My 4-day weekend


I took leave on thursday and friday cause Barry’s friend is visiting! (now the question is why am I taking leave when it’s Barry’s friend? To that I’ll say..good question which I have no answer to wtf)

Anyway this is mainly just a picture post of what we have been up to. Half the pictures here are camwhore shots so brace yourself for an eternity of Suet Li’s face from left, from right, from up, with cap, without..and beyond.

So, we went to Malacca on Friday!

#1. Barry and his friend, Duong (pronounced as Zung – I know I know, vietnamese have funny names) at the chicken rice stall at Malacca.

#2. Sweaty me and a  cropped Barry who seems very happy

#3. Chicken rice balls, laksa and cendol! Those are the things I MUST eat when I go malacca!

#4. Unfortunately, what I hate about Malacca the most is how it’s perpetually super hot and humid. Couldn’t stop sweating buckets!

#5. Barry acting gay wtf

#6. Zung acting gay (as in happy kinda gay wtf)

#7. Went fish spa! We wanted somewhere cooling and the fish spa here was a lot cheaper than KL so we tried it out for fun!

#8. Barry giggling cause it was very ticklish!

#9. Happy Zung!

#10. Went to St Paul’s church!

#11. Hot and sweaty again

#12. Boys acting gay again tsk tsk tsk

#13. In A Famosa! which was a loooot smaller than I remembered it to be..

#14. Boys being boys

#15. Nerdy porter boy Barry reading the historical facts

#16. Curled my hair with straightener on both days! I’m getting pretty good at this!

#17. I like using flash now cause it makes my complexion look a lot nicer! (except that it makes my nose look a lot uglier T_T). I also like flash cause my color contacts will show better.

Color contacts make me look like I had more makeup on when I only had mascara and eyeliner <3 flash and color contacts! Gonna try grey next month.

#18. Majolica Majorca mascara and BB cream are the shiznits I tell you

#19. I drove to KL *big wet eyes

Such a big achievement for someone like me! The traffic was bad so here I am using my time wisely

#20. At KLCC cause that’s where you should bring tourists to

#21. KLCC love

#22. KLCC love went wrong wtf

That’s all we did for the past two days! We had a lot of malaysian food in between too =D

p.s: I got my one way flight to Hong Kong for…


it’s super cheap!

super super crazy cheap!

Normal price is RM450-500 one way for Airasia/MAS


I got it for!


I rock period


  1. bebe bonito says:

    Wow…that’s cheap,I have to pay rm228 for my return flight to HK with airasia,and i thought i was already lucky enough!

    Hahahahaha,there’s a shopping mall you’ll love which is at exitD2 of MongKok mtr station…

    Why?because u only pay half the price u have to pay in Malaysia to get nicer fashion!I go nuts at that place!

  2. yosie says:

    cute! we stayed in malacca for one night only it was cool, the sound and light show thing was so random, not sure why we did it. looks like you did when will you go to hk? such a nice place to shop!!

  3. VyRoxy says:

    Ehh, actually I bought a return ticket to Hong Kong for Rm150.00 per pax… with AirAsia when they are giving 1,000,000,000 free tickets…. Will be flying there for the 3rd times with thanx to Tony Fernandez…. Haha. I love every bid of Hong Kong… Take care ya! Or perhaps I can inform you when they are having these crazy sale again…Hehe

  4. vvens says:

    i think picture #04 of you guys is very nice! 😀 and one way ticket to HK for that price is still very cheap hor!!! haha.

    and eh, i thought KLCC does not allow hugging and kissing. they will summon one!! *_*

  5. carol says:

    barry’s outfits are damn yeng. and very very cool. i like.

    (i think i’ve said it many times before wtf.)

    liewsuetli you look damn pretty in the pics /boo

    AND OMG HOE KEE THAT’S THE BEST PLACE FOR CHICKEN RICE BALLS and they have fawesome asam fish also killmenow /stabsself

  6. Amanda says:

    Malacca is a lovely place.. I love the cendol there. perfect for the hot weather there too. i rmbr sweating like gila there.

    LOL. so funny la your pics!! XD Crazy Boys.. hahhahahaha.. love the pic of you n Barry. so cute and sweet lar.. =)))

  7. tamago says:

    hahah despite being all hot & humid, you look super good! and btw what eyeliner do you use? mine smudges like nobody’s business as soon as i sweat a little T__________T

  8. Gin says:

    i think u lost weight!! and picture 13 very nice. HUHUHUH. why u get cheap air tcket. im so heartbroken. i bought air tickets to aus. and at the time kononnya promotion. now its cheaper by almost 50%. WTF. dulan maximus

  9. lydia says:

    omg… you’re going to hk?! i’m going there too around aug ’cause i’ gonna be transferring to hku! (i moved to the us 3 years ago when i was 16) i miss shopping in hk sooo much T ^ T ;; i even bough my prom dress when i visited there for less than US$10 😛 btw do you know which dorm you’ll be staying at?

  10. alice says:

    Hi Suet nice pictures!

    Quick question. Mind telling what’s the brand of BB cream u’re using??

    Dying to know. Am doing research to get one for myself.

    Pretty plssssszzzz =)

  11. Shanshan says:

    Hi Cecilia Cheung!

    When did you move to Malaysia and hang out with another guy? I thought you were married with one kid already.

    Your fan

    Those are the places you would bring me to a? I want the fish spa! Sounds so fun! How much is it?
    Beijing is so freaking hot too! OMG… imagine big bright sunshine at 6 o’clock T____T
    I like you in #2,4,13 and KLCC love is so perfect so sweet..

  12. jy says:

    looks like u’re having fun there..and the weather is super HOT. i can feel that..geez i wanna go malacca too when i get back..there are like so many places that i wanna go! KL, penang, malacca, genting, cameron highlands wtf etc etc! $161 u fcuking rock!!! and yeah i heard that BB cream is amazing, shall try it out heheh..and i really like what barry was wearing! cool =D

  13. missfiona says:

    omg, i love ur hair in #2 and then when i scrolled down u said u did it with straightener. i was like @@. super love how ur shades look on you, so chic. love #13, model face sweatlee :D. food pictures make me smile and then go hungry 1 sec later. oh one more thing, it’s amazing how ur face can stay so fair and clean in msian weather nowadays.

  14. josephine says:

    i know this sound err really “sua ku” but erm.. where can u get the Majolica Majorca mascara and BB cream? and erm.. what exactly is BB cream?!

  15. sweatlee says:

    bebe, eh yours is return, that’s cheaper! mine is one way T_T

    josh, haha u guys have the same style wht!

    yosie, haha what’s tht? never heard of it! im going in august!

    donna, thanks!i tried before but not this trip!

    emi, hahah thanks =D

    amber, who’s tht!

    vyroxy, WHY SO CHEAP!!!! pls let me know~

    vvens, thanks! hahaha tht one in the park kua

    ann, sephora’s!

    fumoffu, wht’s tht??

    michelle, thanks! haha dont saddd

    carol, haha yes wtf. thanks /boo. i didnt order fish cause quite expensive wtf

    amanda, thanks!!

    duong, hahaha!

    huiwen, how=online, where=at home wtf, when=last week, why=cause i need to go hk, who=me wtf

    mg, i’m using etude house’s but i dont recommend it! cheapest but not the best

    fiona. thanks! i’m using etude house’s but i dont recommend it! cheapest but not the best

    juan, hahaha! doesnt exclude u!

    jacify, it’s hard to show! it took me a few mths to master it with a straightener wtf

    yuhhui, heh thanks!

    tamago, I use sephora’s! usually eyeliner wont smudge one for me, try putting powder/concealer under your eyes?

    erlinda, haha!

    ky, cause no trees and near the sea kua!

    licia, haha i dont like button mushrooms wtf but thanks!

    gin, haha actually no i gained weight wtf T_T haha gluteus maximus WTF

    lalala, thanks!!! end of august!

    jo, thanks =DD

    ju, haha i’ll try a video one day!

    sherlyn, thanks =D

    xiangyun, haha how about me wtf

    janice, i’m using etude house’s but i dont recommend it! cheapest but not the best!

    stephanie, got mine from freshlook for rm50 one pair. one pair can be used for a month!

    jane, yeap pure hazel!

    hq, hah why??

    kevin, heheh yeap! how about me wtf im damn cool ok

    lydia, oh wow we’re both going to hku! i havent gotten the dorm acceptance yet T___T have u?

    alice, thanks! i’m using etude house’s but i dont recommend it! cheapest but not the best. i think face shop’s is pretty good! or l’egere

    hayley, yeap it’s unpaid!

    shanshan, haha!! what lah u! i wanna go yunnan T_T

    jy, hahah! so many! thanks!

    pingping, thanks! wah so hazy in penang ar!

    aud, why u wtf then <3 wtf

    missfiona, thanks =D actually quite dirty la! doesnt show in pics only

    bee, i’m using etude house’s but i dont recommend it! cheapest but not the best

    angie, i did T____T

    josephine, hello! i’m using etude house’s BB cream but i dont recommend it! cheapest but not the best. you can get from face shop, skin food, sasa and this nu ren wo jui da shop in mid valley. actually why dont u google BB cream and see!
    you can get MM’s mascara in all watsons i think!

  16. Lali says:

    Wtf why you always look good one even in the heat. I must faster meet you cos I know in person not so nice lor!!! (sekret ploy to get you to see me faster reverse psychology wtf wtf) T_________T

  17. Baz says:

    Frus: The fact that you called pink gay means I can ignore your style advice. But seriously, it takes a real man secure in his own sexuality to pull off pink with confidence. And pink is a classic neutral color dei, it goes with anything. Lennon wore pink glasses. Johnny Depp has been seen in pink shirts. Brad Pitt had on a full pink suit at last year’s Cannes. All quite badass men, just like myself.

  18. Juanz says:

    Fuz wtf is wrong with a pink shirt, a tie or Bermuda shorts? Those are classic staples of a man’s wardrobe. The fact that Barry looks gay has nothing to do with his clothes. It’s the fact that his muscle mass has been reduced to -3% of his body. The haircut doesn’t help either lolz. In any case he is still more of a man than you.

  19. Juanz says:

    Another thing worth mentioning. Barry still manages to be a man despite being a Manchester United fan. If you ask me that is so far his greatest accomplishment. Kudos Baz. Btw Barry I’m starting a blog for you. We need to get the Ooib back on the blogosphere.

  20. SW says:

    Hey.. may I know what kinda straightening thong you’re using? as in the width and the brand? The way you curl it is so pretty and natural, just like how my hair stylist did for me!

  21. Cock4U says:

    You are so handsome Barry. I bet lots of chicks want you. How many chicks u got in US? Where is Cannes arrr BTW. I not so well travelled like you Barry. Wahh your family so rich. Too bad my family not as rich for me to have style like yous.

  22. sweatlee says:

    jade, hahah! syok!

    jammie, thanks =D ya damn hot la no trees one!

    lali, hahaha! u never come online and talk to me anymore!

    celina, thanks =DDD

    nurisya, thanks babe!

    sj, haha how do u know im happy wtf. maybe pretending lehhh! haha u remember my name is serene!

    irene, quite worth it i’d say! cheap also!

    lucy, no cause i dunno how to show! but if u youtube it im sure u can find some good videos!

    huaibin, cause near the sea and got no trees kua..haha why everyone going to melaka ah!

    cindy, thanks! haha yeahh near ma

    frus, ya thts why i called him gay so many times in this post wtf

    nghi, hahah! buy it when it finishes!

    baz, i like guys who wear pink =)

    kai, yummy as in fat kinda yummy? wtf

    juanz, hahaha wtf!!

    mellissa, if i see u next time and i happen to have a straightener with me i’ll show u k!

    sw, erm i blogged about it once…try searching for straightener!

    cock, eh mike foo u damn annoying la. your sole purpose in life is to leave stupid comments in blogs isit

  23. carol says:

    baz: But seriously, it takes a real man secure in his own sexuality to pull off pink with confidence.

    WELL SAID. That is totally true. It’s wimps who aren’t confident in their masculinity and sexuality who call pink gay.

  24. PrincessZ says:

    Hey Sweat Lee..I love your hair!!! How did you do it? I tried a couple of times but it turned out pretty bad :(. I can only curl my hair using a curling thong

  25. Michael says:

    wow..i just booked my flight from hk-kl…rm400++ 🙁 its really expensive i guess if you book it last minute. And YAHOO! im back to my hometown malacca yay! I have a list of stuff to eat hahahha!

  26. anon says:

    Clip-on suspenders + belt loops = phail. It’s time to get some real pants for suspenders and suspenders. Nothing looks worse than suspenders with unused belt loops, unless it is suspenders with used belt loops—the ultimate sartorial sign of the pessimist.

  27. ying says:

    i luv hw u curl ur hair la…
    i was wondering do u apply anyth b4 o after u curl it 4 it 2 stay in shape?
    i always curl n it goes limp…
    fugly weh!!!=(

  28. Frus says:

    Sorry mates, still doesnt do it for me.
    Real men attempting a pink shirt just to show they can pull it off, is already gay enough to start with. Like whats the point. Imagine Vin diesel in black vs Vin diesel in pink!

  29. malaysian says:

    Halo! I have Majolica Majorca mascara as well, bloody #(*&$@*(&$ hard to remove for me. Do you have the same problem? Any recommendations on what remover to use?

  30. sweatlee says:

    princesz, maybe ill do a video!

    ying, i applied some protection thing before la and sprayed a little wax after. yeah sure limp also! humid ma

    malaysia: yeah it’s quite hard to remove compared to other brands! i use shu’s cleansing oil, just rub longer than usual T_T

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