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I don’t even want to talk about what happened cause it was so stupid!!! ARGH but anyway I will talk about it cause I’m still very angry at myself.

So you guys know I have an exam today right (8.30am to be exact)?

Yeah so I told myself that I’d spend the entire Friday studying and will take two exams on Saturday! Very ambitious!

And you know how when people want to study the whole day, they drink coffee right??

Yeah so I wanted to prove to myself and people that I’m so studious and hardworking that I’ll drink *gasp* coffee!! and study the night away! (I ended up watching grey’s anatomy, gossip girl and MDG the whole afternoon and only started studying at night but that’s beside the point wtf)

So that’s exactly what I did! I got a cup of coffee and drank half of it proudly and started studying, completely oblivious to the fact that I CANNOT drink coffee.

Yeah guess what happened?

I finished studying at 1.30am..and I tried studying more but I’ve already read everything like a million times!! so I went to bed…

and didn’t sleep until now.

now: 11am


FML seriously! From 1.30am, I lay in bed praying that I’ll fall asleep ASAP but I was wide awake! Except that I wasn’t wide awake enough to study further but awake enough to not fall asleep. Don’t you just hate that???

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the stupid clock tower is so near my room that I can hear the stupid chime everytime an hour passes!

Ding dong ding dong, ding ding (2 am)

ding ding fucking ding (3 am)

ding ding fucking ding your head lah ding (4 am!!!)

repeat until 11am

NOT ONLY THAT, the girl upstairs was moving her stuff around until 4am???? Move dead body ar?????

GOT SOME MORE!!! at 4am, the birds started chirping and singing outside my window?????? This is not some fairytale/cinderella, don’t sing outside my window!!!!

And I couldn’t even take my exam at 8.30 cause my brain was so dead I didn’t even know the answer to 1+1! window ah? 1+1= window wtf

T____________T *kills self

Thank god my exams are all self scheduled, meaning you can take any paper any time in this 6 days so phewww. But I wanted to finish them early lah!

And this is ALL. MY. FAULT! Why oh why did I want to conform and act like I’m so studious I need coffee to stay awake when I don’t even need to T_T Coffee is evil! evil evil fluid that’s secretly attempting to take over the world by first keeping me awake for ten hours.

How leh it’s 11am now and I don’t feel sleepy but my brain is dead. and my exam is in 2 hours! Now I’m drinking as much water as I can to flush all the caffeine out but what if I fall asleep during exam! argh stupid suet stupid suet!


  1. jammie says:

    T____T at least you didn’t miss the exam *patpat

    ya i can’t take coffee either! so i don’t wtf

    i even have problems sleeping after taking green tea!

  2. Jaclyn says:

    hide ur laptop somewhere else or cover it with smelly rubbish or else u will be ended up like me right now trying to do my business studies but actually reading blogs wtf haih haih haih

  3. Amanda says:

    I know i shouldnt be laughing but.. lol.. the way u write it.. it sounds kinda comical..

    Ok, serious now.. *coughs* I actually experienced that b4.. but thankfully i didnt have exams the next day. I have to hand in my assignment the next day instead. so spent the whole nite not sleeping – i had just 1 cup of coffee (ginseng coffee btw.. and it doesnt taste as bad as it sounds >_<) and I couldnt sleep for 24 freaking hours! T_______T I was so frustrated.. even after i hand in my assignment i prepared to sleep (2 sth in the afternoon) and i STILL couldn’t sleep. haiz..

    I have to agree with u. Coffee IS evil!

  4. Amanda says:

    I’m sorry Suet. but I still havent find a cure to replace the ‘caffeine effect’.. that’s wat i say to my frens wen they asked me abt my panda eyes the next day. *sigh*

  5. xkailx says:

    I’m caffeine intolerant too! And guessed what… what happened to you happened to me many times before. ): I drink coffee to help me stay awake for a few hours for revision and always end up staying up the whole night and feeling like shit during the exam the next morning. I’m worst off since my exam timings are not flexible!

    Cheer up.. u’re not alone.

  6. berlina says:

    drink chamomile tea
    it’s good to ease sleeping, but since u are super awake so maybe it’ll be good enough to neutralize it (and hopefully won’t make u sleep during exam)

  7. Nghi says:

    Ur…. and sometimes I drink 3 cups of coffee ( good vietnamese instant coffee, not the tasteless one in dining halls o.O) a day hahahahhahah next time try some kind of non-caffeinated tea =D

  8. foreverjas says:

    i can’t sleep when i take coffee or tea! so i won’t take it . it gives me headache and i hate it when i can’t sleep when i need to sleep! once i and my sis drank nescafe in our genting hotel room, ended up talking whole night , its scary cos the hotel room is kinda haunted . its scary no no no nescafe for me !!!

  9. Baz says:

    hahahahhahahha ah weak, remember how i laughed at you when you said you wanted to be like other studious people and drink coffee/red bull?


  10. Eeyow says:

    Haha. I understand that feeling. Had it b4.
    Never been a coffee drinker until I had to stay awake to study for the paper next morning ( cos i havent finished studying T__T )
    I drank at 9pm at night and guessed what.. it lasted for 48 hours ( yes i didnt freaking sleeping until the 2nd night). was in Zombie mode throughout the 48 hours.
    By the time i hit the sack, i slept like a log, oblivious to what is happening around me…
    And the worst part is, it’s only 3-in-1 Nescafe =.=”
    Lol. So yeah. I made sure I never repeat the same mistake again. And i hope you will too :p

  11. sj says:

    wau.. ze caffeine effect on you is monstrous!

    Eh but sometimes i study up till 6am and wake up at 7.30am for exam heeheeeee but it’s still ok one. sometimes i think my brain is dead and i worry when the paper’s given out cause i feel damn damn tired wana die…. but then once i start doing, adrenaline pumps and i realise i can concentrate!(though i look like shit lah, droopy eyes) then after the exam, i’ll conk out lah. big time. lol.

    not sure if this is applicable to you or not, i didn’t figure this out till i actually tried though.

    all the best anyways!

  12. Joy SE says:

    Lol seriously, i had that too. When i was having my monthly test. Nothing big abt monthly test but coincidentally i took coffee that night and the next day was add math.
    I didnt sleep the whole nightttttttttt!
    Like you, i was not awake enough to continue studying,but awake enough to not fell asleep.
    The next day my brain was totally blank.
    HAHA but thank god, i didnt fail.
    🙂 Chill Suet! Aiya, you should have continue watching gossip girl and grey’s anatomy ryte. Maybe your eyes will feel tired after ten hours watching. LOL
    Gambateh ne!
    All the best for yr coming exam AND DONT TAKE COFFEE ANYMORE!

  13. sweatlee says:

    jammie, green tea i’m fine wor! so weird one

    lainey, it’s ok thanks =D

    jaclyn, haha i dont mind using laptop that much actually, i can study with it!

    emily, hahaha! i didnt know those are caffeinated!

    hbk, awww thanks!

    amanda, haihhh sycks la coffee we shall exterminate it wtf

    amanda, two amandas! haihhh i didnt have eyebags tho!

    xkailx, how ah i think maybe we should take one sip only or something! i only drank half a cup!! grr

    berlina, chamomile tea never works for me tho..so weird!

    yumii, haha nola i can study with lappie one!

    nghi, wow 3 cups!! how! yeah i shall drink tea next time T_T

    michelle, drunk?? hahaha

    foreverjas, yeah i get headaches too! haha nescafe is evil too

    baz, eh u also can’t drink ok! i’ve never seen u drink coffee also..eh wait actually got wtf

    iwan, ya T________T i brought it upon myself wtf

    juanz, you!! noob wtf

    eeyow, 48 hours omg that’s crazy!!! nescafe only wor! actually this happened to me thrice already but i still did it again T_T

    sj, yeah T_T how can sleep 1 hour only! actually i wanted to be like that that’s why i drank coffee but i failed big time wtf

    joyse, yeah i hate the feeling the most! grr! i should have just watched some drama lor such a waste of time in my bed rolling about. thanks!!

  14. yosie says:

    wow, lucky you can take exams anytime. we always had set schedule, so if you miss it, it’s really FML. actually now that i think about it.. i almost missed mine one time, good thing my roommate woke me up. forced finals at 8am = not cool..

  15. aud says:

    jammie: does green tea even have caffeine?!?

    suet: T______T why u like this seriously T__________T don’t know what to say T_______T i thought u will just have diarrhea T______T

  16. lalala~ says:

    hahaha i’ll do that too! drink 3 4 cups of coffee and not sleep the whole night then the next day exam!!!

    but the sad part is i HATEEEE coffee!!!! even starbucksss! go there drink chocolate ny!

    hehe… anyway suet… all the best k! take care! =)

  17. jenn says:

    Me too ! I hate that feeling!!! I had coffee like every night at home but sure can sleep after that but wen I tried to drink it jz bcos I feel like drinking coffee 3am in the morning while rushing for assignment, I end up staying wide awake when i really needed to sleep. FML…

  18. Ping Ping says:

    audrey: green tea got caffeine. But very little only..

    sweatlee: I sleep with or without coffee but coffee/caffeine makes my tummy upset so I don’t take them at all. =s I usually sleep early b4 exam. So fail as a student. XD Anyways, at least it means you are not the type that sleeps even if the whole building collasp (some people are very keng sleeper). They say those who cannot sleep much cannot grow fat that easily. I sleep and eat a lot. T_T Hopeless.

  19. Sharon L @ MHC says:

    Some people go OK and some people can’t. I’m one of the latter, and anyway I prefer to stay caffeine-free because I don’t want to develop a habit – I know friends who drink 5 cups a day and are totally whacked out because of it. Hope your exams go well and ah, better luck next time.

  20. Chumi says:

    try tea la next time… it has lesser caffeine than coffee (i think :S).. at least not as strong as coffee …

    i had tea like 3 hours ago n i dont know y i’m wide awake now (nothing can stop me if i;m sleepy) at 2.30am reading blogs instead of working on stupid ethical issues!

    all the best for ur exams

  21. Lali says:

    Ya I also have a FML kopi story. When I was doing PMR I was gung ho about staying up all night during the exams to cram for the next days tests. So to stay up all night I went and mix some Nescafe cos I heard caffeine keeps you awake. I’m the type that doesn’t drink coffee, tea, Milo, hot chocolate AT ALL. Anyway I mixed it and drank. Immediately my stomach began heaving and I was drowsy (opposite effect FML). I spent the rest of the night-dawn-morning by vomiting-studying-diarrhea-studying-vomiting-diarrhea-studying yeah you get the drift. I only slept for like one hour that night and went to my exam in the morning still feeling awful. That was my kopi experiment.

    Ya luckily I still got 7A’s for PMR if not I’d have an even more woeful story to tell T.T

    For SPM I took Brand’s Chicken Essence w/ Ginseng cos you watch those ads when people drink it they always look so refreshed /susceptible to marketing ploys wtf. It didn’t make me less sleepy but during the exams it kept me energized and beady eyed. Or maybe that was just adrenaline. Dunno la wtv.

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