Young Suet

Last week when I just came back, I woke up at 8am cause of the jetlag. I thought I could go online but Streamyx was down so I started looking through allll my photo albums. I already wrote a post about my evolution from when I was 15-now so now I shall bring you through a journey of what young Suet was like from she was 1 to 13 wtf.

I think I was quite a cute baby last time wtf

I was about 1 or 2 here. I was the first baby in my family so I was very very loved.

See! crying also still so adorable right wtf

With my sister who was very bald last time. Then my parents shaved her head  in hopes that hair would grow and now her hair is so thick!

Around 5 to 6 years old, still quite cute! Aww I couldn’t help smiling when I saw how sweet I was (self praise is no praise wtf)

My brother is sooooo freaking cute here omg! This was when suddenly all the kids got chicken pox. Nope that cute girl is not me, it’s my sister.

Cause when I was 7….

I got a tiny bit fatter..

And I never stopped growing horizontally ever since wtf

Can you spot me? wtf

HAHHAHAHA I can’t get over how funny my face is hahahha

HAHAHHAHA!!! My grandmother made my clothes for me and I specifically asked her this:

“Ah ma ah ma! Please buy the cloth with vertical lines so it’ll make me look thinner!”

HAHAHHAHAHAA guess what..I didn’t look any thinner also wtf

Then I turned 9…

And the nightmare started…

My side profile! So pretty hor ^_^ wtf

I was 12 here! Look at my shoes hahahha I thought they could make me taller than my friends so I wouldn’t look so fat wtf

What can I say, I was one emo kid..

Seriously I look like I was mad at the whole world or something hahahaha FML fuck everyone fuck the world wtf

And the icing on the cake with cherry on top would be this picture:



jeng jeng jeng!!!

jeng jeng jeng! (not the baby ok)


This one not as scary as the home video I’m watching with Barry and my mom now! I was one crazy giant monster there hahaha

ok the end of embarassing myself.

Shit I feel like eating something but scared already after seeing all these pictures wtf


  1. Jo says:

    hahahahahaa i cant stop laughing when u mentioned about the dress that u asked ur AHMA to make hahahahahahhaha why like that one !!! u look really cute when u were little =)

  2. jess says:

    I just happened to drop by your blog. All the pictures during your childhood, cute , chubby… and then I was in awe when I scroll further down to check out your blog.

    Then I saw a total different person. Wow, what an amazing transformation! You’re really a gorgeous woman now and equally interesting blogger. Keep up the good work!!

  3. valsim says:

    i like the can you spot me picture too~ you look so happy and cute haha
    i used to buy those shoes too!!! to make me look taller and to make my legs longer T_T ahaha

  4. yumii says:

    You(now) look just the same when you’re a baby~!!!! I have to say… I need to wash my eyes now by looking at your *now* photos after all those… =.= ‘scary’ photos!!! Hahahaha!!

    You are officially a Transformer Sweat!!

  5. iwancmn says:

    wow.. Look at the thigh. I bet no robbers would even think about approaching you at that time. Errr they’re muscles right?

    You were adorable. I guess cute people are destined to be cute again later on no matter whar happen to their bodies somewhere in the middle of their lives,

  6. xyz says:

    hahahaha you’re so funny! can laugh at yourself not bad not bad. nobody really cares whether u’re ugly or fat when u were young if u are a gorgeous lady now!

  7. Shanshan says:

    awwwwwwww u were such a cute baby!! so adorable and pretty!!!
    can tell your features now from your 5-6 year-old pics. that striped shirt is so classic! i wondered why you wore sth like that! lol and look at how beautiful you are now!!! making the world jealous ok

  8. jy says:

    omg hahaha y are you cracking me up at 6 in the morning lol
    you were so cuteee..
    but omg the last few not you
    a totally makeover. look at u now!

  9. Dia says:

    You were so cute up to 6 yrs old!! Could have been a little celebrity..haha…Btw, I am really impressed at how u could shed off so much weight and turned into a gorgeous lady…hehe…any tips of losing the extra kilos?

  10. Ping Ping says:

    Sigh..I was like you too..Started off rather cute and then became disaster a bit. Problem is, now you are pretty already, I’m still a disaster. T_____T

    How I wish I can be a baby forever cause my grandma say I used to get praises everywhere I go and everyone used to like me. Some chinese believes that if people say you are cute when you were young, you’ll grow up ugly. Kill those people who said I was cute. CIS…

  11. Amy says:

    Woah! you look really cute when your young. so many expressions hahaha. suddenly you became so chubby like instant =o you still have the same face from young! so pretty =D

  12. lalala~ says:

    omgggggggg u were soooooooooooooo cute laaaa!
    the baby pictures especially!!!! kecik2 pun pandai camwhore d! the one with the fon omg so cuteeee!!!
    even when u r fat pun u look cute la! the 9 year old picture!!!

    but now u tukar to the butterfly d la! so pretty!

  13. sweatlee says:

    lyrehs, heh funny right!

    aille, the past is what made me the way i am now WTF damn emo

    jammie, hahahaha are u sure?? later our babies all obese how wtf

    vivian, haha nola her baby looks like edison chen wtf

    jo, ya hahaha serious one i really said that to her in hokkien wtf

    bebe, i’m sure u;re not!

    jess, haha thanks so much!

    kail, are you sure???? hahah

    missfiona, thank you *eyes filled with tears wtf

    ;), i played lots and lots of basketball! haha

    senki, but i have fat upper body!

    elaine, no hahaha damn ugly!

    denise, hahah isit?? maybe!

    emily, haha are u sure?? i thought i got triple chins wtf

    aud, maid hahahha

    tanyh, WTF hahah

    xiangyun, yeah we should form a club wtf

    ahbing, thanks, i try my best wtf

    valsim, yeah that pic damn funny hahaha

    yumii, same ah?? i thought quite different!

    tamago, hahaha!

    iwan, ya seriously omg look at them thunder thighs wtf. yeah…they..are..muscles..with fats wtf

    xyz, haha that made me who i am now im not ashamed of it wtf damn emo hahah

    shanshan, i wore that cause can make me look thinner ok! but didnt happen wtf

    lilxcute, ya i like tht too! but cannot la i smile like that now i’ll look like a retard wtf

    francesca, ya i just ate roti canai after writing this post wtf

    farahin, i played sports! then got very dark T_T are u sure i was pretty when i was fat?? or just making me happy only!

    liling, haha thanks!

    lin, yeah very true! haha

    pattirmina, i think those are baby fats so easy to lose kua

    jy, why u wake up at 6 in the morning?? yeah omg i was so fat u should see the video T_T

    chumi, really??

    pinkpau, ya seksi kan wtf

    donna, why that day 2nd day then now last day??

    jaysee, yeah phew i wonder if my parents were worried if i’d stay fat forever wtf

    dia, i played lots of sports and ate less! but didnt grow taller T_T

    hayley, haha really? i just played sports and ate less lor. but because of that i didnt grow taller dunno why T_T

    pingping, hahah got such thing ar??

    amy, yeah seriously suddenly from cute become so ugly T_T

    pinkpaperplane, haha u’re just being nice!

    lucy, it’s just my super happy smile wtf hahaha

    sean, i dunno how to read the last word! nu da shi ba wht? wht does it mean!

    cher wee, i dunno why also seriously! i ate normal food only wor!

    foodpromotions, haha thanks!

    lesley, hahahha dunno la!

    lalala, hahah are u sure fat also cute?? damn ugly T_T

    carol, haha!

    kenny, hahaha ya la! i was only 12 k!

    lynette, i just played sports and ate less!

    yuhhui, yeah i look like a maid wtf

  14. km says:

    I decided to feel bored today but you spoil my plan with this post. Hahaha cant stop laughing. btw can spot you on all pics, no nid 2 spot light on the baby and you. Hoho.

  15. Ping Ping says:

    i dunno if such things exist or not but imma blame everything on those people.. XD

    I wished I play sport but sigh, I don’t really play them except for some tarik tali here and there and some lontar peluru. Sigh, and I suck at those also.

    At least la, body like ball like that, got more energy to pull the tali or throw the peluru ma…mana tau, so weak. T____T

  16. Kai says:

    holy crap! you were a very cute baby. i guess when its your turn to make babies, Barry and yours will be cuter! so when lah? i think its gotta be soon since no more dates. wtf!you in your jeng jeng jeng jeng photo sure looks like a cultural revolution china prison guard!!! =) lol you wanna know who I am is it? i’m that guy sitting next to you on the public lrt which you don’t notice or take any interest in coz your head is already so full with five feet nine!

  17. su says: least you looked better than alot of us in our childhood days. i was a skinny girl with pink plastic glasses. can’t even bring to show ppl my horrible pic. pffft!

  18. sohpoh says:

    wowwww, u lost heaps of weight!! that’s so awesome esp the post-puberty weight damn difficult to get rid off wan! U r one lucky duck. I went the other way zzz. I was real skinny before, till after 13 kabooom. Fat. Lol..

  19. cindy khor says:

    oh, now i know that woman do change a lot when we grow older, i mean you are really pretty now if compared to last time (don’t hit me). now i believe that in this world,there’s no ugly woman, just lazy woman, as long as we eat healthily and exercise more and dress up and make up.

  20. gwen says:


    OMG pls post some pretty pictures of yourself soonish before these pictures get imprinted in our minds! when i was 12 i told my mom i wanna eat flies’ eggs cos i wanna have lose weight =S

  21. Lainey says:

    I like the 3rd photo. That’s definition of adorable. 😀 Btw, I saw your 15-present evolution…. your hair seem to grow at incredible speed! so long!! how many years did it take you to have your hair at its length now?

  22. Amanda says:

    awwwwwwww… suet.. Lol.. u look so cute la when u’re small!! u certainly evolved into one extremely gorgeous lady.. 😀

    Everytime i read ur blog, i feel like u’re the luckiest girl on earth.. especially those posts that u write about Barry & You. Those are so… touching & really sweet. Can feel that he is your true love. 🙂 I’ve never known anyone who has love as deep as you and Barry have for each other. Everytime I read your blog, it made me believe that perhaps true love really does exists T___T I would personally like to thank you for that. =) (I read some of your other posts under the categories- BazSuet and T_TEmoSuet so that’s y i end up talking about this instead of about this recent post of yours. lol.)

  23. ron says:

    the crying pic cracks me up. so CUTE but comical also. hahahahahaha. i agree, really look like cecilia cheung. last time fat nvm la, now slim down can alr.

    and i saw the the ‘maid’ comments…

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. sorry cant help it!

  24. nn says:

    hahaha Love all your post Suet!
    So pretty no matter what la even when you were a bit bigger you were very cute kid hehe
    i agree with people saying you look like cecilia cheung such a resemblance~
    a fan

  25. Cheryl says:

    Hi Suet! This is the first time I came across your blog because it so happened that last night my best friend and I were talking about how our looks change since young till now and she gave me the link to this post of yours. I really admire how brave you are to post these photos up in your blog, heck even I myself am embarassed of how super chubby I looked back then. The photos of your younger self really remined me a lot about how I looked back then and they really cracked me up! I was amazed at how similar my physical change and yours is, from cute babies into chubby kids and even chubbier tweens! Gee… I really hated how round my whole face looked back then, which was accented by my super huge cheeks. The funny thing is that how come we all started growing sideways after starting primary school? haha! Anyway, you sure look absolutely gorgeous now!! Looks like I need to go and play more sports and eat less like you!LOL =D

  26. Deity says:

    u did some plastic surgery, didnt u? lol. i’m just kiddin alright. look at the drastic changes.. a big fat emo more like an ugly duckin in the makin turned into one hell hot sexy beautiful swan! keep up the good work, u’re so beautiful now, cheers~

    btw u and cecilia cheung dont really look alike. a big sorry to the ones who agreed, i’m just expressin my thoughts though. u look 99.9% like the jap actress nanako matsushima, the one who acted in ice world, gto n forbidden love with hideaki takizawa.

  27. sweatlee says:

    km, hahha why u make me sound like i did something wrong wtf. hahah isit! i scared people thought tht girl is the maid wtf

    hbk, never wtf

    pingping, nvm can start playing now!

    kai, thanks. eh i don’t get what u’re talking about. what head full with five feet nine?

    su, hahah skinny good wht!!

    sohpoh, hahha thanks! i also still need to lose weight but i think i was never the thin type sigh

    cindy, haha true!!

    gwen, hahah just scroll down la! omg me too! i wanna bite my nails just so i can get worms wtf

    lainey, ermmm i had short hair when i was 15 but since then i never cut it shorter than my shoulder! so i guess it’s been 5 years!

    amanda, even the fat one ah! thanks =DDD aww u so sweet la! haha

    yee, hahahahha!!!

    hbk, err yeah someone just said that

    steph, haih my good ole fat pics, always a source of entertainment wtf

    ron, i looked like cecilia when she was fatter la! now she so pretty edi!

    8ight, why pretty enough hahaha

    nn, thanks! aww thanks for being a fan =)

    sean, i dont understand! isit when a girl grows older she changes 18 times wtf

    val, YEA! and li kuan and jannah!

    cheryl, hello =D haha i’m not even embarassed at all! just wanna make people laugh haha. i dont think i was really upset at my fat self actually..dunno just didnt think i was THAT fat. was living in denial wtf. thanks again!

    deity, hahah yeah i did liposuction wtf. thanks! haha really ah? i’ve never got that one before!

    kadjone, really?? i thought i look different already! haha

    mustard, WTF hahahha!

    keong, just play sports only! baby fats so easy to lose kua

    melanie, i think those are baby fats la so i just played sports only!

    giulia, thanks! =D

  28. Rebecca says:

    wow I went thru the same phase. ppl used to love pinching my cheeks and i think i was fatter… i stood about 5ft 3inches when i was 12 weighing 60kgs.. then I lost 10kg suffering from 2 weeks of fever.. what a miracle

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