You know how sometimes you wake up and you’ll go ok today I really don’t feel like blogging at all but I should write something just so my readers won’t think someone kidnapped me and chopped me into a million pieces but I really don’t know what to say should I say err hello I’m still alive or should I say something more interesting like hello I can’t blog cause I’ve been busy running around playing tourist guide or should I talk about the Tiger Party where I basically just stoned around most of the time?

but I really don’t feel like blogging. It’s just one of those days.


  1. iwancmn says:

    come one suet we all have to have the so called ‘blank days’. Only the terminators have daily schedule on people they have to kill. Unless you want to fix some metal up the chin, and more metal down there; there is nothing to worry about. Have a rest. 🙂

  2. Jac says:

    Hey! I saw you, wanted to take a picture with you but it seemed like you weren’t in a good mood so I didn’t approach you :s

    Hope everything’s alright with you girl *hugs*

  3. Solitary Rose says:

    Yea you did looked like u were in a bad mood yesterday..It took me like almost 2 hours later to finally ask you for a picture. You is teh awesome blogger…Shall wait for your awesome return…meanwhile..enjoy Malaysia! 😀

  4. Amanda says:

    aw.. =( yea, i have many of ‘one of those days’ too. *sigh*

    take care yea.. and if you think u want a break from blogging then just go ahead.. =) I know you’re enjoying ur time back home too.. so just relax. ^^

  5. angel says:

    HEY! =D I realised that I’m just like you in terms of ‘kiamsiap’ness teehee..I find it hard to spend above RM30 for tops and RM20 for realllly basic tops.

    anyways i’ll be leaving malaysia in sept to further my studies overseas and i need a lot of clothes!!! do you have any suggestions as to where i can get cheap clothes for uni? (basic stuff to mix & match) i’d really appreciate it. thanks!! 😀

  6. cindy khor says:

    yup, i understand how you feel. its like the mind’s blank and you just don’t feel like typing down any thought (not like there’s anything) and you just want to savour everything around you without having to crack your head in front of the computer.

    i wish i could do the same i-don’t-feel-like-blogging statement like you did. i think i would just write “i don’t wanna blog today, no need for scrolling down, full stop.”

  7. didi says:

    Well you just finished a year at university/college 😉 So you would want to get away from thinking so much including blogging.

    So take a break from blogging … with kitkat lol! XD

  8. Ping Ping says:

    dont worry…i have it all the time too…mine is slightly better cuz i not much reader…hahaha…got also my mum and sis only. XD

    I stoned around during the party too!!!And to think that my sis and I took a 5 hour bus to go there and stone. But I’m glad I took picture with many of the girls’ whose blog I read.

  9. Dwee says:

    See la suet. You some more ask why I say you are a celebrity. You just write about how you don’t feel like blogging also got 22 (and still counting) comments d. Haha!

  10. Ch@rlie says:

    Suetli, notice you were stoning around and not a single smile. So didnt dare approach you for a picture. Scared you might just give me a big slap. LOL. hope you are alright and see you around

  11. tamago says:

    oh yays im so glad you did not blog wtf coz i was outstation for awhile and didnt had internet connection and was thinking damn im missing out on all your awesome blogposts and apparently not! so relieved wtf so selfish hor anyways you sound rather tired so i hope everything goes well for you! XD

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