ya!! kah yao!

  4. Nghi says:

    My verrryy quick stop while im fixing my stupid paper…
    hahhahahahah did you notice you were holding a pen in the pic? such a good student hahah like you’re studying then take a break and change into nice clothes walk outside take pic then come back into the room and study lol.

  5. Donna says:

    What is purpose of fast food exist in this world?
    answer: To keep ppl alive.. you see all of our grand grand grand grand ancestry died now because there were no fast food in their world..

    wtf wtf wtf..
    a random conversation between my friends and I yesterday. She said human can survive by only eat ubi, no fast food.
    i said never.
    she replied, all our moyang can survive wat.
    I replied, ya.. but they all died now right?

  6. yumii says:

    Good luck, sweat!!! Last night my cat jump on my lap with his soft toy tiger in his mouth, he dropped it on my lap and jump off from my lap, leaving the poor little tiger with me. >.<

    Now he’s sleeping on my lap as I’m typing this. (is this entertaining enough for you? ^-^)

  7. Grouchy says:

    heres a song.

    ini itik, ini itik,
    quack quack quack.
    quack quack quack.
    suka main air,
    suka main bulu,
    quack quack quack.
    quack quack quack.

    *clap* *clap* *clap*

  8. valsim says:

    Dear Suet Li,
    today during econs lecture..i was soo sleepy
    i tried to wake myself up by thinking of disneyworld~
    i guess i was half sleeping half awake cause when i looked down at my says “AC=AR,AC=P longterm:no profit can be made, only just disneyland”

    wtf T_T

    oh and why you don`t like cold weather ar..
    its supposed to be autumn here in austraia…but its stil so warm boo

  9. iwancmn says:

    one javanese who barely speak any english was looking for a jigsaw in a hardware supermarket. The assistant asked, “may I help you?” And he said (while moving both his knuckles forward and backward) “I want to buy a tool.. that come to you.. come to me.. come to you.. come to me”.

    ps: this is a real story. In melbourne.

  10. Donna says:

    Another one..
    I wonder can you read Chinese?
    Quite lame, but funny. =______=”

  11. Joy SE says:

    Lol eh wtf u copy my dream of me in the swimming pool wan then woke up with pee-ed bed sheet is it? LOL
    I dont have any interesting story to share so i am gonna say..
    Good luck for the exam. At least you need to suffer for nine days only, my mid year exam take three weeks k.
    TT__TT and i havent study yet. TT__TT
    Gambateh to both of us.

  12. clem says:

    i’d tell you a racist joke but clearly not suitable for public consumption here wtf. kaitzin told that joke to me just now hahahahhahaha it’s damn funny must listen ok buzz me on msn wtf

  13. jy says:

    Boss: Where were you born?
    Boss: which part?
    Sardar: What ‘ which part ‘ ? Whole body was born in India.


    Sardar: What is the name of your car?
    Lady: I forgot the name, but is starts with ‘ T ‘ .
    Sardar: Oh, what a strange car, starts with Tea. All cars that I know start with petrol.

    WTF gambateh!

  14. voon says:

    My exam is ending in 7 days as well. gambateh neh! a joke for u:
    Q: Why is the sea blue?

    A: Because the fish says: blu blu blu…
    it’s lame la i know but hope tat u wont hav a blue day 🙂

  15. Pearly says:

    Based on true story and its happened at my Form 1 class. Everytime i throw this joke to my friends, they laugh until air mata keluar.

    Hope them make your days =)


    Teacher: Student A ! Berani lah kau, tidur kat kelas saya !

    Student A: Tidak ! Saya sakit cikgu.

    Teacher: Ya keh ?! Mana sakit ?

    Student A : Kelapa saya sakit !


    whole class: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha……….

  16. Ping Ping says:


    how about this? It happened in Form 2 I think. My friend was feeling very sleepy so she actually wrote on her book with pencil, “Saya sangat mengantuk zzz.”

    Then she forgot to erase it and handed up the book. When she got back the book, my teacher wrote with red pen, “Lain kali tidur awal sikit.”

    I’ve got one weird sir. He alwiz wear a half cap and blue pants (the pinafore kinda blue). He wore that even when he was taking picture for the book he wrote. T_T

    And he marked my assignment and I stated some point that is not relevant and he wrote there, “Adakah penulis bersetuju dengan Dr. XXX?” If that’s not enough, he continued writing “ADA? ADA? ADA?” in other parts of my assignment when I mention that point. APA NI???? So angry for what? Tak ada ma tak ada lor. Keep writing ADA? ADA? ADA? for what?

  17. yosie says:

    hey suet li, is this a way to procrastinate? haha.

    my not so cheap clothes shopping fail cuz i’m actually in california not msia 🙁

    hey did you get the free KFC coupons from oprah? it’s good cuz free but so small and if you tend to eat a lot you won’t get full.

    good luck w/finals!

  18. lilxcute says:

    There was once in school my friend invented this game called the kissing game. It was so stupid because the aim of the game was to not touch each other’s lips. So with forehead touching u take turns to like move ur mouth front to kiss. Without realising, the teacher walked into the class and the whole class was looking at us including the teacher. When we finally realised everyone was already laughing. We were called to the front and questioned what we were doing. It was the most embarassing time ever!

  19. xiao says:

    EHHH i was very glad that i could wear coats and tights because we can wear normal clothes in msia anytime! 🙁 but emerson lets students out early. just as the weather was getting so beautiful, we have to leave campus d. *shakes fist*

  20. Lizzie says:

    pantun melayu terakhir for u 😀

    Rumah Pak Mamat di tepi sawah
    Pakai langsir berwarna biru
    Ooi Pak Mat, langsir warna biru tak lawa lah
    Pakailah warna kuning ke, hijau ke, kelabu asap ke.

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