Gloomy days ahead

Gloomy days ahead

#59. 2 May ’09

I cannot believe it’s May already. The sakura flowers are all wilting cause the weather has been wonky lately sigh

#60. 3 May ’09

Room choosing night in my new dorm 😀

#61. 4 May ’09

May and I’m still wearing tights. What is this injustice I see?

It’s goddamn May and I’m still wearing a coat!!!!!!!1 STOP toying with my fragile heart like this. One moment it’s 31 celcius, one moment it’s back to 15 celcius.

#62. 5 May ’09

I’m going crazy with the amount of reading and research I have to do for this paper. I can’t wait for everything to be over and done with in exactly..9 days!

Good luck to everyone who has exams as well! I’m going to blog very minimally for the next 9 days (do not tempt me please T_T) so please don’t expect long entertaining posts! You should be entertaining me right now in fact T__T I reallyyyy need all the entertainment in the world.

Please tell me any happy/funny stories! Like Dear Suet Li, today I dreamt of myself swimming in a pool filled with urine. I woke up to find myself soaked in my own pee WTF

or! or!

Dear Suet Li, you are so funny har har har (this will totally make my day wtf)

or you can write me a poem!

pen merah pen biru, you marah i love you! teehee

you think I should stop right here? yeah i think so too wtf