The last supper

The last supper

Hello I’m at the airport now! Here is the amazing picture I promised!



This is the trash room and we are thieves wtf. (I can hear shanshan going nooo we’re not thieves this is not stealingggg)

Anyway we needed boxes to pack our stuff and the campus center sells them at a VERY ridiculous price. We didn’t want to get storage bins cause they’re expensive too so here we are collecting boxes like homeless people wtf.

It’s so funny cause we went there a few times but the boxes they had were way too small. So in this picture, we finally found the PERFECT boxes and we (actually just me..) were squealing in delight and going omg omg we are saved!! (and shanshan going see I told you god will help us wtf)

Seriously I cannot describe in words my exact feeling upon finding these big boxes T________T You should see my face! It was a face filled with absolute joy ^_^ wtf

Random pictures I took yesterday:

We spent the entire day packing T__T It was hell!

The mess outside our room

Thank god Justin helped us with his car or we would have died if we had to carry these boxes allll the way up to the mountains to be stored


Said mountains..we had to store our stuff in this really far dorm which is somewhere in the mountains (I’m exaggerating lah but it’s really surrounded by trees and hills and rivers). Ah, my campus is so pretty.

So, we treated him to dinner in our favorite Korean restaurant!


Yeah thanks a lot Justin, you can so see my beautiful features




Our food! mmm. We had to finish our dinner in 30 minutes so we had time to move our stuff T_T Almost choked and died of indigestion wtf

Argh! Yesterday I was moving in heels and dress! I was so macho ok I held up an 8 feet long rug on my shoulder with one hand!!! in heels! But we didn’t have time to take a picture of my machoness. Too bad girlies *points a finger gun at all my fans and winks WTF


My last meal here for this year T_T my favorite sandwich and honest tea orange mango (just a tad sweet!)


Me, almost dead. My arms have officially fallen off. If you see them please help me glue them back T_T (I’m so dead, I have TWO 23kg bags. My flight to London is fine but what about my flight back to Malaysia???????? I’m only allowed ONE 20kg bag!!! fuck this shit)

Internet here is sooo slow so I better go. I’ll be in London in…12 hours. Argh so long!! and I got an aisle seat I HATE aisle seats T____T. I’m going to force myself to drink more water so I need to go to the restroom more. Have to take advantage of my aisle seat!

If there’s ANYONE who’s going back to Msia from London and don’t have much stuff to bring back, will you please carry one bag for me wtf. I’ll pay you with my friendship and grace you with my presence wtf