My week

My week

Sorry sorry I really have no time to blog now although I’m in high spirits to blog right now. I’ve already started my internship and as usual, it’s back to the waking up at 6.30am and sleeping before 11.30pm routine again. Even so, I’m not getting my required 8 hours of sleep wuwu. Will talk about my work later.

Firstly! My week! What have I been up to?? I haven’t blogged for an ENTIRE WEEK *GASPS

I’ve never not blogged for this long before! What have become of me! Lazier and fatter that’s what T__T You’ll see..

Jammie brought me to this eyebrow threading place! I was an eyebrow threading virgin before this *big wet eyes

So much nicer than plucking myself!

So Giang and her boyfriend, Linh, came to visit me last week! This is Linh and Barry waiting for us while we shopped. Aiya wait a bit also cannot wtf

Giang and Linh =D

Us with her beloved hello kitty

One fine day after I spent so much time curling my hair

after FIVE minutes T_________T I hate this seriously. I woke up so early for shit ah

I also changed cause I looked exceptionally fat that day so I couldn’t wear a tube dress. I threw such a big tantrum that day cause everything about me went sooo wrong. Must be the PMS *blames

Majolica Majorca mascara which is amazing! But a pain to remove

Barry Marry Strawberry

Me, looking bitchy wtf. I’m not bitchy one ok although I look like I am..I’m only mean when I’m in a very bad mood.

Usually I’m like this one wtf. This is my favorite pastime now! Putting random pieces of food on my teeth and take pictures. This time I took chili and almost burnt my tongue to death..

HAHAHAHA! This is the most unflattering angle EVER! Try it! Even if you’re damnnnn good looking, you’ll end up looking like shit too!

Omg look at my meaty arms. I hate it that the first parts that get fat first will be my arms and shoulders and upper back!! Make me look so bulky T_T

Oh by the way, this was at Timothy’s birthday party!



NICHOLAS YOU DAMN STUPID LAH HAHAHAHA your eyebrows hahahahha damn funny!!!!

Us with the drunk birthday boy

HAHAHA can you spot nicholas again??

With Jammie and the man with them brows wtf

look at what barry did to me!!! domestic violence sial wtf. No lah actually he was playing wii and I walked in front of him and chiakkkkkkkkk and wuwuwuuwu and sorry sorry baby sorry and wuwuwuwu somemore

look at the fats on my back! sigh this is what malaysian food does to people T_T I won’t even bother photoshopping it cause lying to myself will only make me eat more..

With Giang in her hotel room. Guess what we were doing!

Nyehehe! Soaking our feet after a long day of walking. Don’t know why was the water green though!

🙂 Thanks for coming babe! I hope you liked Msia!

My crown earring!

We had one hour to kill before dinner with my family so guess what we did wtf. We went to the cyber cafe hahaha! We played SPORE, this amazing game created by the creators of The Sims! Sooo fun!

Then we went to Sheraton for buffet and I ate sooooo much and now I feel so guilty 🙁 But the food was free! Cause my sister works there for her training thingy now. So, yays!

OK 11.30pm sharp, time to sleep! Shit forgot to talk about my job. Will talk about it next time. Sorry for the hiatus, hope this post made up for it!