A Few Days in My Life

A Few Days in My Life

A-few-days-in-my-life-in-Malaysia-for-the-first-two-weeks-before-I-start-my-internship post!

I love this time of the year cause it’s my total relaxation period. I can wake up whenever I want, sleep whenever I want and do whatever I want! Woohoo!

So this is what I’ve been up to these few days..

(+25 pictures under the cut(mostly camwhore shots))

Thursday: Woke up, showered and got dressed! I’m wearing my favorite skirt with bow =D

Then went for lunch with Barry at my favorite Japanese restaurant, Sakae!

HELLO! ^_^

Friday: repeat cycle. Woke up late, showered, put on makeup, got dressed, camwhored.

Cooked simple lunch for siblings and boyfriend

Went shopping and came back empty handed again. This is me, bored, cause I was waiting for Barry to try something on

Sunday: Family day! This is my ‘big change in life’. Spot the difference! I’m a big girl now *big wet eyes

My eyesight got so bad that I can’t read the subtitles on tv and roadsigns when I drive anymore! So I got colored contacts cause I’ve always wanted to try them out. These are brown so they’re not very obvious!

It’s soooo hard for me to put on the contacts cause my eyes are too small to be opened (even the optician said so!). Now I can put them in but cannot take them out wtf so Barry does it for me..

Sister and brother who was playing some game on his handphone cause the game clearly was more important than posing for his darling sister’s camera wtf

I really need to dye my hair and get a haircut. It’s turning so limp I can barely do anything with it these days.

Mom, learning how to camwhore hahaha

Stuffed after a hearty meal paid by me! (doesn’t happen often wtf)

Brother licking the creme brulee clean

Mmm, yummay yummay in my tummay!

What I ate on Monday: Chilli Pan Mee in Taipan! Bluek no need to go allll the way to KL anymore!

Who I ate pan mee with

Mmmm, yummay yummay in my tummay! (this is getting annoying wtf)

What’s for dessert?

Who says Mondays are boring? It’s not if you’re not working….yet T_T

Tuesday: put on my makeup. A lot of difference right? Look at my hair! Hair turned straight after 5 minutes T_T

Camwhored like nobody’s business wtf.

Had lunch at Sushi Zanmai cause Shawn was working there!

Dessert on him! Thanks Shawn =D


Went to pasar malam after that to get some pearl tea and my favorite biskut ketam aka tam tam aka best thing ever.

And this is what I’ve been doing with my life which is really nothing much at all. 4 more days of this and I’ll have to start my internship already 🙁

p.s: my friend Giang is coming to visit tomorrow!