1. I sleep before 11 pm every night

2. I get soooo sleepy around 9 pm. WHO gets sleepy that early?? Not even babies!

3. I work from 8-6 when my working hours is 9-5 T___T cause Barry has to send me first so I have to go earlier T_T

4. I do NOT get paid

5. I am very very emotionally drained

6. I enjoy my job very much but I see things that make me lose faith in humanity everyday

7. I wish one person can make more changes in the world

8. I really have so much to blog about but I’m way too sleepy

9. Why are some men so cruel?

10. It’s time for bed


  1. Francesca says:

    Reading your posts lately reminded me how I went through the similiar phase too. The part of growing up ?! school is so much fun, ya ^^
    I don’t want to make this comment box to serious ^^ but u will do great, Suet – u strong n have a good will – surrounded by people who care for u

  2. bjk says:

    i’m having internship abroad now, paying all the expenses myself, not getting paid, and have to work 9-5pm. going back home without the homey feeling is not enjoyable at all. we’re all on the same boat:)

  3. cindy khor says:

    maybe you’re still not used to malaysia’s time zone?? or because of the hot and humid weather?? and you’re not getting paid for your internship?? that’s weird…

    i suggest to ignore the cruelity of men as it just keeps on continue-ing and we can’t do anything about it.

  4. aylien says:

    Thing is, and I know it sounds trite to say it, but the work you do, and the place you’re interning at (i’m assuming a domestic violence / rape crisis center?), are exactly the reasons to restore our faith in humanity.
    There’re probably a million and one other ways you could be spending your time, but you’re choosing to stick with your internship.
    I’m not saying that you should feel self-important, but take some solace that there is still some good left in the world.

  5. onefourever says:

    Sweatlee, i also feel tired and even get to bed as early 8.30pm once in a while after my work..physically tired..

    So, what are you working as in internship?may i know what course are you taking?Business major?

  6. Ping Ping says:

    On the bright side, at least you are putting some effort to help these women right??? Rather than sit and do nothing about it. Besides, it really opens you up to the cruelity and truth of the world today.

    Before my sis started working in Penang GH, I never knew people commit suicide every single day. I thought the cases where people swallow pills or drink detergent are just on television.

    I used to think people commit suicide cause of money/sickness and not cause of love. I know, very ignorant right? The newspaper never report about committing suicide cause of love anyway. But when my sister kept getting calls to go back to hospital in the middle of the night because someone committed suicide, it really hit me that there’s many things happening in this world that we don’t know because we are ignorant about it.

  7. Mei says:

    i wake up for uni at 7am sharp, and reach home close to 7pm every weekday for almost 2 months now. i get tired BEFORE 9pm.

    and and and its freaking winter! =(

    awesome or not?!! o.0

  8. Kevin Yong says:

    Try working 2 different jobs everyday and night. Then you’ll know what is called tired. 😀 I don’t even have time to fall sick. It’s called working.

    By the way, one person can’t change the world. He or she can only change the world around him/her.

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