A Few Days in My Life

A-few-days-in-my-life-in-Malaysia-for-the-first-two-weeks-before-I-start-my-internship post!

I love this time of the year cause it’s my total relaxation period. I can wake up whenever I want, sleep whenever I want and do whatever I want! Woohoo!

So this is what I’ve been up to these few days..

(+25 pictures under the cut(mostly camwhore shots))

Thursday: Woke up, showered and got dressed! I’m wearing my favorite skirt with bow =D

Then went for lunch with Barry at my favorite Japanese restaurant, Sakae!

HELLO! ^_^

Friday: repeat cycle. Woke up late, showered, put on makeup, got dressed, camwhored.

Cooked simple lunch for siblings and boyfriend

Went shopping and came back empty handed again. This is me, bored, cause I was waiting for Barry to try something on

Sunday: Family day! This is my ‘big change in life’. Spot the difference! I’m a big girl now *big wet eyes

My eyesight got so bad that I can’t read the subtitles on tv and roadsigns when I drive anymore! So I got colored contacts cause I’ve always wanted to try them out. These are brown so they’re not very obvious!

It’s soooo hard for me to put on the contacts cause my eyes are too small to be opened (even the optician said so!). Now I can put them in but cannot take them out wtf so Barry does it for me..

Sister and brother who was playing some game on his handphone cause the game clearly was more important than posing for his darling sister’s camera wtf

I really need to dye my hair and get a haircut. It’s turning so limp I can barely do anything with it these days.

Mom, learning how to camwhore hahaha

Stuffed after a hearty meal paid by me! (doesn’t happen often wtf)

Brother licking the creme brulee clean

Mmm, yummay yummay in my tummay!

What I ate on Monday: Chilli Pan Mee in Taipan! Bluek no need to go allll the way to KL anymore!

Who I ate pan mee with

Mmmm, yummay yummay in my tummay! (this is getting annoying wtf)

What’s for dessert?

Who says Mondays are boring? It’s not if you’re not working….yet T_T

Tuesday: put on my makeup. A lot of difference right? Look at my hair! Hair turned straight after 5 minutes T_T

Camwhored like nobody’s business wtf.

Had lunch at Sushi Zanmai cause Shawn was working there!

Dessert on him! Thanks Shawn =D


Went to pasar malam after that to get some pearl tea and my favorite biskut ketam aka tam tam aka best thing ever.

And this is what I’ve been doing with my life which is really nothing much at all. 4 more days of this and I’ll have to start my internship already πŸ™

p.s: my friend Giang is coming to visit tomorrow!

54 Responses to “A Few Days in My Life”

  1. jammie says:

    your eyes so pretty and sparkly /boo

    your mum very pretty hi auntie!

    and why your hair turn straight after 5 minutes??

    ok love you bye wtf

  2. aud says:

    1. even your first few lines make me envious T_T

    2. i love sushi zanmai!

    3. wah so big difference! i know! u are wearing color contacts! WTF

    4. your eye makeup so nice i dont have the power to do that anymore=(

  3. Lizzie says:


  4. tamago says:

    ohhh your brown lenses suits you very much!

    very er eye-catching! (how original wtf)

    yahlor faster go dye your hair blondeeeeeeeeee πŸ˜€

  5. Chu King says:

    fantastic, i can’t wait to go back πŸ™‚

  6. tze says:

    why so many pretty pictures i am so jealous πŸ™

  7. clem says:

    your hello ^_^ pic = best evar

    oh and damn big difference with the contacts!

  8. carol says:

    hahaha why you watch tvb drama with flying warriors in chain mail WTF.

  9. Gin says:

    eh ure sister looks diff @_@ i think she looked better with short hair?? or maybe i jsut forgot what she looks like. wtf.

    try purple! purple on asian eyes quite nce wan the colour blend until huhuhu

  10. missfiona says:

    you should put on lighter contacts to make it more obvious since you have brown reddish hair and fair skin! :))
    but very pretty anyways.

    i miss pearl tea! can’t wait for your intern post hehe.

  11. rysa says:

    i love your make up! so nice!
    your eyes so pretty as well :D:D

  12. cindy khor says:

    your mum is so cool, camwhoring like we do… and i miss chilli pan mian too, they were so tasty that i had to have them once every week, their chilli especially were very shiok.

    and ummm… is the 3rd picture delibrate with something on your teeth? if it is, then its super funny…

  13. yosie says:

    agree brown is slightly noticeable. i like green, you should try that. think it looks good on asian people. weird to try like a not so normal color ie gray. my sister tried it and she looked funny, like a ghost wtf.

    where are you doing your internship if you don’t mind my asking?

  14. Jay says:

    Awesome! I used to live in Nagoya and the central is called Sakae! Aww my little doggie is snoring … boo its cuteeee purring like a cat haha xoxo

  15. Donna says:

    your siblings have a sharp chin and good looking..
    T_T, unlike me.. got a big pao face.. =.=”

  16. elaine says:

    I got my colored contact lens too…You should try green color. It damn chio!!


    Nowadays, i can’t leave house without lens….:) I’m wearing green now, black previously, and dark-brown previously previously. Haahahahha~

  17. Estherlei says:

    i cooked the baked bean too =) I will normally add sausage and potato too. Nice eyes Suet

  18. Jaclyn says:

    damn i so hungry wtf T__T

  19. mg says:

    i love sakae sushi too and that dessert that u had for free at sushi zanmai cost nzd4 here. lol. ur eye make up is really good and WOW what a huge difference coloured contacts can do!! hmm im tempted to try them out as soon as i earn my own money. lol.

  20. Hayley says:

    yaya alot of difference.. i love color lens too! what brand did u buy?

  21. Erlinda says:

    nice pics u have there. :

  22. sweatlee says:

    jammie, cause of the humidity i think! grr

    aud, hahah there there. WTF great guess audrey, nobody could have guessed especially when i clearly said so in the next line wtf

    lizzie, me ah? if it’s me then thanks! if it’s the..erm pan mee wtf then yeah it’s a beauty! wtf

    tamago, hahah! nola i wont dye blonde cause i’m a chicken like that…

    chu king, why!


    clem, hahah! isit? i thought this is brown so not very obvious

    carol, hahah nola! it’s some documentary on kungfu, barry was watching

    gin, haha isit? eh u met her before? purple like so scary no ar!

    missfiona, im trying brown first, i bought grey and green too!

    rysa, haha thanks! nola yours nicer ok!!!

    cindy, ya she felt left out when we camwhored without her wtf. got something on my teeth meh?? wtf hahah yeah i did it on purpose!

    yosie, i bought green too! and grey wtf. erm i’m gonna intern at women’s aid organization! it’s an ngo

    jay, ooh it’s a place ah! hahah so cute!

    donna, haha my mom’s genes i think!

    elaine, ya i bought green too! will try next month!

    esther, ya very easy dish right! thanks =D

    jaclyn, me too wtf

    mg, haha really big difference ah?? i thought it’s not that obvious! cause brown only.

    hayley, i got freshlook!

    erlinda thanks! πŸ™‚

  23. jay see says:

    aunty is so cute hahahahaha! your sis is pretty!

  24. yosie says:

    lol hopefully not as bad on you as it was on my sister, but freshlook is the best IMO, esp cuz the green looks pretty natural. best of luck w/the internship; sounds promising.

  25. Joy SE says:

    I realize you look like a singer from Taiwan!
    You know Claire Guo Jing? Click this>>http://ent.ce.cn/main/yy/yyxw/200804/22/W020080422257148605206.JPG
    You guys have similar eyes and nose.
    I think! What do you think?
    Wahseh your make up skills are awesome.

  26. ozzie says:

    Aww how exciting! New job. I’m too chicken to start a new job so I signed up for more studying lol.

  27. Nurisya says:

    hey, is that the subang pasar malam which is located more towards sunway area??

  28. Y.E. says:

    nice ribbon dress suet! ^_^

  29. Ren says:

    pretty as always!
    have fun with ur intern πŸ˜€

  30. Jade Zheng says:

    cut your hair! Barry cut dee rite? limp no nice. volume baru ada umph! hahaha~

  31. Francesca says:

    ur life looks gooooddd ^^
    so what u goin to do with ur hair ? i remember, i went through the same stage. i think, i cut it n colored. n change ur shampoo !

  32. Shanshan says:

    555555555555 cannot see picssss stupid internet~~T__T wanna see your new contact!~~~~

  33. Fuzzy! says:

    Am I the only one who prefers your look without makeup? You look more intimidating with ’em on, more unapproachable. Oh well.

  34. CraSH says:

    get all the rest you need.. i got a feeling you will be complaining about traveling to work soon. hehe… oh!~ and who you work for this summer? same as last?

    anyway, have fun with giang… i am sure you are a good tour guide.

    p/s: nice pics!! reminds me of home…

  35. sarah says:

    One of my close friend worked at women’s aid organization and they ended up giving her jobs like filing and dusting. She didn’t waste her time staying there so she took her superhero efforts somewhere else. I hope you don’t end up getting jobs like that..Anyway, nice contacts..the 1st time I put contacts on I felt so scared. But now I feel like taking them out is easier than putting them in.

  36. Michael says:

    The third picture really frightened me a while haha. Try it with chili, quite nice also…my friend played with corn too hahahahaha

    and Pasar Malam! I like those night markets in Taiwan too, lotsa thing to eat hehe. HK one is boring, stuffy, and way overrated lol (mostly cos theres nothing to eat hmm)

  37. Angie says:

    you are finally using color contacts /beg

    Ei why u talked to me half way then no reply adi T3T

  38. elaine says:

    Oh ya, I’m wearing Geo brand, and i can get it at cheap price as to compare to FreshLook.

    I tried Fresh Look too, http://elaine-memories.blogspot.com/2009/04/freshlook-hazels-eye.html, RM55 for a pair…And now i’m wearing Geo RM35 per pair….

    Both are 1 month lens…..Let me know if you want to try Geo ok? πŸ™‚

  39. Gin says:

    ya.. at the taylors drama thingie that time.

    the purple wont look that purple on asians wan.. look brownish grey

  40. Makeupgeeek says:

    Which one is better? Freshlook or Freshkon? I bought the Freshkon in Perky Brown, mannnn I use it on the same day I bought it, I dont know why, for some reason, my vision is blurred and it was tab bit annoying xia!

    I wanted to try the one that you using, Freshlook Honey if not mistaken but no more stock. sigh.

    The color look really good on you. Mcm anak orang kacukan ang mo heheh.

  41. daisy says:

    ur bro’s good looking!

  42. Sabrina says:

    i love love love Sakae…i want Sakae in Kuching

  43. Vivian says:

    i just got my 1st colour contact lense too!
    a dark grey wan. hehe..
    high5 suet!
    u siblings look alike

  44. ellejay says:

    Eh where did you eat your chilli pan mee? I mean where in Taipan? It’s looks so yummy yummy in yo-…*ahem* it looks good! Melbourne is sad la no pan mee T.T

  45. samantha says:

    hi sweat lee,
    where u bought ur curler?any specified brand and d measurements pls.Oh ya envy ur flawless skin ler..U apply any bb cream or foundation/powder?what concealer u use to cover ur dark circles?mine r real bad.If u r free do post up d skincare + make ups that u r using.thanks

  46. sweatlee says:

    jaysee, thanks! =D

    yosie, thanks!

    joyse, hahaha nola!!! her eyes damn big ok mine not even half tht size!

    ozzie, haha! it’s ok study more better wtf

    nurisya, yeap!

    ye, thanks!

    ren, thanks!

    jade, haha ya he cut his damn short! i scared!

    francesca, haha! i’m using herbal essence wor i thought quite good one! the rest very expensive la!

    shanshan, whyyy! did they ban my website wtf

    fuzzy, i look so bland without!

    crash, yeah i sure will haha! thanks!

    sarah, really ah?? hopefully i’ll get to do something better..yeah i still take pretty long to put them on!

    michael, haha! really ah sucks la HK wtf how can got nothing to eat?

    angie, ya /beg. u la reply so slow! i went out edi

    elaine, oooh where did u get geo brand? i heard about it before too. is it good?

    gin, ooooh! such a long time ago edi!

    makeup, hmm i only have freshlook and i like it better cause they have more colors than freshkon! yeah the first day i used colored contacts my vision was blurred too. cause u’re not used to it and cause it’s colored. u’ll get used to it!

    daisy, thanks lemme tell him!

    sabrina, yeah me too i loveee sakae!

    vivian, haha yea everyone says so!

    ellejay, it’s in usj9 near namheong!

    samantha, erm my curler is conair, i got it from the US. not sure the diameter but it’s the middle one, not too big not too small. yeah i applied bb cream! just started using this week =Di dont use concealer cause my eyes are small so i dont have dark circles!

  47. Michael says:

    No la..just that you cant find food in hk nightmarket…i mean, what is a nightmarket without nice things to eat along the way haha. Anyway HK is really a good place when it comes to food, albeit a lil pricey sometimes. I bet there are some good ones near HKU, i only been there once though.

    Hmm…but judging from your frugality (no offense haha), HK can be quite pricey if you are in search for good food! (And long queues too…) Anyway hope to see you soon in HK, i maybe staying in HK for a while, as i have my own place soon after moving out from my dorm haha.

  48. elaine says:

    I got it from one the supplier (who is selling Geo lens)..my boyfriend’s friend’s girlfriend……Very far hor..hahahahah~~

    I think if to compare both, both feels about the same..but the price is different……It’s like you can buy another pair of lens once you buy 2 boxes of FreshLook lens….

    for 1 month also…

  49. Mei says:

    wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i soooooooooooo want ur life right now! exams starting next week. SHIT!

  50. Fumoffu says:

    Did you do it on purpose on the 3rd picture? XD You are really a sporting girl. I likey πŸ˜€ Actually, I like you hair colour. May I know what’s the colour? I plan to dye my hair πŸ˜€

  51. lalala~ says:

    sorry!!!! so sorry i havent been dropping comments at ur blog recently! damn streamyx..

    n wah!!! ur internship so fast d??!!
    n i havent meet u…………… T_____________________T

  52. samantha says:

    which bb cream u r using ya?what bout loose/compact powder?
    do u have any recommendations on how to make my pores smaller ar?

  53. Jamie says:

    SUET LI! I am very surprised! and that made me much happier, actually it made me feel happier than going to it already =D!! << no equals and D’s can really express my face now hahaa. hope to meet you in another event! maybe a screening =D=D.

  54. Ruth S. Ling says:

    Good post I love this tv series alot. The plot is somehow different from the previous ones.

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