Kopi O

Kopi O




I don’t even want to talk about what happened cause it was so stupid!!! ARGH but anyway I will talk about it cause I’m still very angry at myself.

So you guys know I have an exam today right (8.30am to be exact)?

Yeah so I told myself that I’d spend the entire Friday studying and will take two exams on Saturday! Very ambitious!

And you know how when people want to study the whole day, they drink coffee right??

Yeah so I wanted to prove to myself and people that I’m so studious and hardworking that I’ll drink *gasp* coffee!! and study the night away! (I ended up watching grey’s anatomy, gossip girl and MDG the whole afternoon and only started studying at night but that’s beside the point wtf)

So that’s exactly what I did! I got a cup of coffee and drank half of it proudly and started studying, completely oblivious to the fact that I CANNOT drink coffee.

Yeah guess what happened?

I finished studying at 1.30am..and I tried studying more but I’ve already read everything like a million times!! so I went to bed…

and didn’t sleep until now.

now: 11am


FML seriously! From 1.30am, I lay in bed praying that I’ll fall asleep ASAP but I was wide awake! Except that I wasn’t wide awake enough to study further but awake enough to not fall asleep. Don’t you just hate that???

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the stupid clock tower is so near my room that I can hear the stupid chime everytime an hour passes!

Ding dong ding dong, ding ding (2 am)

ding ding fucking ding (3 am)

ding ding fucking ding your head lah ding (4 am!!!)

repeat until 11am

NOT ONLY THAT, the girl upstairs was moving her stuff around until 4am???? Move dead body ar?????

GOT SOME MORE!!! at 4am, the birds started chirping and singing outside my window?????? This is not some fairytale/cinderella, don’t sing outside my window!!!!

And I couldn’t even take my exam at 8.30 cause my brain was so dead I didn’t even know the answer to 1+1! window ah? 1+1= window wtf

T____________T *kills self

Thank god my exams are all self scheduled, meaning you can take any paper any time in this 6 days so phewww. But I wanted to finish them early lah!

And this is ALL. MY. FAULT! Why oh why did I want to conform and act like I’m so studious I need coffee to stay awake when I don’t even need to T_T Coffee is evil! evil evil fluid that’s secretly attempting to take over the world by first keeping me awake for ten hours.

How leh it’s 11am now and I don’t feel sleepy but my brain is dead. and my exam is in 2 hours! Now I’m drinking as much water as I can to flush all the caffeine out but what if I fall asleep during exam! argh stupid suet stupid suet!