Okay so I was packing and there was a tinyyyy problem…

How in the world am I gonna bring all this home??? I have no idea I own thatttt many clothes! (and these are only summer clothes T_T) And haven’t even added in my shoes and miscellaneous stuff such as 2 hair curlers, 1 straightener and whole lot of makeup T_T

And here I am going around telling everyone that nooo I’m very stingy one I don’t spend money one I only have 10 pieces of clothing in my closet wtf. I noticed that I’m more willing to spend now! Maybe cause I finally hallelujah came to the realization that I can’t bring all that money with me when I die. But of course, I’m still very very careful with spending except that I’m not that stingy that it gets annoying..hopefully.

Anywayyy, so how?? I only have 20kg since I’m flying with Airasia and there’s no way my luggage is less than 20kg! Must find ways to trick Barry into carrying half my load for me nyehehe

Halfway done and my luggage is already full T___T

I think I might have to pile on the layers when I fly back wtf. Actually right, half my luggage is filled with clothes still with their tags attached wtf. I guess I haven’t changed after all.. 🙁 Although the dates to return those stuff have already passed, something in me is still hoping that I can still sell them elsewhere if I don’t like them…lalala

Tomorrow is going to be one very exciting and crazy day! Cause we’ll have to pack our entire college lives into cardboard boxes and lug them all the way to be stored in the musty storage room! Exciting cause this signifies the end of yet another year and crazy cause omg it’ll be soooo hectic. I won’t be surprised if my muscles suddenly balloon to twice their sizes.

It’s 3am now and I’m too lazy to get my phone but I have this amazing picture to show you guys! Come back in 10 hours ok I’ll post it then! bye! psst: shanshan is inside the pic wtf