My 4-day weekend


I took leave on thursday and friday cause Barry’s friend is visiting! (now the question is why am I taking leave when it’s Barry’s friend? To that I’ll say..good question which I have no answer to wtf)

Anyway this is mainly just a picture post of what we have been up to. Half the pictures here are camwhore shots so brace yourself for an eternity of Suet Li’s face from left, from right, from up, with cap, without..and beyond.

So, we went to Malacca on Friday!

#1. Barry and his friend, Duong (pronounced as Zung – I know I know, vietnamese have funny names) at the chicken rice stall at Malacca.

#2. Sweaty me and a  cropped Barry who seems very happy

#3. Chicken rice balls, laksa and cendol! Those are the things I MUST eat when I go malacca!

#4. Unfortunately, what I hate about Malacca the most is how it’s perpetually super hot and humid. Couldn’t stop sweating buckets!

#5. Barry acting gay wtf

#6. Zung acting gay (as in happy kinda gay wtf)

#7. Went fish spa! We wanted somewhere cooling and the fish spa here was a lot cheaper than KL so we tried it out for fun!

#8. Barry giggling cause it was very ticklish!

#9. Happy Zung!

#10. Went to St Paul’s church!

#11. Hot and sweaty again

#12. Boys acting gay again tsk tsk tsk

#13. In A Famosa! which was a loooot smaller than I remembered it to be..

#14. Boys being boys

#15. Nerdy porter boy Barry reading the historical facts

#16. Curled my hair with straightener on both days! I’m getting pretty good at this!

#17. I like using flash now cause it makes my complexion look a lot nicer! (except that it makes my nose look a lot uglier T_T). I also like flash cause my color contacts will show better.

Color contacts make me look like I had more makeup on when I only had mascara and eyeliner <3 flash and color contacts! Gonna try grey next month.

#18. Majolica Majorca mascara and BB cream are the shiznits I tell you

#19. I drove to KL *big wet eyes

Such a big achievement for someone like me! The traffic was bad so here I am using my time wisely

#20. At KLCC cause that’s where you should bring tourists to

#21. KLCC love

#22. KLCC love went wrong wtf

That’s all we did for the past two days! We had a lot of malaysian food in between too =D

p.s: I got my one way flight to Hong Kong for…


it’s super cheap!

super super crazy cheap!

Normal price is RM450-500 one way for Airasia/MAS


I got it for!


I rock period