Young Suet

Young Suet

Last week when I just came back, I woke up at 8am cause of the jetlag. I thought I could go online but Streamyx was down so I started looking through allll my photo albums. I already wrote a post about my evolution from when I was 15-now so now I shall bring you through a journey of what young Suet was like from she was 1 to 13 wtf.

I think I was quite a cute baby last time wtf

I was about 1 or 2 here. I was the first baby in my family so I was very very loved.

See! crying also still so adorable right wtf

With my sister who was very bald last time. Then my parents shaved her head  in hopes that hair would grow and now her hair is so thick!

Around 5 to 6 years old, still quite cute! Aww I couldn’t help smiling when I saw how sweet I was (self praise is no praise wtf)

My brother is sooooo freaking cute here omg! This was when suddenly all the kids got chicken pox. Nope that cute girl is not me, it’s my sister.

Cause when I was 7….

I got a tiny bit fatter..

And I never stopped growing horizontally ever since wtf

Can you spot me? wtf

HAHHAHAHA I can’t get over how funny my face is hahahha

HAHAHHAHA!!! My grandmother made my clothes for me and I specifically asked her this:

“Ah ma ah ma! Please buy the cloth with vertical lines so it’ll make me look thinner!”

HAHAHHAHAHAA guess what..I didn’t look any thinner also wtf

Then I turned 9…

And the nightmare started…

My side profile! So pretty hor ^_^ wtf

I was 12 here! Look at my shoes hahahha I thought they could make me taller than my friends so I wouldn’t look so fat wtf

What can I say, I was one emo kid..

Seriously I look like I was mad at the whole world or something hahahaha FML fuck everyone fuck the world wtf

And the icing on the cake with cherry on top would be this picture:



jeng jeng jeng!!!

jeng jeng jeng! (not the baby ok)


This one not as scary as the home video I’m watching with Barry and my mom now! I was one crazy giant monster there hahaha

ok the end of embarassing myself.

Shit I feel like eating something but scared already after seeing all these pictures wtf