The last supper

Hello I’m at the airport now! Here is the amazing picture I promised!



This is the trash room and we are thieves wtf. (I can hear shanshan going nooo we’re not thieves this is not stealingggg)

Anyway we needed boxes to pack our stuff and the campus center sells them at a VERY ridiculous price. We didn’t want to get storage bins cause they’re expensive too so here we are collecting boxes like homeless people wtf.

It’s so funny cause we went there a few times but the boxes they had were way too small. So in this picture, we finally found the PERFECT boxes and we (actually just me..) were squealing in delight and going omg omg we are saved!! (and shanshan going see I told you god will help us wtf)

Seriously I cannot describe in words my exact feeling upon finding these big boxes T________T You should see my face! It was a face filled with absolute joy ^_^ wtf

Random pictures I took yesterday:

We spent the entire day packing T__T It was hell!

The mess outside our room

Thank god Justin helped us with his car or we would have died if we had to carry these boxes allll the way up to the mountains to be stored


Said mountains..we had to store our stuff in this really far dorm which is somewhere in the mountains (I’m exaggerating lah but it’s really surrounded by trees and hills and rivers). Ah, my campus is so pretty.

So, we treated him to dinner in our favorite Korean restaurant!


Yeah thanks a lot Justin, you can so see my beautiful features




Our food! mmm. We had to finish our dinner in 30 minutes so we had time to move our stuff T_T Almost choked and died of indigestion wtf

Argh! Yesterday I was moving in heels and dress! I was so macho ok I held up an 8 feet long rug on my shoulder with one hand!!! in heels! But we didn’t have time to take a picture of my machoness. Too bad girlies *points a finger gun at all my fans and winks WTF


My last meal here for this year T_T my favorite sandwich and honest tea orange mango (just a tad sweet!)


Me, almost dead. My arms have officially fallen off. If you see them please help me glue them back T_T (I’m so dead, I have TWO 23kg bags. My flight to London is fine but what about my flight back to Malaysia???????? I’m only allowed ONE 20kg bag!!! fuck this shit)

Internet here is sooo slow so I better go. I’ll be in London in…12 hours. Argh so long!! and I got an aisle seat I HATE aisle seats T____T. I’m going to force myself to drink more water so I need to go to the restroom more. Have to take advantage of my aisle seat!

If there’s ANYONE who’s going back to Msia from London and don’t have much stuff to bring back, will you please carry one bag for me wtf. I’ll pay you with my friendship and grace you with my presence wtf


  1. CheLcheL says:

    which airline r u flying back with?? some airlines allow u to write-in and u can get extra baggage limits. I m studying in UK and often fly back to msia so i know it.

  2. lilxcute says:

    dun think air asia will allow you. You could have selected to carry a 25 kg bag instead rite? it was a slightly more expensive price but i think worth it..then at least 30 kg..they might let u thru =)

    I’m only goin back in October, too far away for you I’m sure.

  3. Hayley says:

    haha totally understand how does it feels when we need to pack ALL the stuff..
    anyway, have a safe journey home ok!! cant wait to see you!!(cheh, not that i get to see u in person also.. =p)

  4. foreverjas says:

    i hate packing too! and i was like a homeless person searching high and down for empty big boxes!!! too kiamsiap to buy boxes here coz its super expensive! ridiculous!

    have a safe flight! ya i purchased the 20kg luggage from air asia too! i put lots of heavy stuff in my handbag and handluggage and laptop bag. damn heavy!

  5. axiao says:

    Welcome back…

    Wow, it means I have been reading your blog for nearly a year already, because the first post I read was when u were back in malaysia…

    have a fun holiday!

  6. Donna says:

    are u coming back to Malaysia for holiday or u already graduate?
    I am sorry, I only be your reader for few months. Before that, I didn’t know the existence of your blog not because you are not popular enough, but I was completely “tidak peka kepada isu isu semasa”

  7. km says:

    Suet. Post it back. Stop at London Airport and find the post office and post them, I think it’s cheaper than check in, the pound is dropping also. Good luck ~

  8. Natalie says:

    I think it’s too late but hope you get to see this.Becareful of H1N1 like seriously do watever precaution u can!!cause my bf just came back from US 2 days ago and he’s so damn suay to be in the same flight with malaysia very 1st confirm HINI case guy.god seriously hate me lar been apart for 9 months not enough must add the extra bloody 7 days!finger crossed!
    Anyway,really really remember to get a face mask if u can!

  9. tamago says:

    what a funny post! you sure know how to squeeze every inch of usefulness from what you have huh, with the aisle seat and all! you’ll be a good wife someday wtf must learn from you dy hahahaha XD

  10. Sharon@Yan says:

    wow you’re coming back will i bump into you accidentally at sunway pyramid? it’s like my 2nd home at here, i live practically next to it. but nahhhh you don’t even know me wtf. and yeah you should have chosen the 25kg when you bought the ticket! and 30 kg when you fly back to US, you will buy more at here won’t you? plus some local dry food. XD

    PS: malaysia has confirmed its first case of H1N1, a 21-year-old student who recently returned from the US. lol.

  11. The Faux Fashionista says:

    O hai! Long time since I commented here, but OMG I know EXACTLYYYY how you feel with all that packing and lugging heavy stuff and arms falling off!!! I brought about 70kg of luggage back with me and I almost died =( Hope you’ll fare better….should totally charm some guy into helping you, seriously 🙂

  12. ozzie says:

    I like aisle seat because I can go to the toilet frequently. Last time I chose a window seat, they put a fat man beside me and I had to tahan kencing for so long, I think it was a record. I could have burst anytime.

  13. quinrinn says:

    hah.i know how packing feels like.unpacking is worse i reckon.i havent even unpack my luggage and its been 2 weeks.*groans*
    lol air kg overweight=RM20.i know.i got fined before.&^%#$%!@
    you’re a funny one.
    ‘have a pleasent flight!’ 😀

  14. Tynn says:

    Have a safe trip back to Malaysia! And hopefully you clear pass the screening at the airport… no swine flu!!! >.<

    btw, this may sound abit off track, but did you use to go to ICSJ for your AUP program? Cuz i saw an old photo and a girl in that photo kinda does look like you, but i am not sure if its you… O_O

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