Losing my religion

I’ve been living the most monotonous life you can ever imagine. Such is the agony and ordeal of the working class. My life has been reduced to an endless cycle of being stuck in traffic jams and waiting to go home 12 hours later.

Where has my motivation flown to? What have become of all that drive and passion of wanting to help educate and empower women?

To be completely honest, there is nothing I want more than loitering in malls and hanging out with ‘friends’ now. (‘friends’, because they are nonexistent now — working has greatly reduced my social life to negative seventy point two-five, since I sleep way before my friends do and wake up when they go to bed).

Such is the despair faced by the working class.

Why aren’t there 4 working days instead of 5? What can you do in those 2 pathetic days you aren’t working anyway? Just catching up on sleep will already take up 1.5 days, which only leaves 0.5 days to do random stuff like watching the girls go by and catching flies with chopsticks.

I have not yet started working full-time  and I have already begun to get sick in the stomach just thinking about it. The more I type this, the harder I’m shuddering at the realization that there is now officially only 729 days and 21 hours before I start working for realz. Great I just wasted 2 minutes of that 729 days and 21 hours to do this math. Now there are only 729 days, 20 hours and 58 minutes left to enjoy my days as a student.


Yesterday when I was showering as a student, I took an interest in this particular baby lizard which was happily loitering around the bathroom. As a student, I obviously freaked out and screamed, hoping that the shrill sound I emitted would be strong enough a decibel to knock the baby lizard off its daze.

The baby lizard (which was also really, really, black in color which happens to be an important fact to note because black lizards have black hearts and it was then a correct decision for me as a student to want to kill this baby lizard which is assumed to have an evil evil heart) then scurried away on its 4? tiny feet.

As a student, I had no choice but to assume the responsibility to rid this peaceful world of the baneful existence of these creatures. So I pointed my shower head at that lizard with an evil heart for I had no other form of weapon with me as I was caught in this battle unprepared.

The baby lizard with the black heart then tried to escape but the student in me was quick enough to turn off the shower, wrap the towel around myself, open the door and run as fast as I could to get the Shieldtox and sprayed a copious amount of the pesticide which is composed of prallethrin d-phenothrin tetramethrin (this is important because I’m still a student after all).

Where was I?

Oh, so I sprayed the Shieldtox on that heinous little monster until it got weak in its knees. AND THEN!!!! It had the cheek to use its invisibility cloak when I turned my head to scratch my back!!!!

I tell you, lizards, especially black ones, are the most cunning creatures on earth. I know that because I’m a student.

I gave up and continued showering and out of nowhere, the villain appeared again! It was already very weak by then so the kind hearted student in me decided to spare  its wicked life and so I just sprayed water on it until it went down the shower hole, back to where it truly belonged.

Being a student surely brings so much joy into my life. 729 days, 19 hours and 49 minutes left.


  1. clem says:

    i so don’t look forward to the day i start working. i’m planning to delay it for as long as i can =/

    but i guess if you enjoy your work and stuff that monotony wouldn’t be that bad, no?

  2. Janice says:

    I truly understand your feeling suet li. =( I’ve been working for 3 months and I cannot tahan the working life since the first week. so pathetic you know. no freedom, work like a robot, no leisure time, etc etc. sigh. life’s tough.

  3. PinkPaperPlane says:

    Look on the bright side. When you start working, you don’t have constant nagging at the back of your mind, i.e. “STUDY!” “EXAM!” “ASSIGNMENT!” etc. etc.

    And remember you are doing a GOOD DEED.. no.. GREAT DEED to SOCIETY with what you are doing.

  4. Donna says:

    that’s the main reason why i always said working life is BORING

    it’s like caterpilar to pupa to butterfly after that back to caterpilar again. Everything in everyday is almost the same, just different day got different job scope and next week repeats the exactly thing u do this week. =.=”
    see the cycling part? and holiday is always not enough, working for 5 days already tired enough, so Sat and sun wont have to mood going anywhere anymore. T.T

    btw.. you are good in writing things like this
    “catching flies with chopsticks”
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. so funny..

  5. lilxcute says:

    i wish there was only 4 working days instead of 5 too. I’d rather work 9 hrs a day to make up for the extra day haha..too bad there’s no such thing in msia. In usa they have alternate fridays off.

  6. Ren says:

    that happen when you work on something you don’t really like?
    If you love the job, you will rather spent more time on the job instead of going home doing nothing 😛
    some jobs are fun and interesting 🙂

    LOLed on the pity black lizard…

  7. Porcupine says:

    welcome to the working world Suet!
    well, I guess it’s up to us to make work seem interesting…
    hang in there girl!

    by the way, do you remember a post where you and barry had some sort of online dinner?
    the one where you both dressed up and had dinner together through the webcam?
    do you have the link to it?
    cant seem to find it…

  8. Kevin Yong says:

    Fuck la… I feel sorry for the lizard… Poor thing… Hope it had paid its sin and will become a better person in the next life….

    Anyway, this is the real working life. It makes you sweat. Bare in mind you’ll be working for a long long time until you retire…. HEhe…

  9. Dia says:

    Working life is like that lah…Just think abt the monetary freedom..haha…You earn the $ and so u can spend it as u want…hehe…Anyway, I think it will help a lot if you have fun and helpful colleagues who are ard ur age…hehe…

  10. Vivien says:

    so true, i want my free time, my beauty sleep, tv channels surfing time, my pangsai time, my staring into blank space time… hahaha

    been working for 4.5 years now, so wish to have holidays

  11. Ping Ping says:

    well…i’ve never really started working but that’s why I told myself I CANNOT work in an office. Will die of boredom. So I guess you’ll have to find something you enjoy doing..I don’t know.

    Wah, u can kill the lizard some more..If I were you, I’ll run out and NEVER LOOK BACK. T__T lizards are my biggest weakness…

  12. norule says:

    hold on suet li!! i’m sure you can do it :)) you are a very strong person lehh of course can survive. tho i cried on the 2nd week of work bcos of boredom ho hum

  13. CraSH says:

    this is just the begining… but if you land yourself a job that is “play” to you, than it would be awesome….

    so are you sure you want to work in the banking industry? analyst in investment/hedge funds work 12-16hrs a day 6-7days a week..

    i have a buddy in nyc only had 5 days off out of 365 days on his 1st year working for a hedge fund. yikes!~

    some people thinks working in the US is less stressful, but it all depends on what kind of job you get… higher paying jobs usually means sacrifices to forgo play time for monies$$…

  14. Shanshan says:

    omg suet… i can hardly keep my eyes open… woke up at 6:13 today and there is not even anything to do in the office=.= seriously i’d rather go back to mount holyoke and “get tortured” by japanese anthropology…

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