Finally! can! come! online!


it’s! so! damn! slow!

I think it’s just the internet in my house! It takes me 3 minutes to load one page I’m NOT exaggerating! 3 minutes! 180 seconds! What should I do while waiting for every page to load?? T___T

Haih anyway I still really wanna blog so here are pictures of london:

Barry and I in the train from his aunt’s place to London! It was our first night there and we got so lost T___T It usually takes 40 minutes but we took 3 hours T_T

Food! glorious food! We met up with Tze and Barry’s friends in Four Seasons for their famous duck!

Pretty Tze!!! Zhen and Edward whom I later found was my long lost friend wtf

Barry and his friends- Su Hsien, Delyn, Adrian.

Went shopping with Barry’s aunt the next day cause he went to Old Trafford for the Manchester game. I didn’t wanna follow cause it cost 66 pounds for the train there wtf. I rather shop with that money!

Barry insisted that I must post this picture to prove that he was really there wtf. ho hum..

Bought new shoes! Which were stained with coffee the day after wuwu T_T

I’m going to condense all the London pictures into one post cause I hate backlogged entries so I’ll try to post very few pictures of each day I was there!

Day 3- went to Jimmy Choo’s house *big wet eyes. In case you don’t remember, he asked me if I wanted more spaghetti and asked me if I had enough space to move wtf

Day 4- went sightseeing!

This is the London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, london bridge is falling down, my fair lady!

Look at the sky!!! The only thing I hate about London is the terribly weather!

Had to tie my hair like this and wear a headband cause the wind was crazy strong! That’s why I didn’t camwhore that much..cause my hair was damn ugly T_T

Lunch! in case you forgot how I look like wtf

Barry! whose hair is very long now

This is the…erm cathedral I think! Lazy wanna show more pictures lah. I’m a lousy blogger today cause it will take me forever to upload more pictures

Tower of London which was amazing!

Magnificent Tower Bridge! London is soooo pretty, how could I have hated you before! Forgive me!

Day 5- still cold so I had to wear scarf, cardigan AND coat. in may.

More pictures cause we did a looooot of sightseeing cause Uncle Jeff (Barry’s uncle) brought us around!

Buckingham palace where the queen lives.

While waiting for the changing of guards ceremony

Crazy weather today! One moment it’s raining so heavily that my umbrella toppled a few times..

Another moment the sun was out in its full glory

The hugeee crowd

Barry and the clear blue sky!

This is the national gallery I think..which I like cause admission is free =D

love the sky love the sky!

can’t remember where is this but there were those guards that won’t move no matter what. Have you seen the Mr Bean episode where he tried to disturb them but they wouldn’t move? it’s true!

Hello Gordon Brown! You are so..brown wtf

westminster abbey but we didn’t go in cause it’s freaking 15 pounds =(

the sri lankan protest outside the house of parliament! kinda cool to see my first protest..

Big ben! couldn’t get a good picture cause it got dark again *gloomy

The london eye! wah the sky looks amazing here! we didn’t go on this cause it’s too expensive too T_T

Went shopping for a bit the morning before we left. This is the superrrr long queue outside M&S cause there was a hugeee sale. Crazy one the queue extended to around the building and to another bulding AND to ANOTHER building!

That’s all! Then we bade goodbye to London and went home.

Airasia’s food! which was actually rather decent. Except that I ordered Malaysian meal but got the international one instead wuwu

so comfortable! the seats were pretty wide and very comfy! highly recommend taking airasia.

one HUGE disappointment though: We stuffed all our heavy things into our handcarry cause there is no information about how heavy the handcarry should be. When we checked in, we had to pay 50 POUNDS cause our handcarry was too heavy so had to check it in T_T

50 pounds…rm280? wasted just like that T_____T

Anyway it was still a terrible flight for me despite the comfortable seats cause I couldn’t fall asleep. Sigh I should really consider taking sleeping pills wtf. I was lying on Barry’s lap on his super soft down pillow and yet I couldn’t sleep in the entire 14 hour flight. fml!

All in all, I really liked London. I used to hate it cause I stopped at the airport and the people were pretty rude but I guess you can never judge a place before going there yourself. I like how london is so modern yet it has all the amazing history and interesting places. I think I like it better than the US! People were actually very very nice too.

shit it’s 3 am T_T Have to wake up for dim sum tomorrow! Can you imagine that this post took me 3 hours??


  1. cindy khor says:

    the reason there’s tons of people in m&s is because they have this super cheap offer of 1pence per item…

    the famous 4 season dark really taste good. i remember when my bf’s happy face (apparently he was in heaven) when he bite the juicy duck. But year, it was good indeed.

    your pumps looks pretty

  2. Jing says:

    Lol, Buckingham, dear. Mm, you didn’t miss out on London Eye. It’s a glorified ferris wheel, with no commentary, hence pointless ride unless you’ve got someone who knows London and its history well ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Chumi says:

    air asia wasnt comfortable at all.. unless u took d XXXL seat.. or was it XXL?? anyways its cheaper to take Emirates or any other flight from UK to Malaysia rather than malaysia to UK

  4. carol says:

    *stares enviously at Old Trafford pic*

    damn jealous damn jealous damn jealous and he went on the PERFECT day (despite a less than perfect match) because we lifted the EPL trophy that day T______T

    i want to visit London also but how arr it seems to be damn expensive!

  5. Fuzzy! says:

    You know, if I were you and, like most girls, have a fetish with uncomfortable shoes, I’d have taken pictures with Jimmy Choo and berlagaked on my blog.

    And wtf why in the picture of Barry with clear blue sky, the sky is like 2/3 covered in cloud?

  6. sweatlee says:

    fiona, haha! i just tied a big braid and then roll it around and pinned it!

    cindy, yaya i know! but the items all damn lousy la that’s why i didn’t line up also. siao one right! actually the duck ok only la..i like the rest better. thanks!

    yumii, ya quite visible! sucks T_T but it’s not that bad now, i wiped it all out! nope shy…

    hann, i had it on friday! haha

    yeehou, oopsie! hahaha stupid la u!

    ren, go! it’s niceee

    jing, oops! it was late when i typed this! haha. oh we were with his uncle who was from london!

    lilxcute, oopsie! too sleepy!

    chumi, really??? the normal seats are very spacious! the one from uk-kl wor?

    juanz, hahah it IS bright pink! and super nice!

    raychelle, haha oops too sleepy edi! thanks!

    liyin, yeah very fun! thanks =D

    mei, awww thanks!

    janice, hahah i left the monkey in the plane T_______T

    calvin, why??? why fail!!!

    carol, hahaha! u should go!

    carol, thanks! yeah it is!

    fuzzy, dunwanla shy laaa. isit? so blue wht!

    yvon, haha small world!

    nurisya, T__T come back again!

    grace, didnt!!! so expensive la =(

    michael, thanks! haha now u do!

  7. sweatlee says:

    amanda, thanks! ya u should go!

    aud, wtf. yala sigh T_T monkee T_T

    tze, got my mom wtf

    daisy, aww thanks! u’re gonna make him very very happy!

    elaine, haha ya confirm not from rubbish bin la wtf

    erlinda, really?? thanks!!

    jaclyn, really ah! scary!

    lalala, thanks =DDD

    gin, hahah!

    fuzzy, both la wtf, as long as blue and not wtf

    kai, err nvmla no need to send. err yeah cause they’re siblings wtf. lucky cause they’re siblings?

    missvit, yaya they shouted “we want justice and we want it now!” wtf

  8. yee says:

    ur friend tze has an elegant look
    ur dressing is very chic
    shoes are pretty

    haih and ur postts make me only want to stay in australia forever because winter is love.can layer up hehe

  9. jammie says:

    you look so chic and pretty <3 tze looks very pretty too <3

    did you disturb the guard HAHAHA beware horses may kick or bite *squints

    and what did AirAsia serve you it looks like baked eggplant :s

  10. Donna says:

    I am sorry but err.. u look a bit meaty in Aud’s post if compare to your London pic..

    U look perfect and gorgeous in your London pic.
    Do i need to hide myself before kena attack from all your blog fans…?

  11. sweatlee says:

    yee, yeah she’s very pretty! thanks =D haha yeah but not when it’s too cold la!

    kai, haha yeah..

    natasha, thanks! =D he says hi too wtf

    hayley, haha yeah have to cut edi!

    cherwee, yeah she is =D thanks!

    annant, yeahhh nice hor!

    vyroxy, hahah such a small world!

    jy, heheh thanks!

    jammie, aww thanks babe. haha it was kinda good though wtf

    donna, yeah cause in london can wear jacket to cover fat arms wtf. haha no laa i always complain i’m fat wht!

    joyse, thanks! =D

  12. didi says:

    Lol! You glad that you did not wear the black shoes on Day5? Noticed that you are wearing trainers instead, someone tell you that you going to be walking alot or something? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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